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Carnell Knowledge 2013 : Wild Card Weekend

Almost typed 2012 in the title. Back to picking NFL games after a 2 week absence.

Bengals at Texans

After all these years it is time to pull out a saying. Houston, we have a problem.  Had a chance for a bye and lost to the Colts last week.  Had a chance to be 1st seed in the AFC and pissed that away over the course of December.  Had a chance to prove critics wrong against the Patriots on national TV, lost 42-14.  I can’t pick Houston against the Bengals.

Vikings at Packers

Minnesota beating Green Bay 2 weeks in a row? Their quarterback Christian Ponder did play well last Sunday.  Odds of that happening a week later I’d say is slim.

Colts at Ravens

Former Baltimore Colts vs Baltimore’s current team.  Head coach of Indy, Chuck Pagano vs the team he was a coach with the previous 4 seasons.  Neither team I believe in.  Ravens do have a lot more playoff experience so I’ll pick them.

Seahawks at Redskins

Which team on a streak do I go with?  Washington, just because they are home. Seattle 2-5 on the road, I don’t count the Toronto win against the Bills as a road game.  That was neutral site as anyone here in Ontario would tell you.  It was a game they were trying to sell tickets to by the fact a one hit wonder was playing halftime.

And I’m not picking against Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris.  Seattle can win, however that road record is just not good enough for me to pick them.

NFL Wild Card Weekend

Return of NFL picks.  Won’t be a long one.

Saints at Seahawks.  This afternoon at 4:30pm.  One good thing about the horrible NFC west.  Will lead to changing that a division winner hosts a playoff game by default.  Defending champs on the road at a 7-9 team.  Seattle is a tough place to play.  Not enough to beat New Orleans today.

Jets at Colts. Tonight at 8:00pm.  Can they eliminate each other?  Too bad.  Talk all week about how Rex Ryan has a horrible record against Manning.  Dating back to the Ravens defense.  Meanwhile I am not sold on the Colts getting far this year.  So this is the game I can’t figure out. Ummmm, Colts. Have to pick one side.

Ravens at Chiefs. Sunday at 1pm. KC another team who has a great crowd.  Like Seattle I don’t think it’s enough to get a win. Baltimore didn’t look great last week.  Still should be enough to beat KC.

Packers at Eagles. Sunday at 4:30pm.  A coin toss for most.  For me I didn’t hesitate in picking Green Bay. Vick gets hit a lot and Packers defense could punish him a lot.  Is funny how since President Obama phoned the Eagles owner to congratulate him about Vick they haven’t played well.  On that topic, how has less than 2 years of not screwing up counteract the years of criminal activity and lying to the feds?  And remember someone getting shot at Vick’s birthday party last year?  A sign you still are hanging around with some people you shouldn’t.

New overtime rules might come into effect.  Short story it’s dumb.  Format wasn’t broken to begin with.