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Carnell Knowledge 2013 : NFL Week 1

Quiet here on the blog lately but NFL season gets my butt back in gear. Doing NFL picks started on the radio show in 2008 and then I moved it over to the blog. The name came from a listener who asked if I’d ever thought of using “Carnell Knowledge” as the name for a segment. Works for this so I’ve used it the past few seasons.

On Twitter, I picked Denver over Baltimore on Thursday. I’ll use Twitter to make the Thursday picks since that game is so much earlier than the majority of the week. For those new, I just pick winners. No point spreads. I list the games, then my pick followed by any comments I might have.


Indy made the playoffs last year at 11-5. However they were outscored by opponents by 30 points. Huh? No wonder many people like me picked them to lose in that playoff game. They were beat by the eventual Super Bowl champions 24-9. Meanwhile the Raiders are the Raiders.


Vikings made the playoffs thanks to Peterson but Ponder is still their QB. Lions I think is an 8-8 team who will surprise Minnesota in Week 1.


2 teams who should be better than last year, just going with the Browns on a whim.


Quietly the Bengals have made the playoffs 2 years in a row. Even I forgot about that until the pre-season. Chicago has Jay Cutler and I’m never sold on him.


Super Bowl contender against one of the most overrated QB in the league, easy pick for me.


Andy Reid now coaching KC with Alex Smith. A QB who has won a Super Bowl, well he lost his job to the guy who got them to the big game but a ring is a ring. Jaguars are airing the NFL Red Zone channel on their jumbotron during home games. All you need to know about that franchise.


Neither team I have much faith in this season. A pick em.


Sean Peyton back as head coach after his suspension, New Orleans had one of the worst defenses ever last season. So they can’t be that bad again.


Who do the Titans have at quarterback? Jake Locker or Ryan Fitzpatrick. Dog’s breakfast there.


Pats usually pound the Bills so that’s enough time on this one.


49ers spanked the Packers in the playoffs last season and this game is San Francisco so I’ll go with them.


Carson Palmer now in Arizona. Cardinals were in such bad shape that Palmer is a big upgrade. In one of the strangest stats of 2012, what team in the NFC West had the best division record? It wasn’t Seattle or San Francisco, it was the Rams who were 4-1-1. Go figure.


Early season big games, Dallas likes to show up. End of the season is a different matter altogether as we’ve seen many times.


My team is the Redskins but I don’t know what to expect in Week 1 with RGIII. And the Eagles a re a mystery too since new coach Chip Kelly has kept things under wrap. Flip a coin and I went with Philly.


Chargers finally fired Norv Turner and GM A.J. Smith. Too little, too late for the Chargers. And it is now 10 years ago when they traded Eli Manning to the Giants and got Phillip Rivers. Eli wasn’t going to play for them so can’t blame them too much for that. However San Diego later on letting Drew Brees leave and going with Rivers? Not the best decision.

Houston is a team I never believe in. Last year was that comical Monday Night game against the Patriots. Where they showed up all wearing custom made Letterman jackets like a high school team, and proceeded to get their ass kicked 42-14. Playoff time they get the Patriots again and lose 41-28.

They did make the playoffs however, so this week I’ll pick them over San Diego.

Carnell Knowledge : Super Bowl 47 Edition

Another year of a blog on Super Bowl Sunday with myself and others doing picks.

But first up, somehow on January 16th, 2012 I predicted the media coverage of this year’s game.
I decided before the 2012 AFC/NFC Championship games to write on what the possible Super Bowl
storylines could be. Since Baltimore-San Francisco was an option last season this was what I
thought might happen.


“49ers-Ravens. By far, the one the media would have the easiest time with. John Harbaugh, coach
of the Ravens. Jim Harbaugh, coach of the 49ers. 2 brothers against each other. They played each
other this season on Thanksgiving Night, so they can grab the videos done for that week and
recycle them quite easily. Piece of cake.”

Got that one correct. I’ve seen those Thanksgiving clips so much during the last 2 weeks it’s
crazy. John and Jim before the game, the brothers with their parents after the game, etc. It
took 12 months but that paragraph came true.

I’ve gone back and forth on who might win. First other people and their choices.

One of the many Queen’s Alumni that are around, Andrew Bucholtz. Who runs the Yahoo! Canada
“55 Yard Line” blog.



“I’ll go San Fran 28, Baltimore 24. Kaepernick and Gore too tough for Ravens to stop, in my

Matthew Bisson, who I used to work with at the CFRC Sports department. Now a News Editor at 1310
News in Ottawa.



“Cheering for the 49ers, but expecting a Ravens win. Just seems to be their year. Hope I’m

Another Queen’s/CFRC Alumni, Julie Stewart-Binks. Sports Anchor on CTV Regina and also
involved in hockey scouting.

My Scouting Geekery: A Brief History


Julie went with the 49ers as did Jody Vance who is now at Breakfast Television at City in

Formerly known as CityTV. They all dropped the “TV” part of the station name this month. Just
“City” now. One of those random little tweaks a company will do.


Up next a pick from Natalie Thomas, who is on maternity leave from The Weather Network. Someone
who defeated me in 2011 doing NHL playoff picks on this blog. You can look that up and see.
She had it clinched before the finals. We both picked Boston over Vancouver since obviously
that was the only choice.


“Hmmmm. I’m out of the loop…but I’ll take Baltimore. :)”

Since Natalie just had a baby girl in January that explains her being out of the loop. Finally BJ Stewart,
Weather Network Morning Show Producer


“Geography says I should go with the Ravens…but I kinda like the 49ers grit. Think I’ll go with SF”

I’m picking Baltimore to win, 24-13.  I can see 49ers winning but after the Ravens knocked off Manning
and Brady in back to back weeks they are on a roll.  Also the 49ers defense hasn’t been great lately.
I’ll be rooting for the Niners since Ray Lewis is unbearably annoying at this point.

Since I predicted the media coverage a year ago, I will predict the shot from this game that will be
run for years to come.  The handshake or hug at the end of the game between the coaches.  Easy
prediction of course.  One brother just won the biggest game of his life, and the other one
just lost it.  You never see the coach’s handshake in the highlight package but every channel
will be showing that on Monday morning.

Carnell Knowledge 2013 : Championship Weekend

NFC/AFC Championship today.  3 out of the 4 teams were all in the same place last season.  For all the talk of “parity” we get a rematch of Patriots/Ravens and the 49ers are back again after losing to the Giants a year ago.  Both games are tough to call, so I could 2-0 or 0-2 pretty easily.

Ravens at Patriots

Baltimore always plays well against New England.  Steam rolled them in the playoffs 4 years ago.  Almost beat them a year ago to make the Super Bowl.  The Week 3 game where Baltimore won in Foxboro was one of the ‘replacement ref’ games.  Which I haven’t heard one person mention this week.  A win is a win, but that game was one of the worst games when it cames to the officials.  The game dragged, it was on national TV Sunday Night with the announcers pointing out the bad calls.  And at one point the crowd started a “BULLSH*T” chant after a call.  What crowd gets that riled up about Week 3?  And Bill Belichick grabbed an official after the game.  It was that bad.

Saying that, I am picking New England.  Pats easily beat Houston last week.  And they had a first round bye.  Usually that can help a team, but Baltimore is also coming off a Double Overtime game.  A game where running back Ray Rice said it was one of the toughest games he’d ever been in with the cold conditions.  I see their run of playoff wins coming to an end.

49ers at Falcons
Last week I just said after picking Seattle “it’s the Atlanta Falcons and Matt Ryan, nuff said”.  I was almost proven right.  Now do you look at the Atlanta team that went up in the first half against the Seahawks or the one that choked away a lead and barely won?  I go for the latter.  Also lost in the Atlanta/Seattle game was after the field goal there was time left on the clock.  Falcons did an onside kick?
After Matt Bryant made a 49-yard field goal to put the Falcons ahead for good with eight seconds remaining, Atlanta attempted what looked like an onside kick. Matt Bosher kicked short and Seattle’s Heath Farwell quickly covered the ball at Seattle’s 46-yard line. What were the Falcons doing by attempting an onside kick when they already had the lead? Well, it wasn’t supposed to be an onside kick.
“We did not execute exactly how we wanted to,’’ coach Mike Smith said. “These things happen in a ballgame. We were able to go out there those last two plays and get the win.’’
Smith wouldn’t go into much more detail about how the Falcons ended up handing the Seahawks decent field position. He implied that the play was supposed to be a squib kick. But he wouldn’t say if Bosher didn’t get the message or if the play just wasn’t executed properly.

No way I’m picking a team that messed up like that.  Atlanta was up by 2 so a long Seattle field goal would’ve won it for the Seahawks. 49ers are better coached than that.

Carnell Knowledge 2013 : Divisional Weekend

Divisional Weekend, which doesn’t have the same ring as ‘Wild Card’ Weekend.  We’re stuck with the name though.

Baltimore at Denver

Peyton Manning’s playoff record, 9-10. Cold weather playoff games where the temperature is below 40F, 0-3. Amount of times he’s been ‘one and done’ in the post season, SEVEN. That`s a lot for one of the so-called greatest quarterbacks of all time. Heck, Eli has twice as many Super Bowl rings as him.

Denver is on an 11 game winning streak, however how many of those wins against winning teams? Two. And by the end of the year the Broncos had the 2nd easiest strength of schedule in the NFL. Colts last week came in with 11 wins, and Baltimore beat them pretty soundly.

Houston at New England

No chance I`d put money down on Houston after not showing up earlier in the season against the Pats. And barely beating the Bengals last week. Not much else to add.

Seattle at Atlanta

It`s Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons.  If you’ve read the blog during the season you know I’m no fan of them.  Seattle playing great and this is a road game in a dome.  Which negates a lot of home field.  Falcons had Green Bay at home couple seasons ago, didn’t help them any.

Green Bay at San Francisco

Aaron Rodgers against the team he grew up rooting for, and who ended up drafting Alex Smith over him. Smith is on the bench right now by the way. Rodgers is a guy who holds a grudge very easily as the 60 Minutes piece on him showed. So now he gets one of his BIGGEST grudges in the playoffs.  Not a recipe for good things.

Also San Fran’s defense hasn’t been that good lately. Giving up 34 points to New England, then 42 points against Seattle. Ended the season with a 27-13 win over Arizona, a team whose coach and GM were fired the following day so not exactly a good team. A shootout with Green Bay is not a good idea.

Carnell Knowledge 2013 : Wild Card Weekend

Almost typed 2012 in the title. Back to picking NFL games after a 2 week absence.

Bengals at Texans

After all these years it is time to pull out a saying. Houston, we have a problem.  Had a chance for a bye and lost to the Colts last week.  Had a chance to be 1st seed in the AFC and pissed that away over the course of December.  Had a chance to prove critics wrong against the Patriots on national TV, lost 42-14.  I can’t pick Houston against the Bengals.

Vikings at Packers

Minnesota beating Green Bay 2 weeks in a row? Their quarterback Christian Ponder did play well last Sunday.  Odds of that happening a week later I’d say is slim.

Colts at Ravens

Former Baltimore Colts vs Baltimore’s current team.  Head coach of Indy, Chuck Pagano vs the team he was a coach with the previous 4 seasons.  Neither team I believe in.  Ravens do have a lot more playoff experience so I’ll pick them.

Seahawks at Redskins

Which team on a streak do I go with?  Washington, just because they are home. Seattle 2-5 on the road, I don’t count the Toronto win against the Bills as a road game.  That was neutral site as anyone here in Ontario would tell you.  It was a game they were trying to sell tickets to by the fact a one hit wonder was playing halftime.

And I’m not picking against Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris.  Seattle can win, however that road record is just not good enough for me to pick them.

End of 2012

Funny thing happened as 2012 wrapped up, missed blogging about the last 2 NFL weekends. Funny because last Sunday’s blog was done and written. Somehow got home Sunday morning and forgot to post it. Time I realized that was Sunday night so too late to post.

Last week of the season didn’t have much intrigue as usual. AFC playoff teams were all set in stone, just playing for seeding. Redskins/Cowboys was the marquee match, and that wasn’t till Sunday night. Thought about doing Week 17 and with me working over the holidays decided to take a break. I worked December 21st through 25th, so got done with work Boxing Day around 7am. Christmas flies by when that happens.

Happy to say my Redskins won, and a season I had written off in the pre-season as “this will be a season for Robert Griffin III to learn”. Playoffs weren’t on my mind. First NFC east title since 1999? A pleasant surprise over the holidays.

2012 was the year I returned to the east coast.  Hit Moncton for ECMA 2012.  I still didn’t write a blog post about it.  Finally getting the pics together from the trip. Might just post the pictures as a blog post.  Trying to write about a trip that involved me riding a train from Kingston to Moncton and back along with ECMA week would be a long story.  Just pictures might work better.

Happy New Year to everyone. Lucky ’13.

Carnell Knowledge 2012 : NFL Week 15

Giants at Falcons

NY spanked Atlanta in the playoffs last year.  Atlanta/Houston are in the same boat.  Teams with a lot of wins that don’t really come across as that great.

Packers at Bears

Chicago continued to slide last week, I correctly picked Minnesota to beat them.

Redskins at Browns

Almost picked Cleveland.  Robert Griffin III is out for this game, Kirk Cousins is starting.  Reason I’ll go with the Skins is that the Browns defense game planned for RGIII and now that is thrown out the window.  I see a close, low scoring game.

Vikings at Rams

Minnesota has a QB who quite frankly, sucks. Christian Ponder has 12 INT, 14TD and 3 fumbles.  But they have Adrian Peterson so that makes up for Ponder.

Jaguars at Dolphins

2 teams going nowhere.

Bucs at Saints

New Orleans pretty much out of it, so it’s up to them to keep their division rivals from getting in the playoffs.

Broncos at Ravens

Manning over Flacco.

Colts at Texans

After a humiliating loss on Monday they should have enough to beat the Colts.  Houston for some reason kept pumping up last Monday’s game against the Patriots as they’re biggest game ever.  They’ll learn now to tone it down when it comes to hype.

Seahawks at Bills in Toronto

The Bills in Toronto series.  It’s been so badly handled as a Redskins fan I had no interest in seeing Bills/Skins last year at SkyDome.  This season they did smarten up and lower ticket prices.  Finally.  The ads for it have been selling the game on a halftime show with a soon to be flash in the pan.  I’m not even typing the song or his name.  It’s been driven into the ground anyway.

Needless to say I’m picking Seattle.

Lions at Cardinals

Larry Fitzgerald stuck on that Arizona team.  He must be having a long year.

Panthers at Chargers

With San Diego out watch them win some meaningless games now.

Steelers at Cowboys

Pittsburgh lost to Cleveland last week so they should be teed up for Dallas.

Chiefs at Raiders


49ers at Patriots

They smacked around Houston in New England, and now they have another night game at home.

Jets at Titans

Jets still have a shot at the playoffs, amazingly.

Carnell Knowledge 2012 : NFL Week 6

I would have picked Steelers over Titans, so 0-1 start to the week.

Oakland at Atlanta

My Redskins pick over Atlanta last week almost worked. Robert Griffin III getting a concussion in the 1st half didn’t help, but Falcons only won by 7 points against a backup QB. That might have been their trap game. Now they are at home and should handle the Raiders easily.

Cincinnati at Cleveland

Bengals having a similar season to last year. Quietly 3-2, tied at the top of their division and a shot at a playoff spot. But no one really talking about them. Could sneak into a Wild Card like 2011.

St. Louis at Miami

Rams 3-2 and Miami has 2 wins? Dolphins not as bad as I thought they would be. St. Louis in 2011 had the bottom fall out for what seems like bad coaching. Turned that Number 2 pick into a trade with the Redskins for RGIII. NFC West is not a cakewalk for the 49ers like it was last year with Rams/Seahawks/Cardinals.

Indy at NY Jets

Colts came back to beat Green Bay. After the talk of how great they played for their coach who had to step aside as he’s battling leukemia. Am I the only one who thought “then why did they suck so much in the 1st half?”.  Indy scored 3 points in the first half. They played great for the 2nd half.  First 2 quarters they didn’t show up.

Detroit at Philadelphia

4 of the first 5 games for Philly have been decided by less than 4 points.  Might as well go with Detroit.

Kansas City at Tampa Bay

No specific reason.

Dallas at Baltimore

Weird stat, Dallas has never beaten the Ravens.  They are in different conferences but that is the only franchise the Cowboys have not defeated.

Buffalo at Arizona

Bills are falling apart.  Defense primarily.

New England at Seattle

I heard somewhere that Tom Brady has never played in Seattle before.  Tough place to play, still think they have enough for the win. If the Seahawks had a better QB I might’ve picked them.

NY Giants at San Fran

Giants do have a great record on the road, but they are dealing with more than a few injuries.

Minnesota at Washington

Sounds like Griffin is playing, which is silly.  Why put him back in a week after a concussion where he didn’t know what the score was?

Green Bay at Houston

Houston undefeated so I’m going with them over a sluggish Packer team that can’t get it together.

Denver at San Diego

Both aren’t going to get very far this year in any playoff run.

Carnell Knowledge 2012 : NFL Week 5

Working this Thanksgiving weekend, 8 shifts in 9 days so I’m rushing through this week’s picks. I’ll have more time next week.

Miami at Cincinnati

Cleveland at NY Giants

Green Bay at Indianapolis

Green Bay a game behind Chicago and Minnesota in the division so they have to keep up.

Philadelphia at Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh coming off the bye week so well rested and prepared for Philly.

Atlanta at Washington

Just to be silly I’ll pick my team to end Atlanta’s undefeated streak. Could happen.

Baltimore at Kansas City

Ravens do tend to trip against bad teams like KC.

Chicago at Jacksonville

Seattle at Carolina

Buffalo at San Francisco

Denver at New England

Brady vs Manning again. NFL doesn’t schedule these 2 on purpose. Last year these 2 teams won their divisions so they meet this season. Why we got Patriots/Colts so many years in a row.

Tennessee at Minnesota

San Diego at New Orleans

New Orleans should end their 2012 losing streak at home on Sunday night. If not their season is over, if it wasn’t already.

Houston at NY Jets

Monday nighter which could be a NY blowout again.

Carnell Knowledge 2012 : NFL Week 4

[edit] Normal refs are back on Thursday. All this written on Wednesday.

Finished 9-7 last week. Since I’m counting Green Bay as a correct pick. When a gambing site is refunding those who bet on the Packers you know the refs screwed up. And the NFL being in denial the next day that it was the right call.

Going to Toronto this weekend for a concert. Friend of the radio show Ian Foster is playing on Friday night. Show is already taped that will air this week. Other than the concert I’m flying by the seat of my pants on my 3 nights in Toronto. Although Thursday I get off work at 7am and am catching a train around noon. So that night I’ll be either asleep or half awake watching Browns/Ravens. So writing this much earlier than usual.

First up, Thursday Night Football.

Cleveland (0-3, Road: 0-1) at Baltimore (2-1, Home: 2-0)

Baltimore win against New England on a last second field goal. In a game that the refs were so bad the crowd had one of the loudest ‘BULLSH#T’ chants I’ve heard outside of professional wrestling. And the Monday Night game somehow was worse. This could be a trap game. I still think the Ravens will win.

Minnesota (2-1, Road: 0-1) at Detroit (1-2, Home: 1-0)

Minnesota beats San Francisco and are tied for 1st in the NFC North division. A head scratcher.

San Diego (2-1, Road: 1-0) at Kansas City (1-2, Home: 0-1)

Chargers got pounded by Atlanta and I correctly picked KC to win. I’ll go with them at home.

Tennessee (1-2, Road: 0-1) at Houston (3-0, Home: 1-0)

Titans won a wacky game over Detroit. However they go to an undefeated Houston team. Which this year might not mean much. 2 weeks ago I would have put money on the Patriots beating Arizona and last week the 49ers got beat by the Vikings. I’m still going with Houston.

New England (1-2, Road: 1-1) at Buffalo (2-1, Home: 1-0)

If New England loses, going to be a lot of talk on NFL shows.

San Francisco (2-1, Road: 1-1) at NY Jets (2-1, Home: 1-0)

San Fran should bounce back, especially with NY losing Revis for the entire season.

Seattle (2-1, Road: 0-1) at St. Louis (1-2, Home: 1-0)

Seattle with a win that will be a real win.

Carolina (1-2, Road: 0-1) at Atlanta (3-0, Home: 1-0)

Cam Newton moping during a loss? D’uh. Even Steve Smith called him out.

Cincinnati (2-1, Road: 1-1) at Jacksonville (1-2, Home: 0-1)

Cincinnati is 2-1? Quiet.

Oakland (1-2, Road: 0-1) at Denver (1-2, Home: 1-1)

Oakland woke up last week. Not sold on Denver, their defense hasn’t been doing well. Which has led to Peyton Manning trying to make a comeback with a bad neck and weaker arm. Small detail you might’ve missed. End of the Denver game they had the backup warming up to throw a possible Hail Mary. Not the best vote of confidence for Manning in the long run.

Miami (1-2, Road: 0-1) at Arizona (3-0, Home: 2-0)

Maybe Arizona is a good team.

New Orleans (0-3, Road: 0-1) at Green Bay (1-2, Home: 1-1)

Saints need a win, however after that Monday Night debacle GB also will be desperate.

Washington (1-2, Road: 1-1) at Tampa Bay (1-2, Home: 1-0)

Why not? It’s not like Tampa is setting the world on fire.

NY Giants (2-1, Road: 1-0) at Philadelphia (2-1, Home: 1-0)

Philly is the worst 2-1 team in the league.

Monday, Chicago (2-1, Road: 0-1) at Dallas (2-1, Home: 1-0)

Dallas up and down as usual. Don’t know what you get with the Bears either. If the replacement refs are in this one could be a bigger debacle. Angering fans of the Bears and Cowboys?

Carnell Knowledge 2012 : NFL Week 3

Week 2 finished below .500, not surprising given such a weird week. Like Pats/Cards where I just wrote “easy pick”. Oops. Picked NYG over Carolina, forgot to tweet that however I did pick New York. They are great on the road and Cam Newton is overrated.

NY Giants 36 Carolina 7

Forgot to write earlier that this is the first Queen’s Football season I haven’t been working on since 2005. Worked on the radio broadcasts since 2006. Last year only did 3 or 4 games and had to tap out this season with working midnights. Queen’s had been playing very well this season, had their first loss of the season Saturday against McMaster. The defending Vanier Cup champions so no shame in that. Good luck to the new CFRC sports crew this season.

Onto Sunday’s games, this one will be quick. Saturday morning when I usually write this I had a power outage. So rushing on a Sunday.

Jacksonville 0-2 at Indianapolis 1-1

Fact the Jaguars are 0-2 is not a shock. Strange that the Chiefs and Saints are though.

Buffalo 1-1 at Cleveland 0-2

Browns should’ve beaten Philly so not as bad as 0-2 indicate. They will have a short week after this with a Thursday night game against Baltimore.

NY Jets 1-1 at Miami 1-1

Flip a coin.

Kansas City 0-2 at New Orleans 0-2

I’m picking New Orleans to be 0-3? Yes.

Cincinnati 1-1 at Washington 1-1

Redskins’ defense wasn’t as good as previous years. And now they lose 2 players to injury for the rest of the season in Orakpo and Carriker. Again, glad I said in Week 1 I was looking forward to 2013.

Detroit 1-1 at Tennessee 0-2

Detroit has to win games like this if they want to be in the playoffs again.

San Francisco 2-0 at Minnesota 1-1

San Fran looks like the best team in the league right now.

St. Louis 1-1 at Chicago 1-1

Another coin flip game.

Tampa Bay 1-1 at Dallas 1-1

Dallas looked great in the opening night game and then horrible versus Seattle. Now they are at home so I’ll pick them.

Atlanta 2-0 at San Diego 2-0

I should pick Atlanta, but the “Monday night game then flying to the West Coast” thing is in the back of my head.

Philadelphia 2-0 at Arizona 2-0

Philly would be one of the weaker 3-0 teams in recent memory.

Pittsburgh 1-1 at Oakland 0-2

Raiders almost made the playoffs last season. Not sure where that team went.

Houston 2-0 at Denver 1-1

Texans are 2-0 but haven’t really beaten anyone of substance. Knocking off Denver would be a good sign of how well they are playing.

Sunday night
New England 1-1 at Baltimore 1-1

I’ll go with New England after a bad loss to Arizona.

Green Bay 1-1 at Seattle 1-1

Should be a tough game. Seattle’s defense shutdown Dallas at home. Packers have a few more weapons and a better QB though.

Carnell Knowledge 2012 : NFL Week 2

9-7 in Week 1, which I forgot to mention is always the hardest week to pick in the entire season.  Was on a roll with only 3 wrong until the late Sunday games tripped me up.  Split the Monday night doubleheader to finish above .500 on that night.

Earlier on Twitter I picked Green Bay over Chicago. A much easier win than I thought. Onto today’s games.

Oakland 0-1 at Miami 0-1

Saw parts of San Diego/Oakland while at work. You didn’t miss much if you couldn’t stay up.  Most notable for Oakland losing pretty much because of a backup long snapper’s horrible performance. Caused a couple of fumbles and bad punts.  Miami was worse last Sunday so have to go with the Raiders.

Houston 1-0 at Jacksonville 0-1

Houston versus a team that is giving up some home games for London, England in the future.  Needless to say not much a home field advantage in Jacksonville.

Cleveland 0-1 at Cincinnati 0-1

The Browns rookie quarterback, Brandon Weeden, got run over by a big American flag and then had a horrible game. Think I should go with the Bengals.

Kansas City 0-1 at Buffalo 0-1

My pick of the Bills last week didn’t work out.  Laid an egg.

Baltimore 1-0 at Philadelphia 1-0

Eagles barely beat the lowly Browns. Baltimore looked good in the first week.  Although go back a year ago and same thing happened. Followed up a big Week 1 win with a bad loss.  I still will go with the Ravens.

Minnesota 1-0 at Indianapolis 0-1

Indy struggled against Chicago. Minnesota won a overtime game against Jacksonville, which is still a win. You can tell I’m not a fan of the Jags.

Arizona 1-0 at New England 1-0

Easy pick.

New Orleans 0-1 at Carolina 0-1

New Orleans should get back on track against an overrated Cam Newton.  Look at the 2nd half of last season and Newton had a dropoff in passing.

Tampa Bay 1-0 at NY Giants 0-1

NYG don’t have a good record at home over the last few seasons, much better on the road. Road record since 2006 is 32-17 and in New Jersey they are 25-23? Weird.

Late Games

Washington 1-0 at St. Louis 0-1

Robert Griffin III with a great debut.  I still say I’m looking forward to 2013.  A decent season for 2012 is good enough for me. That trade with St. Louis was one I agreed with and now I’m very glad they did that.

Dallas 1-0 at Seattle 0-1

I’m picking Dallas to go 2-0.  I can leave my allegiances at the door when making picks.

Tennessee 0-1 at San Diego 1-0

San Diego won on Monday, not impressive by any means. But the Titans have a rookie QB and not much going for them.

NY Jets 1-0 at Pittsburgh 0-1

Like my Packers pick over the Bears I think Pittsburgh needs this game more than NY.

Sunday Night, Detroit 1-0 at San Francisco 1-0

San Fran handled Green Bay so they should be able to handle a lesser team from the NFC North.

Monday Night, Denver 1-0 at Atlanta 1-0

Just a hunch.

Carnell Knowledge 2012 : NFL Week 1

NFL season means, the return of “Carnell Knowledge”.  My weekly NFL picks blog.  Is there a pun in that title?

Things slowed down this summer on the blog. Getting into doing a weekly one will hopefully get the ball rolling again.

Disclaimer, during the season I’ll try to get them up by the weekend. Which usually would be fine, except this season is the first where Thursday Night Football is on every week. So if I don’t get the full blog up by Thursday I’ll tweet that pick and then put that in the blog. And this week because of President Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention the season kicks off on Wednesday night. 4 years ago the season kicked off the same night as John McCain was getting the Republican Nomination. Then the NFL tweaked their start time to avoid too much of a conflict. Came to their senses this time and decided to just put the game on Wednesday. Might as well put it on a night by yourself.

For new readers, In BOLD I put the team I think will win.  I don’t put up point spreads or that stuff.  Winners and losers. No hedging my bets.

Tonight, Cowboys at Giants

New York gets on a roll near the end of the season, while Dallas will look good in September/October. Happens quite often.

Sunday games
Falcons at Chiefs

Keep hearing a lot of pundits liking Kansas City this year. I’ll wait to see how they are. Atlanta made the playoffs last year, then got crushed. Which is their M.O. with Matt Ryan. Last 2 playoff games they lost 24-2 and 48-21. Until I see the Chiefs play well I will go with Atlanta.

Eagles at Browns

By default since they are playing Cleveland.  They are that bad.

Redskins at Saints

My team the Redskins finally have a QB. 2013 should be fun to watch, problem when it is 2012. However Washington beat the Super Bowl Champion Giants twice last season. Twice? Yep. No idea how that happened.

Rams at Lions

That Detroit defense last year was horrid, yet they still made the playoffs. Don’t see them sneaking in this year unless that gets better.  Enough to beat the Rams who had the Number 2 pick in last year’s draft, which they traded to the Redskins.

Patriots at Titans

Jake Locker named the starting QB for the Titans. Might as well go with the young guy, but that should be easy picking for the Pats.

Dolphins at Texans

Last year Houston lost their starting QB and their backup QB before the post-season. And they still won a playoff game and had a shot of beating Baltimore. Miami has a long road back to being average.

Bills at Jets

Buffalo a team in NY state that hasn’t had a stupid amount of coverage like a certain one that wears green.  Bills could hammer the over-hyped Jets.

Jaguars at Vikings

Battle of possible LA franchises, I’m kidding. Minnesota should stay. Jacksonville will be gone from that area of the country eventually.

Colts at Bears

Indy starting from scratch so a long season for them.

The late games on Sundays are 10 minutes later too, kickoff for them are now 4:25pm EST. If you’ve watched enough football you know sometimes a network be showing the end of an out of town finish and have to leave “due to NFL rules”. That is why they have pushed up the time.

Panthers at Bucs

Tampa Bay quit on their coach last season. No other way to say it. Many NFL commentators mentioned that. Better coaching this season for a team that was good 2 seasons ago.  Carolina also one of the overrated teams.

Seahawks at Cardinals

Seattle’s starting QB is a guy they picked up in the 3rd round, Russell Wilson. They signed a free agent quarterback who is now a highly paid guy on the bench. Good for grabbing Wilson, and bad they wasted money they could have spent on someone else.  Cardinals quarterback situation has become a gong show.

49ers at Packers

Could be game of the week. I’ll go with GB since Rodgers is much better than Smith.

Sunday night, Steelers at Broncos

Pittsburgh back to Denver where they lost in the playoffs. Mainly because their defensive playcallers got cocky against Tebow. He’s not a great QB, however you can’t play “Cover 0” against someone. That’s just asking for trouble. From Wikipedia.

“The main disadvantage of Cover 0 is that there is no ‘help over the top’ – if a wide receiver ‘beats’ (runs past) his defender, there is no one left in the secondary who can make up the coverage on the receiver, which could result in an easy pass completion and possible touchdown.”

What happened in Overtime? Denver completed a pass in the middle and the guy ran all the way for a TD. Now Tebow is in NY and Peyton Manning is in Denver.  Steelers won’t be as dumb as the playoff game.

Monday night Doubleheader, Bengals at Ravens


Both playoff teams, I almost forgot the Bengals were in the post-season. Baltimore could’ve been in the Super Bowl if not for the kicker missing a field goal. By the way, the Ravens cut that kicker in the pre-season. Kept him around that long, then get rid of him. Weird.

Chargers at Raiders

Late night game on Monday night. Both teams I feel “bleh” about. I’ll take Oakland because they are at home.

Carnell Knowledge : Super Bowl 46 Edition

Super Bowl Edition of ‘Carnell Knowledge’. Is that a pun? It’s what I call the NFL picks during the regular season.  A listener once came up with that title so credit to Cat in Connecticut.

Sports is international. On Thursday night during the Queen’s-RMC hockey broadcast we found out from Queen’s Athletics there was a listener online in New Zealand of all places. Where it would’ve been Friday morning with the time difference. Like me watching the Australian Open at 3:30am. Which since I’m on midnight shift isn’t that unique.

Done this blog post for the last couple of years. Just me doing a Super Bowl pick by myself would be boring. So get others to give some as well.

Before we start, a video from Gillette Stadium in the cheap seats when a certain Ravens kicker missed a field goal in the AFC Championship. They are slightly excited. Gives a good idea what it’s like during an NFL playoff game.


Before we go to the picks I will go back to the January 16th blog post. I wrote what the Super Bowl storylines might be before the NFC and AFC championship games were played. Decided to mention something about Tom Brady.


“And your little known fact, Brady was drafted by the Montreal Expos in 1995. As a catcher. Witness to ‘The Catch’ and could’ve been a catcher. Maybe someone else will pick up on that if there is a 49ers-Pats Super Bowl.”

Well, San Francisco didn’t make it. But according to Google, Tom Brady and the word “Expos” appear in over 300 news articles earlier this week. Many linking to this Globe and Mail story.


Amusing when I predicted a story almost 3 weeks ago. Super Bowl week tends to do that since most players have their talking points for any questions that arise. No one wants to give Bulletin Board material so the media is stuck. Luckily the Colts and Peyton Manning soap opera has given them plenty to talk about.

Onto the picks.

First up 2 people who have helped out each year. Andrew Bucholtz who runs Yahoo Canada’s CFL blog ’55 Yard Line’. Queen’s Alumni who worked at the Queen’s Journal.


“I’ve got Giants 24, Patriots 21.”

Jody Vance, from Breakfast Television in Vancouver. Also helps out with Sportsnet, like the CONCACAF Women’s Olympic Qualifying Tournament last week. She picked Giants over Patriots in a newspaper column in 2007 before they played in that Super Bowl. This time she’s going with the Patriots.


Julie Stewart-Binks, sports anchor at CTV Regina. Former intermission reporter at CFRC.  Might’ve seen her on TVCogeco during Frontenac games as well.


“24-20 Patriots”

Matt Bisson from CHED Edmonton and former play by play of Golden Gaels Football at CFRC.


“My heart says New England, but my head says the Giants momentum is too strong, and they will lift the trophy.”

Chris Lund. Writer-at-large. Work for theScore, write for Hardball Times, founded AlwaysOUA. Interned at The Hockey News.


“I like NYG. Say 30-22.”

Jaime Stein, who is leaving his position as the CFL’s Manager of Digital Media. Former sports host/play by play here at CFRC.


“I’ll go with New England.”

Jaime wrote a blog about his time with the CFL, worth checking out.


Steve Maich, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Sportsnet Magazine. Who I didn’t know was a CFRC Alumni until we were chatting on Twitter.


“Giants 24, Patriots 20”

You can read a few articles from past issues of Sportsnet Magazine here. Long form articles on Gordie Howe, the decline of the Montreal Canadiens and the late Sarah Burke. Picked up a few issues and worth a read if you are a sports fan. Especially if you are at work during a slow time and it’s 4am. Which is probably nobody reading this except me.


Next two from a couple of women who aren’t football fans. Nancy Slater, Midday announcer on Classic Rock FM96 in Kingston. She’s on the air from 10am-3pm. Nancy plays some Open Mics around town and put up a few songs on YouTube you can check out.



“I like cheering for the underdogs, so I’ll go with the Giants. Fingers crossed for the upset.”

BJ Stewart, producer from The Weather Network’s morning show. Tweets during the show and posts on Facebook as well. One of the multi-taskers. She likes hockey, not into football. Still got a pick, which was I believe mostly based on their uniforms. Whatever works.



“Go Patriots! 🙂 ”

Natalie Thomas from The Weather Network, who beat me last year in NHL Playoff Picks here on the blog. However we did both pick Boston to beat Vancouver. On the sports side she played US College Basketball for Appalachain State. And recently playing basketball got her 1st technical foul ever….. for calling a timeout when the team didn’t have one. Still counts as a technical. [EDIT: Forgot to mention her team still won the game when her sister scored, so it’s not a Chris Webber situation]



“I am taking the Giants solely because I am in NYC all next week. So if there’s a Super Bowl champions parade…I’ll get to be there for it!”

Out to St. John’s, Newfoundland with Kevin Kelly. Senior Editor of The Newfoundland Herald, Host ‘On The Scene’ on OZ FM’s Jigs & Reels. And a Habs fan but I don’t hold that against him.


“Patriots 21-17.”

From East Coast to West Coast with Amar, a video editor in Vancouver. Who realized there wasn’t a great choice either way as a Canucks fan. He mentioned last year Stanley Cup Final which would’ve leaned him towards NY. Until I said “I know you are picking the home of the 1994 Stanley Cup, New York”. Stuck between a rock and a hard place.



“I’m picking Mr. Gisele’s team then.”

One of the more well known CFRC Alumni Chris Cuthbert helped out too. Chris started out doing play-by-play for Queen’s Football as a university student. Today he’s at TSN/CTV doing CFL and NHL games. Called the last few Grey Cups. Also part of a sports blog that started a few months ago.



“Not my area of expertise but I’ll take Brady and the Patriots. #revenge”

For me, this one can go either way after looking at the games they played 2 weeks ago. Patriots had a bad performance from Brady where he himself said “I sucked”. Giants’ offense had a stretch of 11 possessions with 10 punts against the 49ers.  Yet, both of those teams are in Indy.

One of the stranger facts from this season. My team the Redskins who finished 5-11 beat the New York Giants, TWICE. Patriots played Washington this year and New England won. If they couldn’t beat Rex Grossman I can’t pick them to beat Tom Brady.

Patriots 32-24

Not everyone will be watching the game, while Jody will be watching the game another of BT Vancouver gang will be busy. Dawn Chubai is doing a concert on Sunday afternoon. Jazz singer before getting into television, where she’s on BT Vancouver.  Never hurts to give a plug.



Jazz Vespers, Dawn Chubai Quartet: St. Andrew Wesley Church at 4:00pm

Back to the opposite coast as my friend Toni Marie Wiseman doesn’t like football either, but the Super Bowl is on NTV so that means she gets off work early. If it’s like past years she should be doing some news updates during the time they air the long NBC pre-game show. No 6pm news in St. John’s this Sunday.


Like others in this blog she’s more busy than me. ‘NTV news anchor, entertainment reporter, and senior weather host. I’m also a new mom.’

Kickoff for the game is 6:30pm EST on NBC and CTV.  Or you might watch it through ‘other means’ as Brady was quoted; “Last year, I was rehabbing my foot in Costa Rica watching the game on an illegal Super Bowl website and now I’m actually playing in the game, so it’s pretty cool”.

I’ll be watching the game on TV, first time I’ll see it from start to finish in 3 years.  With my weird work hours the last three I’ve woken up and watched the 2nd half.  Which honestly has worked well.  This time I thought I’ll see the entire thing.  Not the pre-game shows.  Even I draw the line with those. Longest is NFL Network’s 8 1/2 hour one.  I wish that was a typo.

Enjoy the game if you are watching it.

2012 NFL Wild Card

Quick post since I am on a 1 day weekend this week.

Bengals at Texans

Bengals were 2-3 down the stretch which isn’t great. One of those games however was a 1 point loss to these same Texans.  Houston finally get into the playoffs and the Texans are limping in. 3 losses in a row. No wonder this is the early Saturday game. Get it out of the way.  I’m picking the Texans for no apparent reason. A good way to start the picks I know.

Lions at Saints

High scoring game with no defense inside the Superdome. I see Saints pulling out a win.  Not a lot of comments for this one.

Falcons at Giants

Atlanta going outdoors in New York doesn’t seem like a good scenario for the Falcons.  They do well at home but not on the road.

Steelers at Broncos

Big Ben still nowhere near 100% and there is the Ryan Clark situation. One of the more unique health stories I had heard about when it happened.

“Clark carries the sickle cell trait in his blood and when exposed to high altitude and reduced oxygen, this condition can become life-threatening. Clark learned this in 2007 when he last played in Denver. That game cost him his spleen and gallbladder, as well as a loss of 30 pounds and an end to his season. He thought he was going to die.”

Needless to say Ryan isn’t traveling to Colorado. Not being able to travel to a certain city because it would kill you is not something you hear often. I still think the Broncos don’t have enough to beat Pittsburgh.

Today is Stanley Cup Rematch between Boston and Vancouver. However almost not many people in North America will see it. In Canada you can only see it if you live on the West Coast and have Sportsnet Pacific. Even for those viewers it being a 10am Pacific start time is bad. When I saw a 1pm EST faceoff I thought it was for NBC. Wrong. Maybe NBC Sports Network [formerly Versus] was showing the game? No. It is stuck on NHL Network for our American friends. The NHL wonders why they are always the 4th place league in North America.