NFL Wild Card Weekend

Return of NFL picks.  Won’t be a long one.

Saints at Seahawks.  This afternoon at 4:30pm.  One good thing about the horrible NFC west.  Will lead to changing that a division winner hosts a playoff game by default.  Defending champs on the road at a 7-9 team.  Seattle is a tough place to play.  Not enough to beat New Orleans today.

Jets at Colts. Tonight at 8:00pm.  Can they eliminate each other?  Too bad.  Talk all week about how Rex Ryan has a horrible record against Manning.  Dating back to the Ravens defense.  Meanwhile I am not sold on the Colts getting far this year.  So this is the game I can’t figure out. Ummmm, Colts. Have to pick one side.

Ravens at Chiefs. Sunday at 1pm. KC another team who has a great crowd.  Like Seattle I don’t think it’s enough to get a win. Baltimore didn’t look great last week.  Still should be enough to beat KC.

Packers at Eagles. Sunday at 4:30pm.  A coin toss for most.  For me I didn’t hesitate in picking Green Bay. Vick gets hit a lot and Packers defense could punish him a lot.  Is funny how since President Obama phoned the Eagles owner to congratulate him about Vick they haven’t played well.  On that topic, how has less than 2 years of not screwing up counteract the years of criminal activity and lying to the feds?  And remember someone getting shot at Vick’s birthday party last year?  A sign you still are hanging around with some people you shouldn’t.

New overtime rules might come into effect.  Short story it’s dumb.  Format wasn’t broken to begin with.


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