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Olympics Almost Here

The Olympics in Vancouver are about to begin. Finally, those CTV/Rogers promos were annoying the hell out of me. A few times a day would be one thing. But I work overnight and we usually have one of the sports channels on. I saw them every hour multiple times. A bit much fellas. Think Canadians know they were coming up.

British Columbia on the world stage for the next 2 weeks. B.C. not new to TV audiences with such television programs as X-Files being shot there. But this is a Canadian blog. I know the West Coast from such fare as The Beachcombers, Danger Bay and Zig Zag. Good ole 80’s CanCon.

Onto YouTube for some clips. The Beachcombers ran 17 years for 387 episodes.


Danger Bay ran for 6 seasons and rerun well into the 90’s.  Canadian content always last a long time.


Zig Zag for 8 years. Some longevity with shows from the left coast. Yes, this is Terry David Mulligan in the opening credits. This is the best opening of the three. Simply because of the 1980-era shorts the kids are wearing. Hard to describe.


The Biff and Bart show section of the show has its own YouTube channel.


Take too long to explain each show for those that don’t remember them. Wikipedia is a good source. 🙂

Tomorrow night the second CFRC Funding Drive episode.  Had one caller last week, my Mom.  But that counts.  Especially on Day 1 of the drive.

Hockey game on Saturday night as well at 7:30pm against Nipissing.  Last regular season broadcast.  Might be doing some playoff games but that’s to be determined.