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One Victory

Followup to the last post.  Pleasant surprise as Ottawa viewers won.  Today Rogers said they’re keeping WPBS Watertown in Ottawa.

Even the website of the ABC affiliate in Watertown had a story on it.  Not very often do you have TV stations with news on other ones in town.  Although PBS is a public broadcaster so they’re not viewed as competitors as much.

You knew there would be a funny line from Rogers somewhere in these stories.  From Metro Ottawa.

“Rogers’ vice-president of video services, David Purdy, said that they did receive complaints, but downplayed their influence on the  decision.”

Sure.  And the coverage in the following places had nothing to do with the changes either:

Ottawa Citizen, The Kingston Whig Standard,  CBC.ca, WPBS Website, Facebook Groups, CNY TV News, North Country Public Radio, Watertown Daily Times, Newswatch 50, Barrhaven This Week, Digital Home, SOWNY.ca.

I bet that coverage made a lot of people take notice and complain.

The Canadian channels getting kicked off systems in Ontario probably won’t be as lucky with a reprieve.  The viewers are spread out across the province as opposed to this issue in Ottawa.  But you never know.

Technically it is Friday.  Tonight on the show there isn’t any set plan.  Back on LIVE though.  Did get one of Sharona Clarke’s CD in the mail so I’ll be playing that among others.


Saw my blog got linked to from the website of The Telegram.  Hello to the new readers, how and why I got the link?  That’s a post for another day.

Today some news about Rogers Digital Cable in Ontario dropping a lot of stations from their lineup.  Including NTV.  Supposedly they’re being eliminated for more premium channels and ethnic stations.  You know anyone who wants more premium ones?  I know friends who would like ESPN or HBO [not the Canadian one] but that won’t be happening.

They’re also dropping Global Saint John, Winnipeg and PBS Watertown among others. Quote from the letter customers got in the mail is they did it to “provide more choice and variety in the future”.  Couldn’t make that up if I tried.

The direct line to Rogers for customer complaints is 1-800-379-7597.


A lot of east coasters like to watch NTV so I’m sure they’ll be getting complaints once all of a sudden it’s gone.

In Ottawa there are a lot of complaints about the PBS channel getting switched from Watertown to Detroit.  Kingston people aren’t happy either since but we live close enough to pick it up over the air.

Notice they decided to pull this stunt in August?  When a lot of people aren’t in front of their sets.  No accident there.

This is where I’ll give links to where you can switch providers.  If you can switch to satellite. Both satellite ones changed their name in the last year or so.  If you might be wondering.

Bell TV formerly Express Vu


ShawDirect formerly StarChoice


Kingston’s cable provider isn’t Rogers.  But I’ll try and avoid them if I ever end up somewhere where they are.  It’s not just the dumping of the stations, but the cowardly way it’s been done.

Notice went out in July about them getting dropped August 17th.  Especially in the case of WPBS in Ottawa, they’ve served them for 40 years and to get a timeframe like that is insulting.  Clearly that’s the Rogers way trying to get out as quickly as possible without protests.  Which hasn’t been the case.  They have Facebook groups trying to get this changed and more.  Right now without any luck.

The most unbelievable part is that WPBS and another station in Erie, PA first heard about this news from their viewers.  That’s right no phone call telling them ahead of time.  Guess their Rogers cell phones weren’t working.

Will complaining change this?  Who knows, it did work with the “negative billing” in the 90’s.  At least they figured out it was a mistake.  Don’t know about the people who run it now.