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NFL Week 14

After a Sunday with no football talk I’m back again.

No one picked Browns over Steelers, I’d say even family members of the Browns bet on Pittsburgh.  Yahoo Sports said 3% of users picked Cleveland to win.  Troy Polamalu is the most valuable player to his team this season.  Difference between him playing and not is huge for Pittsburgh.  Which is quite strange when you think he’s only one player on the defensive side of things.  But, something happens to the Steelers without Troy.

Onto Sunday’s games.  First up Saints over Falcons.  Didn’t catch Redskins-Saints live last week thankfully.  Slept a few hours after work and woke up right after the game had ended.  Saw the score then saw how Washington let that one get away.  Seems like New Orleans would go for 16-0 unlike the Colts.

Colts over Broncos.  Sounds like Indy hasn’t learned the lesson from their SuperBowl year.  Other years they always rested everyone for 1, 2 or 3 weeks.  Never got to the SuperBowl when they did that.  They won the season they didn’t have that layoff.

If they meet the Chargers in the playoffs they’ll lose anyway.  San Diego is Indy’s Kryponite.  They always struggle against them.  Knocked them out of the playoffs last season and the last time they were undefeated this late in the season it was San Diego who ended that.

Seahawks over Texans.  Both are 5-7 and you don’t know what you get each week.

Patriots over Panthers.  Add injured ribs to Brady’s list of problems this year. Pats are 6-0 at home and it’s home game.

Bills over Chiefs. Ravens over Lions.  Not wasting words with those teams.

Vikings over Bengals.  Favre hasn’t done well outdoors in the last few winters.  But they’re in the dome this week.

Jets over Bucs.  Unless Tampa pulls out the orange uniforms again [their only win this season] the Jets should win.

Dolphins over Jags.  Two more teams you can’t figure out.

Packers over Bears.  Green Bay’s 8-4 but I don’t trust them to get very far after their two losses to Minnesota.

Titans over Rams.  Raiders over Redskins.  Not much to say.

Chargers over Cowboys.  The usual December slide for Dallas began last week.  Cowboys media attention is completely out of whack with their playoff success.  No playoff victories since 1996!  My Mom couldn’t believe that when I told her recently.  She got into Queen’s run for the playoffs and we were talking about Dallas.

December 1996, month after Bill Clinton was re-elected.  That is a long time ago.  Heck, my team the Redskins have two playoff victories since then.  But you still have “experts” who pick the Cowboys to get to the SuperBowl in pre-season rankings.  Have them win ONE game first.

Giants over Eagles.  Andy Reid with a contact extension which means he’ll cost his team a game this week with some of his horrible decisions.  Or McNabb will throw up/dry heave because of the pressure of a Sunday night game.  Recently saw a NFL Films program on NFL Network and they had a clip of McNabb throwing up during a game from years ago and his team having to call a timeout.  Ahhh, the Eagles.

Cards over 49ers.  Almost want to pick San Francisco.  Arizona can be like a see-saw.

New shows all throughout the holiday season.  This Friday, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.