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Hour 2 of Sept. 19th Show

The link starts off with the tail end of hour 1 talking about Allison Crowe’s upcoming concerts.  Then some sports talk.

Then in honour of Richard Wright’s passing a 2002 live version of ‘Breakthrough’.  Included David Gilmour, fellow member of Pink Floyd.  Followed by some tracks from Andrea Wittgens’ new CD. Then Melissa Hunt, a young singer who has a new website.   Much better than mine. lol.


End the show with 2 songs each by Trish Kerr and Ian Foster.


Recent links from the show

Sept 12th Show


Busy first hour of music. 5 songs from Andrea Wittgens’ brand new CD. Also first time playing music by Colette Cheverie and at the end of the hour Abby Pond. Other songs by Great Big Sea, Natalie MacMaster, Shanneyganock, The Fables and Ron Hynes


End of the first hour as I made some NFL picks. Was eating up some time till the top of the hour. Listen as I talk about my sister beating me in Week 1. 🙂

Then back to music with Sherry Ryan, Trish Kerr, Holly Larocque, Drumlin, Grand Theft Bus, Air Traffic Control and The Angelshakes.