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April 16th and 23rd Episodes

Catching up with the last 2 episodes, lots of new music on these ones.  People still finding the blog from looking up news on Toni Marie in the last week.  Maybe people visiting St. John’s for the Junos and catching her on the news.  She’s on vacation this week for those wondering where she is on the news.

Bruins pulled off an upset, I picked Buffalo in 7.  Glad Boston won.  If you’re wondering Bruins-Habs can’t happen till the Conference finals.  Boston gets either the Flyers or Penguins in Round 2.  Either way not much traveling for the Bruins.  Both teams in Pennsylvania.

Back to the music.


Joel Plaskett solo CD from a few years back before he opened for Barenaked Ladies that Tuesday in Kingston.

More music from Price Edward Island. First time on the show for The Danks, Carmen Townshend, The Cashmere Disciples and Racoon Bandit. Meaghan Blanchard to end the first hour.


Open up with a band from PEI, Haunted Hearts. Instrumental track called “The GST Cheques are here” which I had to play just for the title.

Followed by Juno nominee, and eventual winner Amelia Curran from Newfoundland. Stay with the Rock with Chris Picco.

End the show with Nathan Wiley, an unreleased Hey Rosetta! song and Teresa Ennis.


Open the show with brand the new CD from Air Traffic Control. Then back to the mid 90’s with a Greg Keelor solo effort. More new music to end the first hour with a duo from out east called Lazy Bones. Couple of tracks from Allison Crowe too.


Allison Crowe to start the hour then back to a Joel Plaskett CD from a few years back. New music from a female duo, Madison Violet along with some blues from New Brunswick with Ross Neilsen. End the show with Hey Rosetta! who are in the midst of putting together a new album.

Dec. 11th Show


Some Christmas music and a Curling song from R.J. Lautenschlager.

Songs from Teresa Ennis’ latest CD “Stars” and go back to 2004 with The Irish Descendants as they’re coming to Kingston in March.


Start off with a chat with two Olympic torchbearers from the Kingston area, Laurie Walker and Rev. Gerry Moore. Then with Kirsten Mihailides from the Coca-Cola side of the Torch organizers.

Couple of songs from Kenny Butler then tracks from Ian Foster’s ECMA nominated instrumental album. Almost 30 minutes worth of that.

December 4th Episode

Both hours from Friday night are now online.


Hour 1 with brand new music from Teresa Ennis’ CD Stars.  Then Amelia Curran’s album which is up for some ECMA awards.  Including a song called The Mistress, which made for an obvious Tiger Woods reference.  End the hour with some songs from Jenn Grant’s recent concert in Kingston.


Hour 2 we move to pop/rock side of things with In Flight Safety and Hey Rosetta!.  End the hour with a chat with Neate Sager about the Queen’s Golden Gaels Vanier Cup winning season.

Link to All Live Edition

Quick post as I am at CFRC tech. producing the football game.  Link to Friday’s show, All Live Edition with some NFL picks at the start of the 2nd hour.


Live music for the entire show, first hour with Jeff Healey and Coco Love Alcorn.


All live edition continues with Teresa Ennis and Jenn Grant.

All Live Edition

Taped the show yesterday morning.  All live music for the 2 hours.  Long sets from Jeff Healey, Coco Love Alcorn, Teresa Ennis and Jenn Grant.

Queen’s Football Saturday afternoon at 1pm as the Golden Gaels host McMaster.

Falling further behind in uploading the shows.  I’ll try and catch up a bit on Tuesday, my next day when I’m not working. 🙂

Technical Problems

Maybe I’ll write a long post about Monday’s crazy technical problems.  Not today though. 🙂

Ended up being so strange that a technician had to be called to fix it the next day.  Which meant I had to postpone the interview with Allison Crowe for another time.

Think I’ll try and put together that NTV/Rogers Facebook group idea tonight.  Yes, it’s late right now.  But once you’re on the midnight shift even on your nights off your up quite late.  Can’t change your body clock on a dime.

Friday night I’ll be on LIVE.  No plan yet but I have a couple of days.

Found this today, you can pre-order the new CD from Teresa Ennis.  It will be autographed by Teresa so check it out if you’re interested.  Only $12.99 Canadian too.


SWM Classic

Rerun?  No it’s a “classic” episode.  Ya, it’s a rerun.  Working all weekend, feeling tired and getting a tooth pulled early next week adds up to airing a “classic”.  I’ve had teeth pulled before, before they gave me braces I had overcrowding to deal with. I was awake while they pulled FOUR teeth.  Remember one flying across the room.  Fun times.

Episode is from April and one people have been searching for the last few days apparently.  First hour an interview with Tim Baker from Hey Rosetta! and tracks from their latest CD.


Then live music from Teresa Ennis during ECMA weekend. Live music from Blue Rodeo, from a promotional EP only given to radio stations in the mid 90’s.


Good content for a ‘rerun’.  You can listen to it now, or wait for it to play around 6pm on the radio.

Back next week with a new episode, quite a bit of blues is the plan with Limestone Blues Festival in town.  Tape that ahead of time this Monday, before my trip to the dentist the next day.  Fun summer evening that will be.

August 14th Show


DAWG FM finally was approved a few days before this episode. With that news I kicked off the show with some blues from the East Coast with GlamourPuss and John Campbelljohn.

Move on to brand new music from Teresa Ennis. Ahead of her new CD “Stars” which is coming out this fall.

Then a couple of tracks from Nova Scotia’s Emmy Alcorn’s CD “Unveil”.

End the hour with 3 covers from Allison Crowe’s CD “Tidings”. Which is primarily a Christmas CD but these are covers of The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Sarah Maclachlin.


Traditional music from Newfoundland starts the second hour with Jim Payne and Fergus O’Byrne.

Move over to rock/pop side of things with two bands I’ve had a chance to chat with.  Talked to one member of each band on the phone for interviews last year.  Grand Theft Bus and Air Traffic Control.

End the hour with Ian Foster as he was doing his last tour date in New Brunswick that night.  After that back on the way to St. John’s.  His cross country tour has come to an end for this summer.  Mix of stuff from some of his MySpace page to end the show.


The thunderstorms have stopped.  We didn’t have the power outages like Toronto had Sunday night luckily.

I would complain, but just for kicks I thought “maybe I’ll see what the weather is like where Toni is right now”.  She is the weather girl after all.

Costa Rica’s 5 day forecast: Scattered thunderstorms today, tomorrow and Thursday.  Oh, and the same weather for Friday and Saturday.  Damn.  When you cover weather, that’s some bad luck. LOL.

Today’s part of the interview starts off with the reach of NTV.  If you’ve wondered why their weather forecast always mentions Tampa Bay, Florida when they show North America there is a reason.

Also talk about when she started covering entertainment.  Originally she was a news reporter but you’ll read how that wasn’t suited for her.

ROB:    Now for those who might not have the seen the station. You have several jobs. You are a news anchor, Sunday evenings and noon hour weekdays. And you do the weather reports, 6pm Monday to Thursday.

TONI:   Which are live. Actually they’re live hits in the community. And I read radio news still. I also write a bi-weekly column for our sister magazine called the Newfoundland Herald. That’s over sixty years old now.

We have a lot of viewers in Ontario and throughout the country.

A lot of Newfoundlanders moved to Ontario twenty, thirty years ago. I dare you to find somebody from Ontario who doesn’t know someone from Newfoundland.

We are on satellite, on Bell Express Vu and Star Choice. So, we’re seen by Ex Patriot Newfoundlanders across the country and in the United States as well.  They get to stay connected with home and see how Newfoundland has grown up quite a bit since they’ve left.

ROB:    I know at least in some cities that NTV has also started popping up on digital cable.  Ontario, Alberta among some places.

TONI:   The oddest thing happened to me several years ago. I was visiting British Columbia, which is a beautiful province. I was on Vancouver Island and with some people who lived in Nanaimo. We went into a big box store and in the television section, NTV was on. That was a little strange. But it was really nice.

ROB:    It’s also on in the Caribbean.

TONI:   Yes, and in Tampa Bay, Florida. A lot of people across Canada and Newfoundland winter in Florida.  Because of that I guess there’s a market for it.

ROB:    I found that station online, I think about a year ago. And they even have a live stream, you can technically watch NTV online. They show, the Noon news and half of the 6 o’clock news. I was here at the station one night, just before my show. And I thought to try the feed and I watched a half hour of the news here on the computer. I think it’s mostly Greek programming of all things.

TONI:   Yes, it’s a Greek television station.

ROB:    So NTV is all over the place.

TONI:   We are. I’m sure when Mr. Sterling, started this station many decades ago he never dreamed it would be seen around North America.

I’m sure he wished it would but it’s come a long way. And people are really embracing the station. We have fans across the country who have no real connection to Newfoundland. They stumbled on it and enjoyed watching our news.

Before stations went digital, when everything was still analog people could pick us up anywhere. We used to get fan mail from places like Montana and Kentucky.

We got a photo from a nudist colony. Because many years ago we would say, “If you’re watching us from somewhere else in the country or throughout North America, send us a picture of your group. And we’ll put it on TV.”

Well, that picture we couldn’t actually put on TV but we did mention it.

ROB:    I know you have won several awards for your other job you at the station covering the local arts scene.  You have also Entertainment News, which a program you tape during the week and airs on Saturday nights.

TONI:   That’s right.

ROB:    So, this must be one of the more rewarding parts of the job. Helping support music and the arts.

TONI:   Absolutely. I would dare you to find a person who at some point in their childhood maybe didn’t want to be a rock star, or an actress or a dancer. I wanted to be all of those things… unfortunately I don’t sing very well. I don’t act very well. And I really am not a very good dancer.

So, for me to be able to meet all of these artistic people is such a thrill. To be able to sit down with someone like Teresa Ennis who is such a talented and beautiful woman. To talk to her about her music is fantastic.

I remember when she and her sisters were first signed to Warner Music. We were at an East Coast Music Association conference. And they were very young girls at that time. They kind of looked at me like a big sister for that moment in time. We all kind of bonded during that weekend.

And then they were signing their first record deal. It was really exciting for me too, and emotional. Even though I’m supposed to be this hardnosed TV person, I do get caught up with the people I interview. It’s great to see how well Teresa has done. It’s a beautiful thing to have been able to watch her grow since the beginning.

Damhnait Doyle is another. The first time I interviewed her, I guess she was about eighteen years old. And I mean she’s another fantastic talent. And to see how far she’s come.

ROB:    What was it like doing your entertainment reports when you started? I know originally you were doing news and then moved over to covering the arts.

TONI:   Yes, which was great for me and for the station. We’re supposed to be these hardnosed kinds of people in many ways. You’re not supposed to become personally involved or care about the people you interview.

It was quite difficult for me doing news stories and having to ask people questions that made them uncomfortable or made them upset. I really wasn’t that great at it.

If I was interviewing somebody and they didn’t want to answer the question I wouldn’t ask the question another way like most smart news reporters will do. I would just kind of say, “Oh that’s okay. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to ask you that question.”

That doesn’t fly when you’re a news reporter, at least not with the news director. They thought that I was a great writer and that I could read and speak well. That I had great creative ideas, but probably not for news.

They allowed me to explore the entertainment field. They didn’t have anyone covering entertainment on a full-time basis at that point. That became my new job, in addition to the anchoring roles and radio roles that I had. But it was great. I’ve been doing that now for many years. And I think it’s the best thing that ever could have happened to me or for the company.

July 17th Show

2 weeks from today is August 1st.  I don’t know how the summer has gone by that fast either.  Last night’s program which might not have been heard outside of Kingston.  Heard of problems with the online feed.  So for those who missed it here you go.  A show with a tonne of different artists.


Lots of music in this hour. This is a packed line up.

First up two singers I met at the Ian Foster concert the previous weekend. Andrea Simms-Karp and Ron Leary. Then a lot of female singer/songwriters from the East Coast.

Sherry Ryan, Rose Cousins, Colleen Power, Amelia Curran, Catherine MacLellan, Kelly Sloan, Meghan Smith and Ruth Minnikin.


Mike Plume Band, Tim Chiasson and Morning Fold, Christina Martin, Norma MacDonald, Jenn Grant.

Brand new music from Teresa Ennis, from her upcoming album ‘Stars’ which will be out in the fall.

End the show with Ian Foster’s first CD as he’s wrapping up his Ontario tour. And about to head out to the B.C. for the first time as part of his summer tour.

Link to Toni Marie Interview

Back from Toronto so some time to upload Friday’s episode with Toni Marie.  Next few weeks I think and try and get someone to transcribe it.  We’ll see how that goes.  Sure a few fans would be interested in reading it as well.

Show on Saturday with Ian Foster was great, I’ll write more during the week when I’m not so tired from the weekend. 🙂

On to Friday’s episode.


In this episode an interview I did with Toni Marie Wiseman of NTV. Play parts of the chat along with songs by Newfoundland artists throughout the show. First radio interview Toni’s done in a long time. Since she also works for OZFM she can’t chat with one of the competing stations in the province.

I open the show with Ian Foster, who was playing Toronto that weekend. I saw him at The Cameron House on Saturday Night.

During this hour’s part of Toni Marie’s interview I play songs by Ron Hynes, Great Big Sea and Teresa Ennis.


2nd hour with the rest of the interview with Toni Marie Wiseman. Touch on a few different topics like Facebook, World of Warcraft, her favourite songs and when she spent a couple of nights in a Women’s Correctional facility for a TV report.

Music of Great Big Sea with Fergus O’Byrne and Dermot O’Reilly, Kenny Butler, Ron Hynes, and a surprise 80’s pop song which is Toni’s favourite.

End the hour with some instrumental Ian Foster as he was hitting Ontario that weekend with his Canadian Tour.

Thanks to Toni Marie for doing the interview.

Sunday Update

Might upload the voiceover I did for the “best of” show.  Did them back to back and edited them as MP3’s so it would play before each hour.  Piece of cake.

Here was the 2 episodes I played.  For the radio I edited out the commercials in each one.  Since an ad from 2007 and 2008 doesn’t make much sense if you’re listening on the radio.



Thought I’d upload a clip on the blog from the interview with Toni Marie but for WordPress you need to pay to upload Mp3’s or video files.  D’oh.  Might look into that but not right now.

Clip was her talking about Great Big Sea and I mentioned Monty Python.  Which got her to sing a very short line from Holy Grail.  I know, now you want to hear it.  I’ll try and figure out something during the week. 🙂

‘Best Of’ Tonight

Been a long week and the plan for this week’s show got pushed up a week.  But there will be interviews tonight on the show, first “best of” show so to speak.  After 2 years I’m finally digging into the archives.

Half the show will be the hour from 2007 with the first interview I did for the show.  With Ian Foster.  Had some of Ian’s music along with some other bands on the old Saturday Night timeslot.

Second half will be the hour with Teresa Ennis from Feb. 2008.  Had the interview with her and her CD ‘Space’.

Next Friday will be the new interview with Ian Foster along with his brand new music for 2 hours.

Following Friday I have the chat with Toni Marie Wiseman I did a few days ago.  Went very well.  Talked over an hour and there were still things we never got to.  Did cover a lot of things with Toni.  She mentioned some artists during our interview so I’ll play them during the 2 hours when that airs.

I’ll probably upload a short sound clip here over the next few days to give you a preview of it.

If I can I’ll see if I can get someone to transcribe it.  Went quite well and people might like to read it too.  Like her 5000 friends on Facebook. 🙂

So hopefully you’ll enjoy the “best of” tonight or its other name, a rerun. LOL.

Link to 2 Year Anniversary Show

Link to the anniversary show from Friday night.  Which might not have been heard by as many outside of Kingston as usual.  My Mom had problems listening online, and she’s in Kingston!  Just tried it right now and it says the stream is “unavailable”.  iTunes, Windows Media Player and Winamp.  None of them worked.  Damn.

So some bad timing for the big show on Friday night.  But here it is for those who missed it.  Which might be a lot of you. 🙂


2 year anniversary show starts off with Faded Blue. And the first ever LIVE interview with Bryan from Faded Blue.

Also have music of Ian Foster for the rest of Hour 1. Since I’ve interviewed Ian twice since the show started and saw him in Toronto last summer.


Start off the hour with the start of Episode 1 from 2 years earlier.  With the first two songs I ever played on the show, by Great Big Sea.

Then some new music from Coco Love Alcorn, as my sleep deprivation kicks in.  Listen and you’ll hear what I mean.

A song by Cody Allen who was opening up for Faded Blue on some of their Ontario tour dates.

Some songs by Jim Payne and Fergus O’Byrne.  And end the hour with Teresa Ennis.

I know those links work OK.  I’ll try and see about the online stream for Friday Night.  Enjoy your long weekend, if you have one.

April 17th Show/23 Hours

Trying to recover from being awake for 23 hours yesterday.

Up at 5:30am for work, then go to CFRC around 5pm.  Radio show over at 8pm.

Met some of the band while doing sound check at 8:30.  Got bite to eat then back to Grad Club.  Show started little after 10:30pm and finished up after 1am.

Walked for about 15 minutes to a coffee shop to call a cab and got home 1:45am.  Watched last half of the new episode of “Out There” on CITYTV Vancouver.

Get some food and it’s 2:30 am.  But if you’ve worked nights or anything you know you still need time to wind down.  So I watched Russell Crowe on Letterman, CBS Seattle.

At almost 4am and decided to put on the radio.  CFRC programming from 2-7am are rebroadcasts from the previous day.  So for example Offsides which airs at 4pm, comes on again at 4am.  Sure enough, heard Tyler again at 4am.

So I think I would’ve come on again at 6am with the hour of Hey Rosetta!, but thankfully I was asleep by then.

Onto last night’s program.


Interview with Tim Baker of Hey Rosetta!, and songs from their CD which I’ll give the entire title here. “Into Your Lungs (and around in your heart and on through your blood)” for the entire hour.


Start off the hour with Jenn Grant, from her new CD ‘Echoes’. Then 20 minutes of live music from Teresa Ennis. She performed live on the radio during ECMA weekend. More live tracks from Blue Rodeo’s Daze in America EP.

End the hour with one more song from Hey Rosetta! who played Kingston later that night. Great concert. Opening act had to cancel so the band opened for themselves doing a 45 minute acoustic set. Still got their full set after a 10 minute break.