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April 16th and 23rd Episodes

Catching up with the last 2 episodes, lots of new music on these ones.  People still finding the blog from looking up news on Toni Marie in the last week.  Maybe people visiting St. John’s for the Junos and catching her on the news.  She’s on vacation this week for those wondering where she is on the news.

Bruins pulled off an upset, I picked Buffalo in 7.  Glad Boston won.  If you’re wondering Bruins-Habs can’t happen till the Conference finals.  Boston gets either the Flyers or Penguins in Round 2.  Either way not much traveling for the Bruins.  Both teams in Pennsylvania.

Back to the music.


Joel Plaskett solo CD from a few years back before he opened for Barenaked Ladies that Tuesday in Kingston.

More music from Price Edward Island. First time on the show for The Danks, Carmen Townshend, The Cashmere Disciples and Racoon Bandit. Meaghan Blanchard to end the first hour.


Open up with a band from PEI, Haunted Hearts. Instrumental track called “The GST Cheques are here” which I had to play just for the title.

Followed by Juno nominee, and eventual winner Amelia Curran from Newfoundland. Stay with the Rock with Chris Picco.

End the show with Nathan Wiley, an unreleased Hey Rosetta! song and Teresa Ennis.


Open the show with brand the new CD from Air Traffic Control. Then back to the mid 90’s with a Greg Keelor solo effort. More new music to end the first hour with a duo from out east called Lazy Bones. Couple of tracks from Allison Crowe too.


Allison Crowe to start the hour then back to a Joel Plaskett CD from a few years back. New music from a female duo, Madison Violet along with some blues from New Brunswick with Ross Neilsen. End the show with Hey Rosetta! who are in the midst of putting together a new album.

Dec. 11th Show


Some Christmas music and a Curling song from R.J. Lautenschlager.

Songs from Teresa Ennis’ latest CD “Stars” and go back to 2004 with The Irish Descendants as they’re coming to Kingston in March.


Start off with a chat with two Olympic torchbearers from the Kingston area, Laurie Walker and Rev. Gerry Moore. Then with Kirsten Mihailides from the Coca-Cola side of the Torch organizers.

Couple of songs from Kenny Butler then tracks from Ian Foster’s ECMA nominated instrumental album. Almost 30 minutes worth of that.

December 4th Episode

Both hours from Friday night are now online.


Hour 1 with brand new music from Teresa Ennis’ CD Stars.  Then Amelia Curran’s album which is up for some ECMA awards.  Including a song called The Mistress, which made for an obvious Tiger Woods reference.  End the hour with some songs from Jenn Grant’s recent concert in Kingston.


Hour 2 we move to pop/rock side of things with In Flight Safety and Hey Rosetta!.  End the hour with a chat with Neate Sager about the Queen’s Golden Gaels Vanier Cup winning season.

Link to All Live Edition

Quick post as I am at CFRC tech. producing the football game.  Link to Friday’s show, All Live Edition with some NFL picks at the start of the 2nd hour.


Live music for the entire show, first hour with Jeff Healey and Coco Love Alcorn.


All live edition continues with Teresa Ennis and Jenn Grant.

All Live Edition

Taped the show yesterday morning.  All live music for the 2 hours.  Long sets from Jeff Healey, Coco Love Alcorn, Teresa Ennis and Jenn Grant.

Queen’s Football Saturday afternoon at 1pm as the Golden Gaels host McMaster.

Falling further behind in uploading the shows.  I’ll try and catch up a bit on Tuesday, my next day when I’m not working. 🙂

Technical Problems

Maybe I’ll write a long post about Monday’s crazy technical problems.  Not today though. 🙂

Ended up being so strange that a technician had to be called to fix it the next day.  Which meant I had to postpone the interview with Allison Crowe for another time.

Think I’ll try and put together that NTV/Rogers Facebook group idea tonight.  Yes, it’s late right now.  But once you’re on the midnight shift even on your nights off your up quite late.  Can’t change your body clock on a dime.

Friday night I’ll be on LIVE.  No plan yet but I have a couple of days.

Found this today, you can pre-order the new CD from Teresa Ennis.  It will be autographed by Teresa so check it out if you’re interested.  Only $12.99 Canadian too.


SWM Classic

Rerun?  No it’s a “classic” episode.  Ya, it’s a rerun.  Working all weekend, feeling tired and getting a tooth pulled early next week adds up to airing a “classic”.  I’ve had teeth pulled before, before they gave me braces I had overcrowding to deal with. I was awake while they pulled FOUR teeth.  Remember one flying across the room.  Fun times.

Episode is from April and one people have been searching for the last few days apparently.  First hour an interview with Tim Baker from Hey Rosetta! and tracks from their latest CD.


Then live music from Teresa Ennis during ECMA weekend. Live music from Blue Rodeo, from a promotional EP only given to radio stations in the mid 90’s.


Good content for a ‘rerun’.  You can listen to it now, or wait for it to play around 6pm on the radio.

Back next week with a new episode, quite a bit of blues is the plan with Limestone Blues Festival in town.  Tape that ahead of time this Monday, before my trip to the dentist the next day.  Fun summer evening that will be.