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Friday Night Live

The return to doing the show live is on Friday night.  Back to regular schedule for me for the first time since…. August!  Did have one live show between then during a playoff bye.  But it was only an hour leading up to a Queen’s hockey game.  That 10-1 loss to McGill.

Wrap up the Golden Gaels’ football season on Friday as I air an interview I did with Neate Sager.  About 30 minutes or so.  Might divide it up into parts during the show.

Then new music that I’ve gotten over the last few weeks.  Got a lot of artists to find through the internet as well with MusicNL handing out their awards and the ECMA nominations coming out.  So next few weeks will be easy to program.

The scheduled CFRC hockey broadcast for Saturday is not happening.  Game will be added in the new year.  It was a road game in Ottawa and after the long football season I think another road trip would a bit much.  Need to give the guys a bit of a break.

Here are couple of links for University sports fans to visit.