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Friday’s Show/NFL Week 2

First Friday’s program, taped on Tuesday morning.  If I remember correctly.  Been a long week.


Music of Ron Hynes to open the show. Then Sharona Clarke, Christine Crawford and Jenn Grant.


Three female singers, all with names that start with the letter “A”. Not a plan but it worked out like that.

Andrea Gauster, Allison Crowe and Andrea Wittgens


NFL Week 2 picks, which I again forgot to call by it’s name on the show.  “Carnell Knowledge”.  That happens when you tape a show 7:30am after a long week of work.  This week’s post will be shorter about the picks.

For the 1pm games: Atlanta over Carolina, Minnesota over Detroit, Green Bay over Cincinnati, Jacksonville over Arizona, Chiefs over Raiders, New England over NYJ, New Orleans over Philly, Tenn. over Houston and Washington over St. Louis.

4pm kickoff for these ones. Seattle over San Fran., Tampa over Buffalo, Pittsburgh over Chicago, Denver over Cleveland and Baltimore over San Diego.

Sunday night I went with Cowboys over Giants [I think, I’ve gone back and forth] and Indy over Miami on Monday.

U2/Tonight’s Show

Taped the show earlier in the week, before I went to Toronto to see U2 on Wednesday. Leaving a stadium at 11pm with 62,000 other people? Crowded. I’ll write a post about the trip later on.

Tonight on the [taped] show we have Ron Hynes, Sharona Clarke, Christine Crawford, Andrea Gauster, Allison Crowe & Andrea Wittgens. I mention Andrea Gauster’s show on Wolfe Island tonight. One problem with taping ahead of time is that the show is sold out. D’oh. But she’s living in Kingston now so you’ll have other chances to see her play in the area.

Queen’s Football tomorrow as well. The Golden Gaels travel to Ottawa with a 1pm kickoff. Hopefully another quick game as I get some sleep after the game and before I work Saturday night at 11pm. LOL,

July 31st Show


Open the show with a CD I got that week from Sharona Clarke.

Followed by the latest discs from Andrea Wittgens and Coco Love Alcorn.

End the hour with Scott Macleod and GlamourPuss.


Blues to start off the second hour GlamourPuss and Garrett Mason. Garrett is coming to Kingston as part of the Limestone Blues Festival at the end of August.

After that The Lever Pulled and Ryan Neilson.

End the hour with some folk/bluegrass/celtic with The Dardanelles.

2 Years Upcoming

First up Sharona Clarke is writing some tour updates on her new blog as she travels Newfoundland.


If you heard the end of the show on Friday then you know this week is going to be a surprise.  I’ll be on at 6pm as usual.  But it might still be 2 hours.  Or 60 minutes as I mentioned before.  Right now even I don’t know.  So a surprise for me.

Summer schedule changes kick in on Friday, May 1st.  And it’s been a juggling act for a bunch of shows.  So there’s no plan for Friday’s show.  Luckily I have enough music over the last 2 years to do weeks of shows without a plan.

By the way the 2nd anniversary of the program is in May.  2 years since I started.  Now those weeks I was scrambling for music.  Each week I was burning off one CD of music I had compiled for each show.

May 19th was the first show.  Which I uploaded a few months ago on Archive.org for those who might want to hear it.


Forgot I played Hey Rosetta! on the first episode.  Should’ve mentioned that to them while they were in town.  🙂

April 10th Show

Had the show ready to upload last night, but Archive.org wasn’t co-operating.  But they’re up now.


The North Lakes and Pleasure Bridge to open the show. Then Hey Rosetta as they are playing in Kingston next Friday.  April 17th at the Grad Club, 10pm start.

Sharona Clarke for the rest of the first hour with tracks from both of her CDs. ‘On The Right Track’ and ‘The Secret Is to Dream’.  ‘Secret’ you can download for free. ‘Track’ is on iTunes.


Included during the first hour is the short interview she did with Toni Marie on NTV Thursday night.

Also got an online request from Sharona so listen for that near the end of Hour 1.


Lead off Hour 2 with some of Ian Foster’s new disc.  Like Sharona he took part in the RPM Challenge for the month of February. Two instrumental tracks from his concept album, ‘Found : Music From the Unmade Film’.

Then a song from Stone Richards and the Devil Folk.

Decided to take it easy for the rest of the show since it was Good Friday. So I played some live Blue Rodeo. From the EP, ‘Daze in America’ which was never released to the public. And a ‘5 Days in May’ from ‘Blue Road’, their live acoustic CD from last fall.

End the program with 3 songs from Sharona, who was listening in St. John’s during the show and sent me a few messages on Twitter.

And in case you want to watch the last LeafsTV Pregame of the year today at 6pm here you go.  I’ll probably delete the link later tonight, for obvious reasons.


Why would I be linking to a pregame for a Leafs-Sens game?  Both teams are done when it comes to the playoffs.  Check out Jody’s Twitter.  Think it’s a good reason to let more people catch the show today. 🙂


Good Friday/Sharona Clarke

Yep, new show tomorrow on Good Friday.  And live as usual.  Enjoy your day off as I’m at CFRC for a few hours. ‘Offsides’, the sports show I work on, also is live Friday at 4pm.  No holiday for us, new shows for you.

Just saw Sharona Clarke on NTV with Toni Marie.  I have the audio of the 2 minute interview and I’ll play that tomorrow.  Along with some of Sharona’s music.  One CD you can download for free.

“The Secret… is to Dream” was done as part of the RPM Challenge ’09.  That’s a challenge to record an album in the month of February.  In her case she recorded the whole thing in her home studio.


I’ll also play ‘She’ which she played on NTV today.  Song got cut off but that happens a lot during a live newscast.  But recording off the TV hurts the sound quality so it wouldn’t have been good enough to air.  Works well for interviews, but anything with music it usually doesn’t.

So some of Sharona’s music, and the rest of the show some longer sets as well.  My version of a holiday show since that makes it easier for me.

Enjoy the long weekend.  I’ll upload the show by Saturday night.

Sharona Clarke on NTV Thursday

For those in Newfoundland or have NTV on satellite, Sharona Clarke will be on with Toni Marie tomorrow. NTV Evening Newshour airs 6pm local time, 4:30pm est. It reruns at 12am local/10:30pm EST as well.

She’ll chat with Toni and play a song. Nice to get some TV airtime. I’ll play more of Sharona’s music on Friday.

Usually the piece gets rerun on Entertainment News on Saturday, but Toni Marie tapes it tomorrow morning. So tune in either time on Thursday to catch her on the news.