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Jay Smith Episode/Boston

Follow up to the last post, the benefit concerts for Jay Smith’s family raised over $140,000. This was the episode on Friday before that weekend’s events.


Open the show with Gianna Lauren who was playing Kingston that weekend.

After I play Jay Smith’s solo CD in its entirety. He passed away after a gig in Edmonton in March and a benefit concert for Jay’s children was held in Nova Scotia the weekend this episode aired. You can also donate online.

Thanks to Stephanie Beaumont and her website ‘Sea and Be Scene’ for keeping up to date with the info on the concerts. Used her blog during the show to read from.

To conclude the show another song from Gianna and 2 songs from Don Brownrigg. Found out on Twitter before the show began they were roommates at one time. Complete luck I grabbed those discs for the show that night.

Should touch on the bombing in Boston.

The world is a dangerous place. The good people outnumber the bad, however the dark side can pop up anywhere. Even next door.

Years ago I was living in another part of Kingston and there was an attempted murder next door in the front yard. The neighbour’s boyfriend must have gotten involved with some nasty people.  Saw the story in the paper a couple of days later.

Two guys beat up the boyfriend in the yard, stabbed him and put their attack dog on him. They ran into their car as he crawled back into her house bleeding all over the ground. Thankfully he lived and the police caught those men within 3 days.  Sounded like a drug deal gone bad.

Where was I when that happened? In bed. I did hear a commotion outside but I was on the opposite side of the building and went back to sleep. Next morning was a Sunday and I see police tape outside and blood stained grass. Realized that going to bed early that Saturday was a lucky decision.

Does show how you never know where something bad can happen.

With my Dad being in the Army 23 years I always watched news from an early age.  Felt like I should keep tabs on the world since he might get sent somewhere.  Since he ended up doing 3 peacekeeping tours of Bosnia I was right on that front.  So in the 1980’s I recall seeing reports of the IRA bombings in London.  Then I was watching Yugoslavia in a civil war, a country that held a Winter Olympics in 1984 and 7 years later was killing each other in the streets.  Not many people in high school was reading a book on the Yugoslav Wars like I was.

The town near the base was deserted after the war.  I remember seeing a home movie one of the guys my Dad was working with shot of them driving around a town.  It looked like a small town in Canada except every house looked like swiss cheese from the mortars and bullets.  Ended up being a drought in the area.  Luckily they didn’t shoot footage of the river. A river started drying up which usually isn’t newsworthy.  Except at the bottom of the river were countless bodies that had been killed and tossed in during the civil war.

Side effect for me is “evil” acts don’t shock me as most people.  Whether that’s good or bad?  Depends on your point of view.

Stephanie Beaumont Interview

A week before I head to Moncton did an email interview with Stephanie Beaumont from “Sea and Be Scene” which I’ve highlighted before on the blog.


For a bio I’ll use some of Stephanie’s own words from the site. She was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


“I should tell you too – that I love what I do – creating and producing this site (together with family, friends, and one rockin’ website team) – is a dream come true. My career path through corporate marketing in Toronto, to singing on stages around the world, to broadcasting on TV and radio stations across the country has lead me back to the province of my birth and this web-site.

Sea and be Scene has allowed me to reunite with many friends I had met along the way and back in the day…and it will allow me the chance to meet new and wonderful folk in the future.

For a people person like me these are exciting times!”

Onto our chat, Stephanie had a good idea of writing the answers in pink text to stand out. So I’m using that for the blog.  It should read well, if not I can always change the colour.  Great thing about a blog is you can always go back and edit.

Rob: Heard an interview that you got went from the corporate world into the music scene from slipping a tape to someone in Toronto and it rolled from there.

Stephanie: That’s true. I was working on an attraction launch for my client the CN Tower…Cliff Dumas was working mornings on KISS (TO Country station from back in the day) I had recorded “Love Can Build A Bridge” in one of those ‘sing your heart out production’ booths where you sing to the band track – at the time I carried it with me where ever I went because you just never know and sure enough he liked what he heard.

He had me in to the station do some parady hits – the Leafs were in the Playoffs that year and instead of Passionate Kisses (Mary Chapin Carpenter) they had me do a version called “Stanley Cup Wishes”…anyhoo…as the story goes Cliff Dumas introduced me to my first producer Randall Prescott – I met him on a Friday and the following Saturday I was in his studio cutting the title track to my first album “Love and Dreams”.

Rob: Things have changed quickly in music since nowadays you can release a song on your own on the internet like the “Christmas by the Sea”. Must be nice to be able to do things on your own at your own pace.

Stephanie: You’re not kidding – it’s a completely different game. I had the idea to write that song after getting so many comments from visitors to the site – wishing they could be “home”…I worked on the lyrics and the tune then got together with award winning songwriter and producer Fred Lavery – someone who I’d always wanted to work with – we crafted the song to it’s finished state then recorded it as his studio Lakewind on Cape Breton Island with some spectacular musicians from the area. It was mixed, mastered and ‘shipped/uploaded’ – all in – the process from concept to finished tune took less than a month – wild!

Rob: Any more plans for a few songs here and there. I’d say you are plenty busy as it is.

Stephanie: Oh I would love to. I had recorded a duet with my friend Aaron C. Lewis and I think he’ll be releasing it to radio soon – it’s that Phil Collins Marilyn Martin tune “Separate Lives”…that’s really what got me hooked on the feeling again.

Christmas by the Sea – I’m hoping – will be on the next project – which if all goes well will be a Christmas album. Who knows though – you’re quite right when you say I’m busy….but maybe one day.

Rob: With East Coast Music Awards coming up what was it like when you were nominated for a music award for the first time.

Stephanie: First let me say – I LOVE AWARD SHOWS!!! So to be nominated and perform on the broadcast was beyond wonderful. I was fortunate to be nominated for CCMA’s a number of times and lucky as well to be doing back stage specials for CMT too. It made for crazy busy Canadian Country Music Weeks but I was never one to just go and hang out. As far as the nomination goes – I’ve always believed it really is an honour to be nominated – to be celebrated by your peers and the industry and folks that really love the music – it doesn’t get better than that….well then again maybe winning would have made it better 😉

Rob: I went to high school in Pembroke, ON and college in Ottawa. Since you worked at A Channel in Ottawa describe what the first winter was like. I recall the first few times feeling -40 Windchill. After almost 9 years there other winters seem easy.

Stephanie: I’m not sure I have ever been colder than the morning of my first remote on the canal. It was minus 43 with the windchill and even the mast on the live truck had trouble extending that morning. In between hits my camera guy and I would climb into the truck – but at that point even truck heat couldn’t warm us up….Lord it was cold. I did however live in Edmonton for 2 plus years and I’ve always believed that any city that gets so cold you need to plug your vehicle in at night is WAY TO COLD for me.

That’s why I love the Atlantic Provinces – our winters really are way more pleasant!

Rob: Since I work midnights I see you stay up late sometimes with your Tweets. 🙂 For us night owls it is much easier today than it was years ago with Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Stephanie: My medium is 24 hours a day – 7 days a week…so all the social media is on when I’m in front of my computer. It makes the world very small and very immediate. I like Twitter for the fact that you can connect with folks you wouldn’t otherwise ‘meet’….and it was my working all hours that allowed for me to break the Russell Crowe guest starring on Republic of Doyle story….here’s the link if you want to see how that shook down –

http://seaandbescene.com/2011/08/tweet-dreams-late-night-news-from-russell-crowe/ great fun

Rob: [I work midnights and I was on Twitter that Sunday night/Monday morning as Stephanie got that scoop.  Fun to see that happen live on the web as it happened.]  Let readers know about Sea and be Scene, has a lot of variety with YouTube videos, articles, interviews and podcasts. Where I got a shoutout in the last episode.

Stephanie: My site Sea and be Scene is an entertainment based magazine style website designed to celebrate the Atlantic Provinces with the world. Stories, profiles, original video – on the people, places and things that make this part of the world so special. I post something new everyday – so days upwards of 5 & 6 posts depending….crazy busy but on the East Coast there are so many reasons to wave the fun flag…and I love having the opportunity!

Thanks to Stephanie for taking the time out for the interview, to end things I had to do something a bit different. One of the more popular things that she started on the site was ‘INsights IN 10’ where she asks 10 set questions to people ranging from Allan Hawco to Damhnait Doyle to Shannon Tweed. So I came up with a list of my own to end the interview. Although the movie one I just stole and changed it from ‘favorite’ movie to ‘top 3’.  I came up with the list at 3am so after 9 questions I drew a blank so I gave myself a break with that one 🙂

1. Saturday or Sunday?
I’m going to say Saturday – although it varies

2. Favorite Junk food
PC Kettle Corn and red licorice

3. TV show you watched over and over again in reruns when you were younger
hmmm….I can tell you now I watch episodes of the “The Gilmore Girls” over and over again – I have all 7 season on DVD and I’ll put one on when I’m cooking or crafting or just want to take a break and there’s nothing on…it’s such a breath of fresh air – funny and smart and no DNA or caution tape….my kind of show!

4. Sport you don’t understand the appeal of watching on TV
I cannot for the life of me understand why UFC is necessary…. I know lots of people love it – but it’s way too violent for me on TV or otherwise – I just don’t get it!

5. Favorite 3 movies
It’s a Wonderful Life
When Harry Met Sally
Mr. Blandings Builds a Dream House
(I have about 90 more to add to the list….I LOVE MOVIES)

6. Movie you hate but did sit through
That’s a tough one – maybe Magnolia

Rob: I won’t alert friend of Sea and Be Scene, Krystin Pellerin about that particular answer….. for those who haven’t seen that “INsights IN 10” you’ll understand at the 1 minute mark. And makes Stephanie’s follow up a bit funny. 😉

I’ve played the Gramercy Riffs on Salt Water Music, which is mentioned in that video.  Mara Pellerin, Krystin’s younger sister is a singer in that band.  And since I read the liner notes once I know Krystin and another sister Beth Ann sing backing vocals on a track. The CD is at the station so I can’t recall the exact song. Anyway, back to the regularly scheduled Q&A.

7. Film you still haven’t seen yet that lot of people would go ‘Really? You never saw it’
I have never seen any of the LORD OF THE RINGS movies…and that’s terrible because my best friend’s husband works for Weta Digital and worked on all of them and every all of Peter Jackson’s movies as a matter of fact….please don’t tell anyone 😉

8. Favorite drink [Alchohol]
I enjoy a great ceasar or champagne….clearly – depends on the circumstances

9. Favorite drink [Non-alchohol]
TEA!!!!! I am a tea-a-holic and since I’m half coffee – I’ll put that on the list too.

10. Purchase or a gift you asked for, but hardly ended up using. If at all
Well…for the longest time I thought my life would be so much better if I had a food processor – so I bought a food processor and I still have spectacular plans for it…just need to find the time….ugh

My answers to those same questions.
1. Sunday
2. Chips/Doritos
3. Cheers. When a show has 11 seasons there are a lot of episodes to watch.
4. Poker, if that counts to you as a sport. If not, pool/billiards. At least that has a physical aspect other than sitting around.
5. Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, The Good the Bad and The Ugly. A tad violent trio. However each with humour.
6. Grease, sister watched it and it was like water torture. Not one redeeming thing in that flick.
7. Schindler’s List, I even taped it once on my VCR then misplaced the tape
8. Beer, quick and easy.
9. Chocolate Milk or Egg Nog around Christmas.  No alcohol in it, just straight Egg Nog.
10. A Marvel Comics, “Dungeon & Dragon like” role playing game. Don’t think I even used it once

Next blog entry might be as I leave for Moncton or possibly I’ll try and type a short one on the train. That be unique.  Thanks again to Stephanie for the interview.  Following is her Twitter feed, Facebook page for the site and where to hear the podcasts.





I use Libsyn as well for my podcast, didn’t realize that till writing this.  For quick updates keep an eye on my Twitter feed where it’s easy for me to update during my trek to New Brunswick.


Dec. 9th Episode/Sea and Be Scene

Here is last Friday’s episode, few days late but internet problems at work this week.


“Open up with David Myles, Duane Andrews and The Once. New music from Ria Mae, The Penny Blacks, Andrea Simms Karp and Ian Foster. Holidays coming up and a brand new song for this time of year with ‘Christmas by the Sea’ by Stephanie Beaumont. Followed by Natalie McMaster who will be on the show next week. Some of the remastered ‘Fogarty’s Cove’ album by Stan Rogers. End the show with Allison Crowe who is in the midst of some Christmas concerts.”

On Twitter I’ve linked to the Sea and Be Scene website before but time to do a write up as well. Stephanie Beaumont started it last year and she had a YouTube channel for the videos and did start a podcast too. Best source to keep track of music on the East Coast as she has interviewed a lot of them. She’s based in Nova Scotia so a little bit easier than me in Ontario. 🙂

All my interviews have been phoners so far. Does lead to interesting behind the scenes things. Tim Baker from Hey Rosetta! did an interview on his cell phone while walking around Toronto on a day off during a tour. Air Traffic Control stopped at a gas station pay-phone somewhere in Quebec to give me a call as they were driving back from Ontario to Nova Scotia.

She describes the site : “We are an entertainment based, magazine style website designed to celebrate the 4 Atlantic Provinces. Our goal is to profile all the people, places and things that make Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island so very special.”

Sure readers will reconginze Stephanie from her music or TV work. When I lived in Ottawa Valley I was in a small place that had about 15 channels on cable. When some new stations popped up in mid 90s we somehow got Discovery Channel and a music one called NCN. Both those channels are still around, although anyone under 20 is wondering ‘What the heck was NCN?’. It stood for “New Country Network” which you know today as “CMT Canada”. We had no MuchMusic, MuchMoreMusic or any other music station on this small cable system. So on Saturdays they had something called Rock N Country where they would play a mix of Country Videos, Rock and Pop. Being as it was my only source of music videos I watched pretty much every week. Could have a song from Stephanie, Hootie and the Blowfish and Bob Seger in the same set.

From a site on Cape Breton called ‘What’s Going On’.

Beaumont is an award winning country singer who had a string of hits on the Canadian country music charts from 1995 to 2000. Her two albums, Love And Dreams and Way Over My Heart, delivered nine Top 40 hits for the Nova Scotia singer.

She won the Outstanding New Female Artist Award at the RPM Big Country Awards in 1999 on the strength of her 1998 album Way Over My Heart. She also received nominations for The Rising Star Award and The Top Female Vocalist Award from the Canadian Country Music Association.

Although she hasn’t released any new music since 2000, she did join Cape Breton musician Aaron Lewis this year in a duet on his new album. Aaron says, “She has such a pure voice and strong delivery, I knew she was the one for the duet of Separate Lives on my new CD.”

She does have some new music which is at the end of this post.

Few years later got satellite TV and I had all these channels from across Canada. After years of barely having 15 I would watch a tonne of shows just to see what they were like. Watching an entertainment show in Alberta called ‘Wired’ and who pops up as host? Stephanie. Goes back to what I’ve said before Canadian Media is a smaller group than you would imagine.

She was popular during her time in Edmonton as evidence by a message board I found through Google. A thread was started about the women on TV news in Edmonton, or as they put it the “Hotties”. [Not the most serious topic I know] This was after she had left the station;

“ohhhh yes Stephanie Beaumont has to be the best!”

“Stephanie Beaumont is another young lady that I have met…. very attractive.”

Somewhere in Nova Scotia she is turning red. With Christmas coming up RED is a holiday colour. Did show she left an impression in Alberta. Her bio from http://seaandbescene.com

“I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, so I guess you could say that I’m biased – but I’ve found an awful lot of people who’ll back me up – you’ll find them here on Sea and be Scene – waving the ‘fun flag’ where the 4 Atlantic Provinces are concerned – and I’m meeting more every day…locals, CFA’s, tourists, you name it – they love living here, moving here, visiting here and they want to share the love – as do I.

I should tell you too – that I love what I do – creating and producing this site (together with family, friends, and one rockin’ website team) – is a dream come true. My career path through corporate marketing in Toronto, to singing on stages around the world, to broadcasting on TV and radio stations across the country has lead me back to the province of my birth and this web-site.

Sea and be Scene has allowed me to reunite with many friends I had met along the way and back in the day…and it will allow me the chance to meet new and wonderful folk in the future.

For a people person like me these are exciting times!”

She has a Christmas song out for the holidays which I’ll play this week on the show and over the next few shows leading up to Christmas. You can get it through iTunes or Amazon.



Here is a post about all the people who helped with the song as well.


Finally the YouTube page with 260 videos and counting.


Tomorrow on the show, might have an interview.  If everything works out.  Last minute changes so it’s up in the air.  Tune it at 7pm EST tomorrow and find out.  The interview would be taped Friday afternoon so it will be down to the wire.