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Link to Friday’s Show, on Thursday

What you can do when you tape an episode a day in advance.


Brand new music from a singer who is soon to be a Kingstonian, Andrea Gauster. She starts at the Queen’s Medical School. Found her through Twitter. Open up the show with some songs from Andrea, including one about Twitter.

Then a new band to the show, Shores of Newfoundland. Based in Kingston but currently on tour in Newfoundland. Music from their 1999 disc and a live one they recorded here in Kingston at the Tir Nan Og.

End with the hour with one song from Allison Crowe. Taped this week’s show ahead of time and saw I had 8 minutes to fill up till top of the hour. So I know her song Disease is a little over 8 minutes.


Start off the hour with a singer you might have heard of from Nova Scotia, Sarah Mclachlan. After the show found the list I had made up last year of all the artists I’ve played on the show. Sarah wasn’t on there. 2 years of the show and not playing her once? My bad.

To make up for it a few songs from her debut album from 1988 and on vinyl to boot. Couldn’t find any of her CD’s at the station but luckily in the record collection they had the original 1988 album. A collector’s item I found out since it was re-released in 1989 with some extra songs when she was also signed by a US record label. One song you might have heard before, the other 3 I bet you haven’t.

Follow that up with a cover version of Angel by Allison Crowe.

Then some songs from Great Big Sea’s Fortune Favour and Joel Plaskett’s Three to end the show.

Sunday Update

The rare Sunday update, especially in the morning.  Came across a benefit concert Sarah McLachlan is having on the West Coast in September with Neil Young and Sheryl Crow.  Since this is a blog and who knows where the readers are from I thought I’d point it out.

Sarah was born and raised in Nova Scotia of course.  I know a lot of people don’t know that.  If I mention artists from the East Coast to people here in Ontario she’s the one I like to throw out since the response is usually “really?  I thought she’s from Vancouver.”

No, she was signed to a record deal in the late 80’s and the record label was from Vancouver.  So she moved out there after a bit of college.  I was in New Brunswick when this happened and it was a big story.  Then you had to move to a big centre for the most part to make it big.

Today with the ease of internet to spread the word about your music, I bet she wouldn’t have had to move from the Halifax area.  Look at all the artists who stay wherever they are across Canada.

Hey Rosetta! stays in St. John’s and travels the country.  Allison Crowe is in Corner Brook/Nanaimo and does concert dates in Europe.  People across the country can hear my radio show on the internet.

Got me to thinking, have I played Sarah McLachlan on my show?  I think I might’ve played her early on, but I’m not positive.  Since CFRC is a campus/community station we avoid playing “hits”.  Such as the singles you hear over and over.  Which is why I’ll play tracks from Great Big Sea CD’s that weren’t released to radio.

So a lot of Sarah’s best known stuff I knew I wanted to avoid playing.  I’ll check a list I made last year of artists I’ve played and see if she’s on it.  If not it will be funny that it’s taken this long to play a track of hers.

Tickets are $89 general admission and $139 general seating for the 2 stage day long event.  Limit of 9,000 seats which is a good idea, not one of those shows where the crowd is huge.

All proceeds from the concert will benefit the Sarah McLachlan Foundation, which provides music instruction and appreciation programs for under-privileged children.

“I am thrilled to have Neil and Sheryl join me on stage at Ambelside Park this September to help raise funds for my Foundation,” McLachlan said in a release.

“We hope the event will entertain and inspire, while increasing awareness of the need for music in children’s lives. I am also excited that the District of West Vancouver has partnered with us to bring this event into the community that I have been proud to call my home for so many years.”

A concert headlined by Sarah McLachlan, Sheryl Crow and Neil Young is headed for a West Vancouver park on Sept. 12.

Proceeds will benefit the Sarah McLachlan Foundation, which provides music instruction and appreciation programs for under-privileged children.
“I am thrilled to have Neil and Sheryl join me on stage at Ambleside Park this September to help raise funds for my foundation,” said McLachlan, a West Vancouver resident, in a release.
Tickets go on sale Saturday at 10 a.m. at http://www.selectyourtickets.com or at 1-866-514-5050

Tickets went on sale this past Saturday at http://www.selectyourtickets.com or at 1-866-514-5050

Myself I would take a break for food and drink during Sheryl Crow.  Not a fan.

But Sarah and Neil would be a great show to see. 🙂