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April 24th Show


New music from Emmy Alcorn, The Salty Plains and Sora. Also some of Don Brownrigg’s disc from 2007.


Some live Hey Rosetta! from a variety of sources and places. Victoria, Toronto and St. John’s. Couple of tracks from Joel Plaskett’s solo triple album “Three”. End the hour with some Ryan’s Fancy from 1982 and two more Hey Rosetta! songs from their set at NXNE 2008 in Toronto.

Plan for Friday

Have compiled some live tracks from Hey Rosetta! for Friday’s show.  New music from The Salty Plains.

Think it will be the last 2 hour show for a while.  May 1st is the following Friday so that should be the kick off of the summer schedule.  So from 6-7pm for May-August.  Little easier to do, since I can tape the show more easily to get out of town on some weekends.  And I’m working midnights right now so I can get home by 8pm and rest for a couple of hours before work.