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6th Anniversary Show

The radio show just celebrated the 6th anniversary. Thanks to everyone who has ever helped out
over the years. Those who sent music, told me about an artist, musicians who I’ve interviewed,
people at CFRC. Over 6 years a list would be long and I’d forget people so I will say thanks to

The first episode was May 19, 2007. Which is online, if you want to listen to how a show


“The very first episode from May 2007. Little rough sounding but that’s to be expected for my
first one. Music of Great Big Sea, Hey Rosetta, Brothers in Stereo, Colleen Power, Down with the
Butterfly, The Human Soundtrack, Shanneyganock, The Masterless Men, GlamourPuss and Ross

The first 4 months of the show the show after mine was always taped ahead of time. So for the
first week, I thought of something radio related to play at the end of the show.”

That last thing I mention is the closing theme from the sitcom, WKRP. Which if you didn’t know contains
no real lyrics. It is just gibberish. Felt like a good way to end a first show.

Next 2 links are from the 6th anniversary edition of Salt Water Music on May 24th. I grabbed music from
people I have interviewed over that time.


“6th Anniversary show kicks off with about 25 minutes of new music. Trio from Nova Scotia, Dark
for Dark. Followed by songs from Charlie A’Court’s album ‘Triumph and Disaster’ and Ross Neilsen
Band’s new CD ‘Resurrection’.

More new music continues with some “folktronica” from Joshua Van Tassel.

Then onto the plan I had for the anniversary program. Songs from musicians I’ve interviewed
over the 6 years of the show.

Rest of this hour has selections from David Myles, Air Traffic Control, Buddy Wasisname and the
Other Fellers, Melanie Samson, Sora and Andrea Wittgens”


“2nd hour of the anniversary show is all artists/bands who I’ve had a chance to chat with over
the 6 years of the program.

Teresa Ennis, Madison Violet, Ryan’s Fancy, Irish Descendants, Grand Theft Bus, Allison Crowe,
Ian Sherwood, Ian Foster and Hey Rosetta!. Before that last song you can hear a clip of my chat
with Tim Baker. Mention a song I can play but you won’t hear on commercial radio.”

Also here is a link with all the ‘Salt Water Music’ episodes on the Internet Archive. Over 160 hours.
It adds up over the years.


Again thanks to everyone over the last 6 years.

Show back to 2 Hours Until September

With the Queen’s school year ending schedules change at the station. Programmers who are students are gone until September so some juggling takes place. Starting Friday ‘Salt Water Music’ will go back to 2 hours. 6 to 8pm EST which was a previous time slot of the program.

6 year mark of the show is a couple of weeks away so planning on an interview for the anniversary. Having 2 hours again for a while will be nice. Especially in the warmer weather it’s nice for listeners to be able to relax with an extra hour of music.

Backlog of Episodes/NFL picks

I knew there was a back log of episodes to put online, didn’t know it was as far back as July.  Had some time off in August then football season came early before September and it snowballed from there.


Music of Matt Anderson, some Stan Rogers on vinyl and Jill Barber who was playing Kingston that month.


Music of Jill Barber, Ryan’s Fancy, David Myles, Chris Kirby, Hey Rosetta! and Ian Foster.


New music from Great Big Sea. Also tracks from Don Brownrigg and Neil Dobson.


Neil Dobson, Gulliver’s Spree, Stan Rogers, Ross Neilsen

So with that, a quick version of the picks.  Plus I worked on a little NFL related blog post that will be a long one.  Part NFL, part TV and mostly just a funny comparison that worked out well.

Texans over Chargers.  San Diego won again and Houston didn’t show up against the Colts.  Have to stick with the Texans one more week.  They lose this they’re going back to choke artists at 4-4.

Cardinals over Vikings.  Just on principle I’m not picking Brad Childress this week.  What an idiot.  Would’ve been idiot coach of the week but my team is the Redskins. [The topic for the long blog post]

Saints over Panthers.  Saints with a good win against the Steelers.  Could be a trap game but Panthers are 2nd worst in the league.

Patriots over Browns.  New England quietly 6-1.  Some games they haven’t been their best and still win.  Either worrisome for some fans or a good sign.  You win playing badly I’d say that’s a good thing.

Bucs over Falcons.  Tampa Bay, I still can’t figure them out.  5-2 record and QB Freeman with another 4th quarter comeback win last week.  Weird.

Bears over Bills? Nah, I can’t do that. Bills over Bears.  Buffalo with two overtime losses to the Chiefs and Ravens is more impressive.  I know it’s in Toronto.  Neutral site, pretty much.

Ravens over Dolphins.  Baltimore should win this one.  The next game, is on Thursday so that’s a short week.

Jets over Lions.  Detroit beating Washington last week is a whole other blog.

Giants over Seahawks.  Seattle has to go to their back up QB, Charlie Whitehurst.  Two ways to go.  Giants dealing with a QB they’ve never seen or hammering a QB who doesn’t have much experience.  I’m going with NYG.

Colts over Eagles.  Indy handled Houston so Philly should’nt be that hard.

Chiefs over Raiders.  Game of the week, and it’s not a joke.  5-2 KC against 4-4 Oakland.  Raiders ahead of San Diego in the division

Sunday night, Green Bay over Dallas.  Let’s ignore the Cowboys till end of the season or when they fire Wade.

Monday night, Pittsburgh over Cincinnati.  Bengals play their division tough, for whatever reason.  Don’t see Steelers losing two in a row.

NFL Picks : Carnell Knowledge Week 1

First up for sports fans is Offsides is returning to CFRC tomorrow afternoon at 4pm. Tyler King back in the chair and Neate Sager is our first guest back. Neate now runs the Junior Hockey blog for Yahoo Sports Canada. I’ll be doing my usual technical producer duties and getting the guests on the phone. So for those who used to listen that means the day has changed. Will air on Thursdays at 4pm as opposed to the old Friday slot.



Queen’s is 0-1 and the home opener is Sunday afternoon at 1pm. I will not be doing the game. After 4 full seasons of doing every game I’m taking some off this season. Ironically my work schedule is much easier in 2010, don’t have to work Fridays. I read this post again about the 2009 season and wonder how exactly I pulled that off for a full Vanier Cup run.


Back to the NFL picks, after a slow August on the blog. Did this last year so doing it again. Think we will stick with a name a listener in Connecticut gave in 2009. Cat gave the name to use on a radio segment or something along those lines. She came up with “Carnell Knowledge”. A good title especially since someone else came up with it. Lot of these “pick segments” on radio or tv have a title. But this one has a better pun. Makes you stop for at least a second.

Carnell Knowledge Week 1

Thinking of a new wrinkle this season. Might have other people pick the weekly winners as well against me. People I know through the radio show, Facebook, Twitter, etc. With the first week starting on a Thursday I’ll try that idea for Week 2. I’m not a big fan of the Thursday game myself. Friday night would make more sense for me.

Listed are the games, and after them the team I’m picking this week followed by whatever thoughts I have about the game.

This week starts early with the Thursday kickoff game which is…

Minnesota at New Orleans. SAINTS.

Rematch of the NFC Championship game or the “Favre gives the Minnesota fan base a stomach punch” game. Most memorable thing that night was working late that night and checking out blogs of Green Bay Packer fans. The joy from them was insane. Not surprising. Either Brett was going to lose in a heartbreaking end to a season or get to a Super Bowl. That’s a ‘feast or famine’ situation if you are a Green Bay fan.

As for this game I’m going with New Orleans. It’s last year’s Vikings but without Sidney Rice for a few weeks and Brett’s bum ankle of course.

Miami at Buffalo. DOLPHINS.

Preseasons aren’t always a good barometer. This year the Bills didn’t look horrible and Miami didn’t look great so I could see Buffalo winning. Week 1 is always weird. Strange things happen as it’s like when you went back to school after the summer. First week you’re getting back into the swing of things. In this case that means one team can be surprised quite easily. Still going for Miami since not much of a home field advantage for Buffalo in early September.

Detroit at Chicago. LIONS.

Picking Detroit to win a season opener in Chi-town. At least they have had the same QB and system from last season. Bears have Jay Cutler but Mike Martz on staff now so a different offense. See some growing pains there.

Oakland at Tennessee. TITANS.

Raiders do look like they might finally get up to mediocrity in 2010. That’s saying a lot for them. Jason Campbell at QB who always had a raw deal in Washington. I’m a Redskins fan and they changed things so much from year to year he never had a chance. I can see the Raiders getting better as the season goes along since their division sucks. But Titans will be too much for them right now.

Cincinnati at New England. PATRIOTS.

Battle of the QB’s with knee surgeries. Palmer has never been the same since that Steelers playoff game. Brady had a good year last year and threw for over 4000 yards. Most people don’t view it like that. Playoff loss against the Ravens was a bad one however not enough to make me think the Patriots are done.

Carolina at New York Giants. GIANTS.

A game I will not be watching, unless I want to see the new stadium.

Atlanta at Pittsburgh. FALCONS.

Falcons over the backup QB. Like how people are saying Big Ben has behaved himself. A few months without bringing a college girl into some dingy bathroom and have a guy block the doorway. What an outstanding citizen. Golf clap from everyone.

Cleveland at Tampa Bay. Ugh [Part 1], I mean BROWNS.

Jake Delhomme is getting more money this season then Tom Brady and Peyton Manning COMBINED. Wrap your head around that. A little over $19 million for Jake.

Denver at Jacksonville. BRONCOS.

With Tebow being a Bronco it will seem like a Denver home game even if he doesn’t play a down.  I don’t see him being a great QB but why Jacksonville didn’t draft him is head scratching.  Most famous QB in Florida would help sell tickets and merchandise for a team no one cares about.  That’s not anything about how good the teams are. I just don’t have much of an opinion on either one.  Word I can come up with is “middling”.

Indianapolis at Houston. TEXANS.

If Houston is finally going to make the playoffs this is the game they better win. A chance to knock off the Colts at home. They’ve had the chance before and choked it away. Sage Rosenfels decided he was a hurdler and jump in the air while they had a lead near the end of a game. And he’s a QB by the way. Saw this game live on TV.  Shook my head a few times as the Texans blew another one.


Move onto the 4pm games.

San Francisco at Seattle. Ugh [Part 2], 49ERS.

Not buying San Fran and Seattle is rebuilding with a lot of young guys.

Green Bay at Philadelphia. PACKERS.

Green Bay offense is running on all cylinders so they should overrun the new look Eagles.

Arizona at St. Louis. Ugh [Part 3], CARDINALS.

Maybe it will be a tie. Arizona was a playoff team with Kurt ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Warner now they’re dropped off a cliff. The Rams are the Rams.  Nuff said.

Dallas at Washington, Sunday Night. COWBOYS.

McNabb playing? Probably but you never know. Even if he is I’d say Dallas has his number after the end to last year. Which ended my 13 year running joke of Dallas not winning a playoff game.  Thanks Donovan.

2 Monday Night games, Baltimore at New York Jets. RAVENS.

Early pick for the most overrated team during the offseason in a long time is the Jets. Playoff run consisted of Jets beating the Bengals, the exact same team who gave up in Week 17 against NY which got them into the playoffs. Then defeating San Diego who are the San Jose Sharks of the NFL. Chargers/Sharks always lose earlier than predicted. It’s a way of life with those Californian teams. Speaking of SD they play the late game on Monday.

San Diego at Kansas City. CHARGERS.

However the late Monday game was weird last year. Raiders looked good in it last year and almost beat the Chargers. San Diego might be half-asleep to start a season again.

So the longest blog post in a few months.  ‘Offsides’ Thursday at 4pm, ‘Salt Water Music’ Friday at 6pm and ‘Queen’s Football’ Sunday at 1pm.

May 21st Episode

When you spend a long weekend working that tends to delay my radio stuff. But here is the 3rd anniversary show from last Friday.


3rd anniversary show kicks off with Mari-Mac by Great Big Sea. First song I played in May 2007.

Then some rare Blue Rodeo tracks. Live version of ‘Florida’, recorded in Saskatoon by a band formed in Toronto with Greg Keelor who was born in Nova Scotia. 2 songs from ‘Tremolo’ which I’m sure aren’t played on the radio much. ‘Brother Andre’s Heart’ and ‘Frog’s Lullaby’.

New Brunswick’s Grand Theft Bus continues the hour followed by Allison Crowe. Hour 1 ends with a duo from PEI Mark Haines and Tom Leighton. Tom has a link with the second hour’s music which I didn’t know about at the time.


Wrote a blog post about the 3rd anniversary show and got a response from Naming the Twins. So played them that night on the show. Tom Leighton plays on one of the tracks, just happened to grab that CD before I left my place so good luck with that.

Back to back with artists from my home province of Newfoundland to end the program. The Irish Descendants, Great Big Sea, Hey Rosetta and Ian Foster.

3rd Anniversary Show Tonight

Tonight the 3 year anniversary of the show. Plan is to play a lot of different artists and CD’s over the course of the 2 hours. Realized I’ve done so many interviews it is hard to pick and choose clips. Also it is the May 24/Victoria Day long weekend so a better time to play a lot of music. Thanks to everyone who has helped out over the course of the 3 years. All the musicians who I’ve come in contact with. Managers/publicists who have sent me CD’s as well. CFRC of course since they approved the show in 2007.

I’ll write a long post on the weekend with links to the episode itself. Original plan for the program was for it to last the summer months and go from there. As of today I have played 250 different Canadian artists. Kept a list compiled which I updated every few months. Here it is. A few are from other parts of the country which came to my attention for various reasons [concerts, musician recommendations] and I felt like including them on the show. All Canadian though and that’s the main goal of the show. Spread the word of Canadian music that doesn’t get much radio play in Ontario.

Here goes the long list. I’d include websites, however you can guess I’d be here for an hour or more doing that. I’ll do that for a later post since that’s almost it’s own project. If I missed anyone or got a spelling wrong just point it out to me in the comments or by email.

Abby Pond
Air Traffic Control
All of Green
Allison Crowe
Amelia Curran
Andrea Gauster
Andrea Simms-Karp
Andrea Wittgens
Andrew Hunter and the Gatherers
Andrew LeDrew
Ann Vriend
Anna Egge
Anna Wheeler
Ashley MacIssac
Barra MacNeils
Barry Dewling
Beacon Point
Blue Rodeo
Bluegrass Diamonds
Bored on Sunday
Boy Ill
Brite Vu
Brothers in Stereo
Bruce Cockburn
Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellas
Carmen Townshend
Carter Chaplin
Catherine MacLellan
Celtic Connection
Charlie A’Court
Chelsea Parsons
Chillin Room
Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew
Chris Kirby
Chris Picco
Chrissy Crowley
Christa Borden
Christine Crawford
Christine Donovan
Clarence Mason
Cliffy Short
Coco Love Alcorn
Cody Allen
Colleen Power
Collette Cheverie
Corey Isoner
Craig McIntyre
Crowdis Bridge
Cynthia Macleod
Damhnait Doyle
Dan Currie
Dana Parsons
Denielle Hann
Don Brownrigg
Down with the Butterfly
Duane Andrews
Eileen Joyce
Elyssa Mahoney
Emmy Alcorn
English Words
Ennis Sisters
Erin Costelo
Faded Blue
Fergus O’Byrne
Figgy Duff
Frank Trainor
Garrett Mason
Gene Pawlett
Glitter Cinnamon
Grand Sass Parilla
Grand Theft Bus
Great Big Sea
Green Light Go
Greg Keelor
Gulliver’s Spree
Haunted Hearts
Hey Rosetta
Holly Cole
Holly Larocque
Hot Toddy
Hugh Hall
Ian Foster
Ian Sherwood
In Flight Safety
J.P. Cormier
Jacobus et Maleco
James Phillips
Jeff Healey
Jenn Grant
Jennie Pardy
Jenny Gear
Jessica Rhaye
Jill Barber
Jill Porter
Jim Forward
Jim Payne
Jimmy Rankin
Joe Belly and the Sin City Ramblers
Joel Plaskett
John Campbelljohn
John Connolly
John Jerome and the Great 88
John Macpherson
Johnny Burke
Johnston and Lear
Jon McKiel
Justin Fancy
Justin Merdsoy
Keith Hallett
Kelly Sloan
Kendra Gale
Kenny Butler
Kev Corbett
Kevin Chase
Kevin Collins
Kim Stockwood
King Nancy
Kyra and Tully
Lazy Bones
Leanne Kean
Lee Fitz
Lennie Gallant
Leonard Cohen
Les Lahey
Les Paiens
Lisa Birt
Maddison Avenue
Madison Violet
Mark Bragg
Mark Haines/Tom Leighton
Mary Jane Lamond
Mary Stewart
Matchstick Mike
Matt Anderson
Matt Mays and El Torpedo
Max Murphy
Meghan Blanchard
Meghan Smith
Melanie Ross
Melanie Samson
Melissa Hunt
Michael Brennan
Michael Carey
Michael Lake
Mike Plume Band
Mike Richey
Mike Stevens
Milks and Rectangles
Molly Thomason
Natalie MacMaster
Nathan Condon
Nathan Wiley
Neil Conway
Neil Dobson and the Fabulous Hats
Norma Macdonald
Owen Steel
Pat Deighan
Pat Lepoidevin
Patrick Boyle
Patrick Molloy
Queen’s Maid
RA Lautenschlager
Racoon Bandit
Randy Bachman + the New Guitar Summit
Rankin Family
Rattlesnakin Daddies
Rawlins Cross
Rita MacNeil
Ron Hynes
Ron Leary
Rose Cousins
Ross Neilson
Ruth Minnikin
Ryan Neilson
Ryan’s Fancy
Sam Ryan
Sarah Mclachlan
Scott Macleod
Sean Kemp Band
Sharona Clarke
Shawn Lidster
Sherry Ryan
Shores of Newfoundland
Slainte Mhate
Slate Pacific
Smokin Joe Wiseman
Solid Gold Workout
Steven Bowers
Tamara Nile
Tara MacLean
Teresa Ennis
Terry Whalen Band
The Angelshakes
The Band
The Barra MacNeils
The Blue Monday Band
The Carouslers
The Cashmere Disciples
The Contingencies
The Cottars
The Danks
The Dardanelles
The Divorcees
The Domestics
The Fables
The Human Soundtrack
The Idlers
The Irish Descendants
The Irish Rovers
The Kestrels
The Kremlin
The Lever Pulled
The Masterless Men
The Mountains and The Trees
The Novaks
The Olympic Symphonium
The Otherwise Called
The Reaction
The Subtitles
Tim Aylesworth
Tim Chiasson and Morning Fold
Timothy Chiasson [solo CD/fiddling music]
Todd Scott
Torres Band Duo
Tracy Starr
Trailer Camp
Trish Kerr
Under Pressure Music
Virginia Fudge
Your Favorite Enemies

Told you it was a long list. Check out the show live on 101.9FM in Kingston or at http://www.cfrc.ca

3rd Anniversary on Friday

3 year anniversary of the radio show is Friday night. But first the May 7th episode. Show from the 14th was almost lost to the ghost in the machine. CFRC website was down and wasn’t sure if the ‘logger’ computer was up and running. That’s where the last 3 months of the station’s audio is archived. CFRC.ca is back and working so I’ll upload that show between now and Friday.


Hey Rosetta with a live version of ‘Epitaph’. Matt Anderson and Mike Stevens with some songs from their disc ‘Piggyback’. Lazy Bones and The Idlers end the first hour.


Wrap up the set with The Idlers in Hour 2. Brand new music from Corey Isoner and his latest album ‘Frost’. Then more new music from Pat Lepoidevin’s CD ‘Moonwolves’. This is when we get some unique song titles. Pat with ‘I See a Fox Drinking Wine Outside a Bar in France’. Haunted Hearts keep those titles coming with ‘There is No Understanding between Tree and Man, ‘GST Cheques are Here’ and ‘Acid’. Wrap up the program with some solo work from Matt Anderson.

The radio show began on Saturday Night, May 19th 2007. The old 10pm-11pm timeslot for those who have been listening that long. Moved to Fridays in September 2008. For this Friday I’m thinking of just seeing how many artists I can play in 2 hours. Last year I counted and it was at least 150 different ones at that point I’d played over the course of 2 years.  It adds up.

Very good timing for me with this Friday. No longer have to go to work after the radio show is over. Been working midnights the past year, however this week my days off are switching to Thursday/Friday. Much better for me. Easier to do the radio show and work on sports in the fall.

With midnight shift I really hadn’t watched much of the second round of the NHL playoffs. Since I’m a Boston fan that’s a good thing. Football is my favorite sport now though. Casual hockey fan compared to football. For instance here I am reading NFL columns in May. Wouldn’t find me reading hockey stuff in the off-season. Being a Bruins fan contributed to following hockey less. What have I had to cheer for in the last 2 decades? Ray Bourque getting traded to Colorado. Low point of a fan base. All of us saying “It’s OK Ray, get the hell out of here.” Onto a team with Patrick Roy in net too. We still didn’t mind. A horrible owner is tough to beat. Look at Chicago.

Reminds me of one of the interviews I did in the first few months in 2007. Talked to Alex from ‘Your Favorite Enemies’ who were playing in Kingston later that month. After we were talking hockey and how bad our teams Montreal and Boston were doing. Both agreed at least they were not as bad as Chicago. That’s how low the Blackhawks were because of their owner. If you’re not a hockey fan you might be wondering how they turned around. Simple, the owner Bill Wirtz died. Ask any Chicago fan and even thought that sounds like macabre it’s true. For example this event:

“During a tribute and moment of silence for him during the Blackhawks home opener on October 8, 2007, the Chicago crowd displayed their displeasure with Wirtz’s operation of the organization by booing the proceedings.”

When you boo a memorial of someone that’s a sign of what damage he had done to a team. The whole family wasn’t like him. One of his sons Rocky took over the owner and turned the ship around. Lead the league in attendance in 2008/09. That quickly. Blackhawks were the one team who would not allow local broadcasts of their games. Rocky stopped that crazy idea that was straight out of the 1950’s. Idea was that more people would come to the game if it wasn’t on TV. Proven wrong finally.

Bit of sports today with the anniversary talk.

Upcoming Shows

I will be doing the show live the next few weeks.  Hard to believe but this Friday is the last non-holiday episode till January 8th, 2010.  Think the holidays are sneaking up on a lot of us.  After this week the shows will be on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

On the 25th I might do a bit of an end of year wrap up.  However I think I’ll save that for New Year’s Day.  Trying to combine a Christmas episode with the “End of the Decade with no name” might be a bit much.

[Note to Neate who might be reading this : Yes, I know there was no Year Zero.  LOL.]

Not only do we have to get used to writing 2010 in a few weeks, but no more saying Two Thousand and…. whatever.  Back to short form so we can say Twenty Ten.

Luckily the night before both holiday episodes I’m not working so I’ll be well rested.

Wednesday Update

About yesterday’s post, I now have the proper spelling thanks to a comment from Jesilou last night.

Hi Mr. Carnell,

I found your blog through following the links from your Twitter page. Thanks for blogging about Tyler and me. It was a pleasure to meet him yesterday and he’s clearly very talented.

Also, thanks for pointing out the multiple misspellings of my name on the article. Just when I thought my name couldn’t be more of a typo!

Have a good week and keep up your great work.

– Jesilou

After the blog I found her Twitter page so I had the right spelling but I had already posted.  For those who Tweet here is her page.


Having a computer about to kick the bucket so I’m dealing with that.  Luckily not my main computer but it’s still a pain.  Some files on there I have to get off.

I’ll upload the last episode of the radio show late tonight.  Unless this computer does something strange too.

Redskins lost to the Chiefs, like I said they would but the Skins’ coach is still there.  The owner is horrible and I don’t know when it will turn around.  At least I’m a big NFL fan so the fact Washington is horrible doesn’t affect me too much.  Rather follow the rest of the league as my team does a downward spiral, again.

July 31st Show


Open the show with a CD I got that week from Sharona Clarke.

Followed by the latest discs from Andrea Wittgens and Coco Love Alcorn.

End the hour with Scott Macleod and GlamourPuss.


Blues to start off the second hour GlamourPuss and Garrett Mason. Garrett is coming to Kingston as part of the Limestone Blues Festival at the end of August.

After that The Lever Pulled and Ryan Neilson.

End the hour with some folk/bluegrass/celtic with The Dardanelles.

2 Year Anniversary Tonight

This weekend marks 2 years since the show started.  So somewhat of a 2 year anniversary show tonight.  Might have a LIVE interview lined up.  So for the rest of the show I’ll just play a lot of music.

Was going to play some older interviews I’ve done but with a new one I’ll save them for another week.  More music tonight.

Will have a clip from the first episode near the end of the show.  So stay tuned for that. 🙂

New music from Coco Love Alcorn too.  So tune in at 6pm EST tonight.  And what do you know.  The CFRC website is finally up and running.  The new look website.


Still working out the kinks, the Archive does work.  But only if you scroll through a long list of files and find what you want.  Not easy as it sounds when you see things like “20090510130001.mp3”, which means May 10th, 2009 at 13:00 or 1pm EST.

I’ll write a longer blog post about the show on Saturday.  History of the show so to speak.

Thanks to all the musicians who have sent me music over the last 2 years.

Herald Interview, text version

Realize I had a scan of it, but not the full text version of the interview. Oops. So here it is.

Up Close and Personal by Toni Marie Wiseman
Rob Carnell – Airing the East Coast

There’s no questioning the popularity of East Coast music. Our talented musicians and their catchy tunes have been enough to fill bar-rooms and concert halls from here to Vancouver, throughout the United States, Europe and even the Middle East. But a radio show in Kingston, Ontario, of all places is stretching the reach of our music even further.

The show, called Salt Water Music on Queen’s University’s CFRC, is hosted by Rob Carnell, a Newfoundlander by birth who has found his niche in the Ontario radio market by playing music to expatriates. What he didn’t expect was that his show would become popular, not just in Ontario, but around the globe.

“I’ve heard back from people listening all over the world. I’ve received email from the U.S., France, Japan and Australia,” says Carnell.

His Salt Water Music show was conceived almost by accident. While working at CFRC as a technical producer for Queen’s football games, he started going on air either during intermissions or after the game until the next show started.

“I was mostly reading sports or playing music,” he recalls. Then the time came for him to actually fill on the air for an hour. “I had an hour to play whatever I wanted. It was a Sunday night, Oscar night as a matter of fact. The weekend before that I had seen the news about Dermot O’Reilly’s passing, so that Sunday I scrambled and put together an hour of Ryan’s Fancy.”

By spring the station management asked Carnell to host a regular program. He mentioned he’d like the format to be all East Coast Canadian music. His reasoning?

“We always had that music in my house. I thought it would be nice to get some airplay in Ontario for those artists. In the 1980’s there was a radio show in Toronto that played music from Newfoundland. I thought there are many people in Ontario that would like to hear some music from home.”

The show is now in full swing and a summer fill-in program is a regular weekly fixture on CFRC. It airs Friday nights from 7:30pm to 9:30pm Newfoundland time. The station can also be heard online at http://www.cfrc.ca


Why did you want to do a radio show in Ontario featuring East Coast music?

I always tried to keep tabs on East Coast Music. I left Newfoundland at a young age and my family moved around Canada. My family always had some music from home with us. Remember listening to that growing up.

So I looked around and saw there wasn’t a lot of radio shows focusing just on East Coast music in Ontario. Since it was a genre I was familiar with I thought it might be an idea that could work well.

Was it difficult convincing the radio station to go with your format?

No, not at all. Since CFRC is a campus/community station they’re always looking for Canadian music to play. An hour of that type of music was right down their alley.

What was their reaction to what you wanted to do?

They liked the show, since it was a lot of music that they hadn’t heard before. It started out as fill-in show for the summer months in 2007. But the show was well received and I’ve been doing it every week since then.

Who are some of the NL artists you play?

In the first year I played over 120 artists from Atlantic Canada so it’s a long list. But ones I can name off the top of my head include Ian Foster, Teresa Ennis, Gulliver’s Spree, Great Big Sea, Ryan’s Fancy, Shanneyganock, Ron Hynes, Joe Belly & the Sin City Ramblers, The Idlers, Damhnait Doyle, Hey Rosetta!, Duane Andrews, Allison Crowe, Rawlins Cross, The Irish Descendants.

Where do you get the music?

A lot of it I find online. Either through an artist’s website or their MySpace page. Some email me MP3’s of their music or send along a CD of theirs. Then someone points out another musician I might be interested in. Start networking with people you talk to.

The station also gets new CD’s every week or two. I go through them and find artists from the East Coast. With that I have to sit down with a pile of CD’s and find out which ones are from Atlantic Canada. Little more time consuming but I always find some new artists that way that I hadn’t known before.

What has been the reaction by East Coast artists to your show?

Very positive. With the online feed it allows them to hear the show. More than a few of them tell me it’s been the first time they’ve heard their music played on the radio. That’s something I never expected. Someone from my home province saying I was the first person to play them on the radio.

What has been reaction from your listeners?

Great and far reaching. Heard from listeners who tune in every week to the show, or who listen to it online afterwards. They say they really enjoy the show. Gotten emails from one listener in Sydney, Australia. She’s not from Canada but listened one week for a specific band she liked. Became a regular listener ever since.

Are more and more East coast artists sending you their music for your show?

Yes, I’ve found more artists sending me their music. Having a MySpace page and blog for the radio show helps a lot. People who hear about the show can find out where to contact me fairly quickly.

Have you interviewed many of these artists for your show? (Who have you interviewed?)

I have done interviews with musicians over the phone. Ian Foster is the first one I ever did while he was on tour in Ottawa. Interviewed him again this past summer. Also spoke to Teresa Ennis earlier this year.

Who’s been the best interview to date? (Why?)

That would have to be Teresa Ennis. Main reason is the background before the interview.

My radio show was the first one anywhere to play her some of her solo work. I found some songs on her MySpace page in the summer of 2007. Emailed her about playing them that week on the show. I didn’t know she had just uploaded them that very week. So Teresa and her friends ended up listening online to the show when I played the music that week. That was a fun interview since I got to ask her about that night when she got to hear it for the first time on the radio.

How much did you know about East Coast music before you started the show?

I had a general knowledge of East Coast Music. But I’ve learned a lot about the depth of talent in each genre. Internet has made it much easier to find out more information. Even 10 years ago it would’ve been much harder to do a similar show.

Do you ever get the chance to meet these artists in person or hear them live?

This past summer in Toronto I went to see Allison Crowe and Ian Foster. Luckily both were playing on the same weekend. Was fun to see two people I’ve played on air come to Ontario for a few shows.

How do you stay on top of what’s happening in East Coast music?

I read online sources like magazines, newspapers or radio websites. Since I have satellite TV I do watch some local news broadcasts from Atlantic Canada. Always find some new artists mentioned on those.

Do you get the chance to visit NL often?

No, it’s been too long. Last time was 10 years ago. One of those things where I never thought it was a long time ago then I realized 10 years had passed.

What does your family think of your show?

They enjoy listening to the show. On Boxing Day my Mom phoned me to tell me my Aunt in Placentia was listening online. I was born in Placentia that was nice to hear.

What’s next for your show?

Looking to do more interviews with artists in 2009. I have two almost lined up so that’s a good start. Other than that I’m always looking to get the word out about the show. More listeners would mean more exposure for the musicians on the show.

Which NL artist would you most like to interview for your show?

That would have to be Denis Ryan or Fergus O’Byrne. 6 months before my first show I filled in for someone at the station. I had free reign to cover any topic. It was the week after Dermot O’Reilly passed away so I put together a tribute show to Ryan’s Fancy. So that ended up being a precursor to what my show became. So interviewing Denis or Fergus would be a great honour.

Feb. 13th Show

Just an hour this week but lots of music.  Had a new guy doing the pregame and intermission reports for the hockey game.  So I was showing him the ropes, which explains why you don’t hear me much during the hour. 🙂


Start off with The Dardanelles who I hadn’t played before. Group from St. John’s. Then some brand new music from Shanneyganock, who have a new CD coming out soon. Then back to 1996 with The Irish Descendants. End the hour with some of Ryan’s Fancy ‘Sea People’ Album. I’ll be interviewing Fergus for a future show so look out for that.

Newfoundland Herald Interview

Got some scans of the Newfoundland Herald interview from last week.

First I added them on Flickr.  I’ll type it out later on but this is how it looked in the magazine.



First time uploading pictures on the blog so I’ll see how it looks.  Here we go. Yes, it says BOB Carnell in the headline.  I’ve known Toni Marie for years and I can’t think of her calling me Bob once so it was funny to see that little typo.

Little surreal to see a picture of Toni Marie and myself on the same page.

They didn’t know this, but I was 5 feet from Ian Foster in his picture on Page 2.  It was taken last summer in Toronto.  It was at a gig Ian did at The Communist’s Daughter on a Sunday.  Was around 5pm so the sun helped make a good picture.

Newfoundland Herald Interview

Newfoundland Herald Interview

Newfoundland Herald

Newfoundland Herald

Jan. 9th Show


Mix of music this week. RA Lautenschlager, Greg Keelor performing with Cuff The Duke, Chillin Room and Maddison Avenue.


Local music of Craig McIntyre. Got a request from an online listener in Hawaii for a song by Green Light Go, a band from Honolulu. Finish off the show with music of Andrea Wittgens, Kevin Collins and Allison Crowe.