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Super Bowl Blog

I’d add a bunch of my own words but there’s not much need. I said here and on air, my grandmother has lived in Louisiana since the early 70’s.  You know I’m cheering for the Saints.  I’m picking them to win as well.
As of Saturday morning, 2 people both in British Columbia gave me their opinion.  First up Andrew Bucholtz who went to Queen’s.  He has a sports blog at the following address.


This year’s Super Bowl is an interesting clash in styles between the pass-heavy Colts’ offence (second in the league in passing yardage during the regular season, 32nd in rushing yardage) and the balanced Saints’ offence (fourth in passing yardage and sixth in rushing yardage).
For the Colts, Peyton Manning is playing at an incredible level despite an inexperienced cast of wide receivers, but the question is if that will be enough to overcome their lack of a rushing game. The Saints have a tremendous amount of offensive weapons, including Pierre Thomas, Reggie Bush, Devery Henderson and Robert Meachem, and their offence can be the most explosive in the league when it’s in gear, but it’s looked downright mediocre at times. One of those times came in the waning stages of the NFC Championship game against the Vikings, a game they might well have lost in regulation if not for a stupid 12-men-in-the-huddle penalty on Minnesota that set up an ill-advised Brett Favre throw and a crucial interception. Which version of the Saints’ offence shows up will go a long way towards deciding this one. Both defences are pretty even statistically, and neither is elite, but the Colts specialize in a conservative scheme that prevents big plays by the offence and the Saints prefer to gamble in the hopes of making big plays defensively.

The game could go either way, but I think the Saints’ balanced attack and playmaking defence will be enough to put them over the top.
Prediction: Saints 35, Colts 31

Joining Andrew is someone who didn’t go to Queen’s. But her husband Bart did join us on CFRC as a guest on ‘Offsides’ twice in 2009.  Jody Vance who is on the radio with Shore 104 in Vancouver these days.  Formerly of Sportsnet and LeafsTV.  She would’ve written more but she’s quite busy right now.  Her day job at the station, along with her young son Brady, starting a new daily show/segment called BC Barometer on Monday…. oh and that Winter Olympic thing that’s coming up.


When she had a weekly column in a Toronto newspaper a couple of Super Bowls ago she predicted Giants over Patriots in writing.  Lots of bragging rights with that one.
Jody’s short but sweet prediction for us?

“Peyton all the way.”

She was pulling for Brett Favre, though. That didn’t end well to say the least. lol.

To wrap it up some East Coast content.  Not confirmed but usually my friend Toni Marie does news updates during Super Bowl Sunday on NTV in St. John’s.  She’s not a football fan so doesn’t mind. Some people don’t watch the Super Bowl.  Rare but she’s one of them, ha ha.

They’re recovering from their snow storm.  On Facebook last night she said she can’t see her vehicle and that the snow is above her front door. Isn’t that nice?  And by the way this is her real account.


Someone wasn’t convinced last night because Toni was up late when she posted…… yes TV people can’t stay up late on a day off. Sheesh.

NFL Playoffs Week 2

Cowboys won a playoff game after 13 years and I didn’t have a blog up with my predictions last week.  I’m a Redskins fan but would’ve liked to write about it.  Reason for no blog last week was my midnight shift job, 3 CFRC sports broadcasts in 4 nights, along with my radio show and that the games started on Saturday.  I write the NFL blogs late on Saturday night when it’s quiet so that didn’t happen last week.

On Twitter I did pick Eagles, Patriots, Jets and Cardinals.  2-2 which is better than most did.  Crazy thing was last week I heard the amount of people betting on the Packers kept going up and up as the week went along.  Huh?  Thought they were pretty even but I gave Arizona the edge.  Nothing worth putting money on though.

This is where an American blogger would say “of course sports betting is illegal outside of Nevada” but we have ProLine in Canada.  Go to a local convenience store and fill out a ticket for what team you want and put some money down. Maximum of 100 bucks.  So it’s not crazy.

As for this weekend, I’m going with “4 C’s”.  When I wrote them down I noticed they all start with the letter “C”.

Cardinals over Saints. Never thought I’d call Arizona a “playoff tested” team but here we are after a run to the SuperBowl last year.  And they held off a valiant Packers team who kept fighting back.  Saints looked bad after the loss to Dallas.  No excuse for losing at home to Tampa Bay the following week.  New Orleans have seemed to peak in that Monday Night game against New England.  If the Superdome didn’t help them against the Bucs I think the Cards will win this game.

Colts over Ravens.  Back and forth on this one.  But key for me was Ravens QB Joe Flacco throwing for 34 yards last week in a win.  Really think Colts could lose this one but 34 yards is a number sticking in my head too much.

Cowboys over Vikings. Dallas got their first playoff win since the Clinton administration last Saturday.  They’ve played well over the last month, surprisingly.  Minnesota the opposite.  And I ignore their last game against the New York ‘rolling over and not trying’ Giants.

Chargers over Jets.  Matchup is a good one for the Jets.  San Diego can’t run well this year, NY defense stops the run.  NY is a good running team, SD can’t stop the run.  Comes down to the QB’s and I think Rivers will have enough for the win, but a close game.