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NaBloPoMo Day 3

Good thing I swung by the station Thursday morning. Didn’t realize the football game is 4:30pm on Saturday. Never done a playoff game with such a late kickoff. Richardson Stadium and a few others have no lights so they can’t do them. This game is in Hamilton which can have late starts. Easier for me with going to work at 11pm.

Not much going on tonight. Off work so watched TV all night. ABC World News Now, late night talk shows, some sports and saw a bit of Superman 2. Which has one of the most complicated behind the scenes histories. There are scenes where it jumps from footage shot by one director in 1977 to a different guy in 1979. And you can tell the difference easily. Go to Wikipedia, it is such a long story. I’d be here all night trying to explain it.

Back to watching TV, almost 5am.

September Update

Only one update for August seemed about right. Wasn’t much going on with the radio show, quiet end to summer. In a college town once Labour Day hits, summer is done. Queen’s students back in town and football broadcasts begin.

Couple of changes soon. Doing technical producer on the 1st two games then taking most of the season off. Might be back for that Friday night game in Toronto. But won’t be in the chair for the Saturday games. Was too much on my plate this fall.

As for the radio show on September 19th it will be back to the old 60 minute length. Still on Fridays around the same time 7-8pm. So we lose the first hour. Schedule crunch in the fall so that explains the change. Thought better to stay on same day then go to another timeslot. Program was an hour, the first year and a half, so it isn’t something that different. Can’t play 3-4 songs from a CD like I do in the 2 hour format, but that is the only major difference I can think of.

Could change again in winter or spring schedule. For now I’ll have a relaxing fall with going back to the old days. Starting out the show filling out an hour was tough when you are starting from scratch. Mentioned before that back in 2007 CFRC only had one Great Big Sea album. Have 3 now just to show how it’s increased.

After doing 2 hours for two years 60 minutes will seem easy. 🙂

NFL Picks : Carnell Knowledge Week 1

First up for sports fans is Offsides is returning to CFRC tomorrow afternoon at 4pm. Tyler King back in the chair and Neate Sager is our first guest back. Neate now runs the Junior Hockey blog for Yahoo Sports Canada. I’ll be doing my usual technical producer duties and getting the guests on the phone. So for those who used to listen that means the day has changed. Will air on Thursdays at 4pm as opposed to the old Friday slot.



Queen’s is 0-1 and the home opener is Sunday afternoon at 1pm. I will not be doing the game. After 4 full seasons of doing every game I’m taking some off this season. Ironically my work schedule is much easier in 2010, don’t have to work Fridays. I read this post again about the 2009 season and wonder how exactly I pulled that off for a full Vanier Cup run.


Back to the NFL picks, after a slow August on the blog. Did this last year so doing it again. Think we will stick with a name a listener in Connecticut gave in 2009. Cat gave the name to use on a radio segment or something along those lines. She came up with “Carnell Knowledge”. A good title especially since someone else came up with it. Lot of these “pick segments” on radio or tv have a title. But this one has a better pun. Makes you stop for at least a second.

Carnell Knowledge Week 1

Thinking of a new wrinkle this season. Might have other people pick the weekly winners as well against me. People I know through the radio show, Facebook, Twitter, etc. With the first week starting on a Thursday I’ll try that idea for Week 2. I’m not a big fan of the Thursday game myself. Friday night would make more sense for me.

Listed are the games, and after them the team I’m picking this week followed by whatever thoughts I have about the game.

This week starts early with the Thursday kickoff game which is…

Minnesota at New Orleans. SAINTS.

Rematch of the NFC Championship game or the “Favre gives the Minnesota fan base a stomach punch” game. Most memorable thing that night was working late that night and checking out blogs of Green Bay Packer fans. The joy from them was insane. Not surprising. Either Brett was going to lose in a heartbreaking end to a season or get to a Super Bowl. That’s a ‘feast or famine’ situation if you are a Green Bay fan.

As for this game I’m going with New Orleans. It’s last year’s Vikings but without Sidney Rice for a few weeks and Brett’s bum ankle of course.

Miami at Buffalo. DOLPHINS.

Preseasons aren’t always a good barometer. This year the Bills didn’t look horrible and Miami didn’t look great so I could see Buffalo winning. Week 1 is always weird. Strange things happen as it’s like when you went back to school after the summer. First week you’re getting back into the swing of things. In this case that means one team can be surprised quite easily. Still going for Miami since not much of a home field advantage for Buffalo in early September.

Detroit at Chicago. LIONS.

Picking Detroit to win a season opener in Chi-town. At least they have had the same QB and system from last season. Bears have Jay Cutler but Mike Martz on staff now so a different offense. See some growing pains there.

Oakland at Tennessee. TITANS.

Raiders do look like they might finally get up to mediocrity in 2010. That’s saying a lot for them. Jason Campbell at QB who always had a raw deal in Washington. I’m a Redskins fan and they changed things so much from year to year he never had a chance. I can see the Raiders getting better as the season goes along since their division sucks. But Titans will be too much for them right now.

Cincinnati at New England. PATRIOTS.

Battle of the QB’s with knee surgeries. Palmer has never been the same since that Steelers playoff game. Brady had a good year last year and threw for over 4000 yards. Most people don’t view it like that. Playoff loss against the Ravens was a bad one however not enough to make me think the Patriots are done.

Carolina at New York Giants. GIANTS.

A game I will not be watching, unless I want to see the new stadium.

Atlanta at Pittsburgh. FALCONS.

Falcons over the backup QB. Like how people are saying Big Ben has behaved himself. A few months without bringing a college girl into some dingy bathroom and have a guy block the doorway. What an outstanding citizen. Golf clap from everyone.

Cleveland at Tampa Bay. Ugh [Part 1], I mean BROWNS.

Jake Delhomme is getting more money this season then Tom Brady and Peyton Manning COMBINED. Wrap your head around that. A little over $19 million for Jake.

Denver at Jacksonville. BRONCOS.

With Tebow being a Bronco it will seem like a Denver home game even if he doesn’t play a down.  I don’t see him being a great QB but why Jacksonville didn’t draft him is head scratching.  Most famous QB in Florida would help sell tickets and merchandise for a team no one cares about.  That’s not anything about how good the teams are. I just don’t have much of an opinion on either one.  Word I can come up with is “middling”.

Indianapolis at Houston. TEXANS.

If Houston is finally going to make the playoffs this is the game they better win. A chance to knock off the Colts at home. They’ve had the chance before and choked it away. Sage Rosenfels decided he was a hurdler and jump in the air while they had a lead near the end of a game. And he’s a QB by the way. Saw this game live on TV.  Shook my head a few times as the Texans blew another one.


Move onto the 4pm games.

San Francisco at Seattle. Ugh [Part 2], 49ERS.

Not buying San Fran and Seattle is rebuilding with a lot of young guys.

Green Bay at Philadelphia. PACKERS.

Green Bay offense is running on all cylinders so they should overrun the new look Eagles.

Arizona at St. Louis. Ugh [Part 3], CARDINALS.

Maybe it will be a tie. Arizona was a playoff team with Kurt ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Warner now they’re dropped off a cliff. The Rams are the Rams.  Nuff said.

Dallas at Washington, Sunday Night. COWBOYS.

McNabb playing? Probably but you never know. Even if he is I’d say Dallas has his number after the end to last year. Which ended my 13 year running joke of Dallas not winning a playoff game.  Thanks Donovan.

2 Monday Night games, Baltimore at New York Jets. RAVENS.

Early pick for the most overrated team during the offseason in a long time is the Jets. Playoff run consisted of Jets beating the Bengals, the exact same team who gave up in Week 17 against NY which got them into the playoffs. Then defeating San Diego who are the San Jose Sharks of the NFL. Chargers/Sharks always lose earlier than predicted. It’s a way of life with those Californian teams. Speaking of SD they play the late game on Monday.

San Diego at Kansas City. CHARGERS.

However the late Monday game was weird last year. Raiders looked good in it last year and almost beat the Chargers. San Diego might be half-asleep to start a season again.

So the longest blog post in a few months.  ‘Offsides’ Thursday at 4pm, ‘Salt Water Music’ Friday at 6pm and ‘Queen’s Football’ Sunday at 1pm.

Links to all interviews from 2009

Time for a blog entry with all the interviews from 2009.  One of those things where I knew there was a few but once I added them up it got to be a longer list than I though. [Added Allison Crowe which got lost in all the copy and paste I was doing]

Thanks to all those who gave time to be interviewed for the show in 2009. Time to go “Romper Room” and say thanks to Sora, Fergus, Ray, Andrea, Melanie, Tim, Melissa, Bryan, Ian, Toni Marie, Robin, Allison, Neate, Laurie, Gerry and Kirsten.  Whew.  Close to 18 hours of radio here so many weeks worth of listening if you missed some of them.

Sora on her latest CD and her music for this episode.


Fergus O’Byrne from the legendary Newfoundland group Ryan’s Fancy joins the show.



Ray Johnson from Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers before their tour stop in Kingston.


Andrea Wittgens, the first Queen’s graduate to join the show.  Originally from Antigonish, NS and currently living in Seattle.



Melanie Samson a singer/songwriter from Newfoundland who sings in English and French.  And she’s also a schoolteacher and we discuss that and her experience at the ECMA’s.


Tim Baker from Hey Rosetta! in an interview where he was walking around Toronto on a day off on his cellphone.  Put together at the last minute before they came to Kingston last spring but it worked out well.


Melissa DiMarco from Out There before an episode where she visited Nova Scotia.


Bryan Page from Faded Blue on the 2 year anniversary show of the radio show.  Interview was done live during the show as opposed to the usual taped scenario.


Ian Foster joined the program for the 3rd time before his 2009 tour.  This time he drove from Newfoundland to Ontario, then flew to British Columbia for some dates.



Toni-Marie Wiseman from NTV who interviewed me for the Newfoundland Herald and helped get the Fergus O’Byrne interview.  We talk about how she started out in radio and then moved to TV.  Cover a lot of topics including her favorite songs.



Allison Crowe and her music for 2 hours.


Neate Sager on the Queen’s Golden Gaels Vanier Cup run.


Robin Meade from HLN’s Morning Express joined the show during her book tour.  Day we taped it she was doing a book signing that night in her native Ohio.


Two Olympic torchbearers from the Kingston area, Laurie Walker and Rev. Gerry Moore. Then with Kirsten Mihailides from the Coca-Cola side of the Torch relay organizers.


Thanks again to all those who joined the show during 2009.  Going to be hard to top that list of guests in 2010, but I’ll see who I can bring to the airwaves.

Queen’s Hockey tonight at 7:30pm against RMC.  Friday the show will be a bit shorter due to another hockey game at 7:30pm followed by Queen’s Basketball Saturday at 8pm.  Busy week of University sports on the station.

Winter 2010 CFRC Sports Schedule

Back on air Friday with the first show of 2010.  Plan to do a bit of a year in review for 2009 but not completely sure.  Worked over Christmas so this is my 4 day stretch of not working.  So trying to relax and do as little as possible.  I said on Christmas that I thought I had too many interviews to cram into 2 hours and that’s true.  I’ll write a long blog post later in the week with links to the interviews from 2009.  Lot of them.

Christmas went well when I had some time off.  Working Christmas Night a bit longer than usual from 10pm-7am.  Which messed up the holiday more than I thought.  You have to get some sleep on the 25th and then on Boxing Day you’re too tired to go out and do anything.  Oh well.  But I have New Year’s Eve off.  Whew.

Just got the revised 2010 CFRC Queen’s Hockey/Basketball schedule.  Going to have a couple of busy weeks ahead of me in the new year.

Queen’s Vs. RMC. Wednesday January 6th, Kingston Memorial Centre @ 7:30pm

Queen’s Vs. U of T. Friday January 8th, Kingston Memorial Centre @ 7:30pm

Queen’s Vs. Nipissing. Friday January 15th, Kingston Memorial Centre @ 7:30pm

Queen’s Vs. RMC. Wednesday January 20th, Constantine Arena @ 7:30pm

Queen’s Vs. RMC. Thursday February 4th, Kingston Memorial Centre @ 7:30pm

Queen’s Vs. Ryerson. Wednesday February 10th, Kingston Memorial Centre @ 7:30pm

Queen’s Vs. Ryerson. Saturday January 9th, Kingston PEC @ 8:00 PM

Queen’s Vs. Carleton. Friday January 22nd, Ottawa @ 8:00 PM

Queen’s Vs. Ottawa. Saturday January 23rd, Ottawa @ 8:00 PM

Queen’s Vs. York. Saturday January 30th, Kingston PEC @ 8:00 PM

With the hockey and basketball broadcasts this Friday will be the last full 2 hour episode till January 29th.

December 4th Episode

Both hours from Friday night are now online.


Hour 1 with brand new music from Teresa Ennis’ CD Stars.  Then Amelia Curran’s album which is up for some ECMA awards.  Including a song called The Mistress, which made for an obvious Tiger Woods reference.  End the hour with some songs from Jenn Grant’s recent concert in Kingston.


Hour 2 we move to pop/rock side of things with In Flight Safety and Hey Rosetta!.  End the hour with a chat with Neate Sager about the Queen’s Golden Gaels Vanier Cup winning season.

Monday Wrap-up

Only caught the end of the Grey Cup, but that was the only part that mattered.  I will copy my Facebook status.

“As a Bruins fan I’d like to welcome the Saskatchewan Roughriders to the “too many men penalty against Montreal in a big playoff game” club. After 30 years we have company.”

Got to sleep later than usual so when I got up Montreal had won and I heard about how they won. Luckily had TSN on the PVR and rewound it.  Damn.  Talk about a game where the losing team really did give away the victory.

I forgot earlier to mention Mike Giffin is on the Montreal roster.  He didn’t play last week with an injury and was questionable for the Grey Cup.  So either was Queen’s was going to have an alumni on the winning side.

TSN’s technical problems continued.  As I watched TSN The Reporters Sunday morning I saw a graphic for the TV schedule that afternoon.

“2009 Grey Cup : Blue Jays vs Tigers”

Wow.  And to make sure I didn’t imagine that with my lack of sleep Chris Zelkovich saw it as well.


Another columnist at The Toronto Star mentioned missed plays by the cameramen and announcers as well during the Vanier Cup.


TSN pushed the blame for the Vanier Cup errors.  So it was fitting that graphic thing happened to show the last 2 weekends of errors were not just someone else’s fault.

If you are “Canada’s Sports Leader” then stop making excuses.  They had too much coverage on the weekend for their resources it came back to bit them. Queen’s/Calgary suffered as I heard the halftime show was spent on the Grey Cup.  How about talking about the game at hand?

Let’s hope these problems don’t come up at the Olympics.  If they can’t handle Queen’s/Calgary properly I’m not hopeful for all the sports they have to help cover.

The Score had much better coverage this season when they were handling CIS Football.  They are 3rd place among the sport stations and games on The Score didn’t have all those technical issues.

Other blogs about the Vanier Cup.



By the way, it is still stupid the Grey Cup is only available on cable TV now.  Should be TSN doing the game for CTV so more Canadians can watch.  Last year I found out the contract between TSN and the CFL does not allow that. Not everyone has cable/satellite.  I still read about many fans who can’t watch the game across the country.

Now we’re in the situation where the SuperBowl is on CTV but you have to have pay to watch the Grey Cup.  Slightly backwards.