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Links to all interviews from 2009

Time for a blog entry with all the interviews from 2009.  One of those things where I knew there was a few but once I added them up it got to be a longer list than I though. [Added Allison Crowe which got lost in all the copy and paste I was doing]

Thanks to all those who gave time to be interviewed for the show in 2009. Time to go “Romper Room” and say thanks to Sora, Fergus, Ray, Andrea, Melanie, Tim, Melissa, Bryan, Ian, Toni Marie, Robin, Allison, Neate, Laurie, Gerry and Kirsten.  Whew.  Close to 18 hours of radio here so many weeks worth of listening if you missed some of them.

Sora on her latest CD and her music for this episode.


Fergus O’Byrne from the legendary Newfoundland group Ryan’s Fancy joins the show.



Ray Johnson from Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers before their tour stop in Kingston.


Andrea Wittgens, the first Queen’s graduate to join the show.  Originally from Antigonish, NS and currently living in Seattle.



Melanie Samson a singer/songwriter from Newfoundland who sings in English and French.  And she’s also a schoolteacher and we discuss that and her experience at the ECMA’s.


Tim Baker from Hey Rosetta! in an interview where he was walking around Toronto on a day off on his cellphone.  Put together at the last minute before they came to Kingston last spring but it worked out well.


Melissa DiMarco from Out There before an episode where she visited Nova Scotia.


Bryan Page from Faded Blue on the 2 year anniversary show of the radio show.  Interview was done live during the show as opposed to the usual taped scenario.


Ian Foster joined the program for the 3rd time before his 2009 tour.  This time he drove from Newfoundland to Ontario, then flew to British Columbia for some dates.



Toni-Marie Wiseman from NTV who interviewed me for the Newfoundland Herald and helped get the Fergus O’Byrne interview.  We talk about how she started out in radio and then moved to TV.  Cover a lot of topics including her favorite songs.



Allison Crowe and her music for 2 hours.


Neate Sager on the Queen’s Golden Gaels Vanier Cup run.


Robin Meade from HLN’s Morning Express joined the show during her book tour.  Day we taped it she was doing a book signing that night in her native Ohio.


Two Olympic torchbearers from the Kingston area, Laurie Walker and Rev. Gerry Moore. Then with Kirsten Mihailides from the Coca-Cola side of the Torch relay organizers.


Thanks again to all those who joined the show during 2009.  Going to be hard to top that list of guests in 2010, but I’ll see who I can bring to the airwaves.

Queen’s Hockey tonight at 7:30pm against RMC.  Friday the show will be a bit shorter due to another hockey game at 7:30pm followed by Queen’s Basketball Saturday at 8pm.  Busy week of University sports on the station.

Winter 2010 CFRC Sports Schedule

Back on air Friday with the first show of 2010.  Plan to do a bit of a year in review for 2009 but not completely sure.  Worked over Christmas so this is my 4 day stretch of not working.  So trying to relax and do as little as possible.  I said on Christmas that I thought I had too many interviews to cram into 2 hours and that’s true.  I’ll write a long blog post later in the week with links to the interviews from 2009.  Lot of them.

Christmas went well when I had some time off.  Working Christmas Night a bit longer than usual from 10pm-7am.  Which messed up the holiday more than I thought.  You have to get some sleep on the 25th and then on Boxing Day you’re too tired to go out and do anything.  Oh well.  But I have New Year’s Eve off.  Whew.

Just got the revised 2010 CFRC Queen’s Hockey/Basketball schedule.  Going to have a couple of busy weeks ahead of me in the new year.

Queen’s Vs. RMC. Wednesday January 6th, Kingston Memorial Centre @ 7:30pm

Queen’s Vs. U of T. Friday January 8th, Kingston Memorial Centre @ 7:30pm

Queen’s Vs. Nipissing. Friday January 15th, Kingston Memorial Centre @ 7:30pm

Queen’s Vs. RMC. Wednesday January 20th, Constantine Arena @ 7:30pm

Queen’s Vs. RMC. Thursday February 4th, Kingston Memorial Centre @ 7:30pm

Queen’s Vs. Ryerson. Wednesday February 10th, Kingston Memorial Centre @ 7:30pm

Queen’s Vs. Ryerson. Saturday January 9th, Kingston PEC @ 8:00 PM

Queen’s Vs. Carleton. Friday January 22nd, Ottawa @ 8:00 PM

Queen’s Vs. Ottawa. Saturday January 23rd, Ottawa @ 8:00 PM

Queen’s Vs. York. Saturday January 30th, Kingston PEC @ 8:00 PM

With the hockey and basketball broadcasts this Friday will be the last full 2 hour episode till January 29th.

Tuesday Update

Almost wrote that it was Monday Update, but it 1:30am.

Some things to start working on over the next day or two.  Uploading the Thanksgiving episode with the Robin Meade interview.  And start putting some more work into the NTV/Rogers Facebook group.  Keep seeing hits coming in to this blog about it so we’ll see where to go from here.

Congrats to Tyler King on getting a bursary award from Sports Media Canada. Worked with Tyler on CFRC Sports broadcast and Offsides until this past June when he left for Syracuse.  Here’s the link.

One funny thing in the article about the other winner.  Mentions how her name is different than most, but then the same article has THREE different spellings of what it is.  Oops.


2009 Student Award

Tyler King & Jessilou Tongio

In 2009 two students receive a Bursary Award. Tyler King of Bath, Ontario, just graduated from Queen’s University will work on a Masters Degree at Syracuse U and Jesilour Tongio continues her Journalism studies at Ryerson.

After graduating from Queen’s University, King already had a well-rounded resume. He hosted his own weekly sports talk show for the campus radio station, earned a multi-year gig as the school’s hockey and basketball play-by-play commentator and covered the Kingston Frontenacs as a TV feature reporter and backup host of The OHL Tonight.

Hoping to gain an edge in the job market, the Toronto native is now completing a Master’s degree in broadcast journalism at Syracuse University. “The guy is very good,” notes Toronto Sun TV critic and former NBA reporter Bill Harris after reviewing King’s demos. “He’s calm … better than a lot of guys working professionally today that I’ve seen … I say show him the money!”

For years, Jesilou Tongio worried that her given name wasn’t suited to a byline. “I hated that Microsoft Word always underlined it with a red squiggle as if it was a typo. And it got to me that female sportscasters all had names like Jennifer, Sara and Holly,” she says.

But Tongio, 20, learned to care less about those things and more about what feels right. Basketball and hockey features – on camera and in print – ensued. “It’s all prep work,” she says, for a seminal moment in her dream career – a double-digit drama for which Toronto hockey fans have waited decades.

A life-long NHL enthusiast, Tongio, 20, plans to be on the sidelines, as a reporter, when the Stanley-Cup starved Maple Leafs finally turn 13 into 14.

I would have corrected her name but I don’t know which one is right.  🙂

Queen’s Hockey on CFRC is starting up again.  So the show will have a few times where it’s cut down to an hour or so.  I’ll pass along details closer to those dates.