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Queen’s Football today at 4:30pm

Continue with the daily posts for November, or an attempt to. Later today Queen’s vs McMaster in OUA playoff action. Note the later than usual start time. This is either my 5th or 6th season doing it, never had a playoff game after 1pm.

Queen’s Gaels Football team takes on the McMaster Marauders in a Semi-Final game this Saturday, November 5 at 4:30pm.
Tune in at 4:20pm for the Pre-Game show and game play-by-play coverage with Chris Lund and Gord Randall.

Main reason for no late kickoffs most of the time is Richardson Stadium has no lights so they can’t. Other stadiums are similar. Vanier Cup in Quebec took place at noon I recall. Just making sure if there was an overtime they would’nt have an issue with darkness.

Canada Day/NBL Meeting/Congrats

Got home after the penultimate edition of Offsides and I have to update this post. Why?

“BREAKING NEWS: The ownership group originally looking to bring professional basketball to Kingston, Ontario was unable to come to an agreement with their city for the 2011-12 season. The ownership group and league President & CEO, Andre Levingston, are in serious negotiations to bring the franchise to Moncton, New Brunswick as we type this.”

Well, that’s a great way to end the month.  Just when I think the city might have their act together with the K-Rock Centre.  This happens.  Fronts, by their own admission, in rebuilding mode which means not great crowds.  So you’d think another tenant would help.  Apparently not.  Tomorrow being a holiday I don’t expect much of an update till Monday.  Maybe Saturday’s Whig-Standard depending on things.  Back to the regularly scheduled post from this morning.

Back in the chair on Friday. Going with my original plan for 2 hours of Hey Rosetta! with them being part of the Canada Day Tragically Hip show in Toronto. For those of us who can’t make it.

Probably sticking with more rare stuff. They just released for free some live tracks you can download from a recording session at The Verge in Toronto. Recently got the original EP they put out in 2005 which you can’t find anywhere. Even CFRC doesn’t have this and they have the original printing of ‘Plan Your Escape’. Look forward to that on Friday. I will upload that show too [which I haven’t done in a while].

Was writing a blog on a variety of topics which I will post next week. With the NBL Canada Owners meeting I thought I should write an update on that. Especially with Canada Day tomorrow. These were posted on Twitter and Facebook at the following links.


Owner’s Meeting Voting Results, June 29, 2011

• Established active team rosters of a minimum of ten players and a maximum of twelve.

• Established the minimum number of Canadian players on active rosters at two per team.

• The National Basketball League of Canada will play under FIBA rules, but with 12-minute quarters.

• The number of regular season games is set at 36, with each team playing each other during three home and three away games.

• Established the playoff format to consist of the top four teams based on their regular season record. The first round of playoffs will be a best of three series, with the championship round being a best of five.

• Voted on holding the inaugural NBL Canada All Star Weekend in mid-January 2012, and establishing a process for cities to bid on hosting.

• Returning franchises will be permitted to submit a protected list to the league of five players from the previously established teams.

• The NBL Canada Pre-Draft Combine will be held on August 20 and 21, 2011, at Seneca College in Toronto. The first day will be a free agent combine, while the second day will for Canadian players only.

• On the night of Sunday, August 21, 2011, the NBL Draft will be held at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. The Draft will consist of three rounds: the first being a free agent player, while the second and third rounds will be for Canadian players only. All draft candidates must pre-register and attend the combine that pertains to their status to be drafted.

• The order of the NBL Draft 2011 was established by lottery for the four expansion teams, followed by the reverse order of the founding teams last season records. The official draft order will be released when 2011-12 NBL teams are formally announced.

Also mentioned was Maurizio Gherardini, VP and Assistant GM of the Toronto Raptors, stopped by the meeting. He was also involved in starting the Euro League.

The franchises will be announced in 2 weeks but as of now it looks like Oshawa, Kingston, London and a team from PEI would join Quebec, Saint John and Halifax. Talk of expanding in 2012-13. If you read the earlier posts you will remember interest from Moncton, Fredericton and Barrie. To me sounded just a matter of a tight schedule for some of those places.

Here in Kingston we are lucky in that we have an arena that is only 3 years old. And only permanent tenant is the Frontenacs. Reduces the facility headaches. Majority of OHL schedule are Friday night games.

Now time for a few well wishes.

Congrats to CFRC Alumni Julie Stewart-Binks on her move to Winnipeg. She’ll be part of Fox Soccer Report which is made in that city. Now she gets to be there when the Jets return this fall. And remember the Jets will be in the Eastern Conference this season since they didn’t have time to realign things. Visits from the Bruins, Leafs, Habs, Penguins, Captials, etc. Tickets might be hard to get, but not as hard as getting Leaf tickets are. I would think. Good luck Julie, not that she needs it.


Finally a congrats to Tyler King who is leaving Kingston soon. Radio job in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Full time news and gets to call junior hockey. Does mean my helping out on ‘Offsides’ Thursday afternoons will come to an end. Tyler called Voyageurs games this past season and worked at CKWS in town along with the CFRC show. So I think the year will be less busy for him. Matt Bisson is now in Edmonton and the computers were acting up a few weeks ago. On Twitter I used a joke about Queen’s Football that works for Tyler too ‘could be worse, at least you don’t have a blown out tire on the 401’. I will explain that comment another time. 🙂


And yes Fort Mac. ‘Little Newfoundland’ as I have joked. Which isn’t really a joke if you know that town any. Just look on WikiTravel about the place.


“The Fort McMurray Newfoundlanders Club – A very popular spot with the locals. All kinds of music are played here. Club mix, country, rock, and yes, Newfie music. Be sure that if you’re going to show up on a Friday or Saturday night, come early, as this place fills up quickly.”

Realized this week there is a streak of Western Provinces grabbing CFRC people I’ve worked with since I’ve been here. Tyler, Matt and Julie the latest ones. First year I started helping out Richard Zussman was wrapping up his work on the football broadcasts. He went to CityTV in Edmonton then onto SunTV in Vancouver. Guess the West is getting bigger every year.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy the long weekend.

August Update

Just realized no updates on the blog since July.  Summer flying by.

Since I haven’t been on air since it happened, a quick congratulations to Toni Marie Wiseman and Kenny Butler on the birth of their daughter Grace.  She was born on Saturday August 7 at 12:20am. Weighed 8lbs 2 ounces and has a full head of brown hair.  I interviewed Toni Marie last July so a lot has changed in a year.  If you are a viewer of NTV it will be a few more months till you see her back on TV.

Last week the show was a rerun while I was in Toronto and that’s also the plan for this Friday.  Get a bit of a break for yours truly as September is when things ramp up at the station.

Queen’s Football back on CFRC and earlier than usual. With the Waterloo Warriors steroid scandal and subsequent canceling of their football season that caused some scheduling headaches.  After all was said and done Queen’s will open up the season on Tuesday night, August 31st.  Road game in Hamilton against MacMaster.  Originally I mentioned on the show it was a Sept. 1st afternoon game but that got pushed up a day.

Each OUA team gets a Bye Week this season.  The Golden Gaels get Labour Day off.  First home game is a Sunday, keep that in mind if you want to go or listen on the radio.  After that we are back to the usual Saturday at 1pm starts for the rest of the year.

Tue. 8/31/2010
7:00 pm McMaster University

Mon. 9/6/2010 BYE WEEK

Sun. 9/12/2010
1:00 pm University of Windsor HOME GAME

Sat. 9/18/2010
1:00 pm University of Guelph

Sat. 9/25/2010
1:00 pm University of Ottawa HOME GAME

Sat. 10/2/2010
1:00 pm Western

Sat. 10/9/2010
1:00 pm University of Toronto HOME GAME

Sat. 10/16/2010
1:00 pm Wilfrid Laurier

Sat. 10/23/2010
1:00 pm York University HOME GAME

After working on every football broadcast over 4 seasons I’ll be reducing my work load.  Taking some games off this year.  Think I’ll finally have a chance to see the team play at the stadium. When you are the one at the station for 4 years during games, that pretty much eliminates a chance to witness a game in person.

Yates Cup/Plan for Friday

Queen’s won Saturday afternoon by a score of 32-6 against McMaster.  Most obvious reason is 8 turnovers by Mac.  You better win a game when that happens.  All of those touchdowns were direct results of the turnovers and short field position.  So the score doesn’t indicate the whole story.  Offense wasn’t as good as it has been as Brannagan threw for 161 yards.  Quite low for him but he didn’t make the mistakes Mac did.  With the Queen’s running game and defense that was more than enough for a win.  Need to play better against Western next week though.

Bit of misleading trivia coming out of this, already seen “Queen’s hosting the Yates cup for first time since 1978”.  Technically true, but part of the reason is Queen’s joined up the Ontario-Quebec Conference in 1980. They played for a different championship for the next 2 decades.  The Golden Gaels hosted the Dunsmore Cup in 1997, but that doesn’t sound as good as 1978.

1pm kickoff next Saturday on CFRC and on The Score.  Or catch the game in person in Kingston.  Did you see the crowd?  Or should I say lack of a big crowd.  Less than 2,500 for a playoff game is disappointing.  Weather was nice and sunny so can’t use the weather excuse.

Mac got a bit of revenge as the basketball team won Saturday night on CFRC.  My streak of working on every live sports broadcast since I started in 2006 came to an end.  Bound to happen with the increase of games this year and my work schedule.  I’ll give out the schedule for hockey and basketball for everyone.  Basketball isn’t on the CFRC website right now so this is the only place to read them right now.

11/11/2009 7:30 PM Royal Military College of Canada
11/14/2009 2:30 PM Toronto (women’s Hockey)
11/28/2009 8:00 PM Concordia University
12/5/2009 7:00 PM at University of Ottawa
1/6/2010 7:30 PM Royal Military College of Canada
1/8/2010 7:30 PM Toronto
1/20/2010 7:30 PM at Royal Military College of Canada
1/29/2010 7:30 PM at University of Toronto
1/30/2010 2:30 PM UOIT (women’s hockey)
2/4/2010 7:30 PM Royal Military College of Canada -Kingston, Ont.
With the possibility of playoffs from 2/17 to 3/15 all taking place in Kingston at the Memorial centre.
11/27/2009 8:00 PM Guelph
1/9/2010 8:00 PM Ryerson
1/22/2010 8:00 PM at Carleton
1/23/2010 8:00 PM at University of Ottawa
1/30/2010 8:00 PM York
2/12/2010 8:00 PM University of Ottawa
2/13/2010 8:00 PM Carleton

2010 is getting close.

Quick version of NFL picks since work was quite busy on Saturday night.  Made the picks on Friday night’s show, but I can’t remember if everyone is the same.

Falcons, Bears, Ravens, Colts, Jags, Pats, Packers, Saints, Seahawks, Giants, 49ers, Cowboys and Steelers.

Think for Friday I’ll re-air the show with Toni Marie Wiseman.  It did air in July when a lot of people in the Kingston area might have missed it.  Summer is a slower time at the station and this Friday is the day she’ll be running with the Olympic Torch in St. John’s.  It makes sense to play that show again this week.

Will be taping a new voiceover for it.  Can talk about the feedback for it this past summer and a few other things.

Sunday Update

Hope everyone is enjoying Labour Day Weekend, unless you are like me and working.  Then you don’t really care about a 3 day weekend. 🙂

Queen’s Football on Monday afternoon, kickoff at 2pm.  Regular season begins as Guelph travels to Kingston.  Should be a good game, better than the UofT one last Monday.

Facebook group is slowing coming along.  11 members but since I started it right before a long weekend I’m not expecting the numbers to rise too quickly.


Some familiar names.  Jennie Pardy, from Nova Scotia who I have played before on the show.  One of the first musicians I found the first summer of doing the show.

Brent MacLean from The Lever Pulled and Toni Marie are also on there.  Along with ‘Airchecker’, friend from Twitter and Facebook.


He or she, started the account a few months ago.  Billed as “Canada’s number one source for the Canadian Radio Industry” they have had a tonne of great updates.  Protected updates on Twitter so you can’t see them right away.

Airchecker is in Vancouver and from what I’ve gathered is VERY knowledgeable about the radio industry.  Stays anonymous but that makes sense when you are getting news tips from people across the country.

Back to my program, I fell a bit behind on uploading the last episode of August.  So I’ll have to put that up, along with the one this past Friday.  Won’t be up till Monday.  But I haven’t forgotten about it.

Mid-Week Links

Weather co-operated so the Regatta is going on today. First up today a link to another blogger originally from Newfoundland.  Nadine’s blog is called ‘Missing the Rock’.


“I am one of the many Newfoundlanders living and working away from The Rock, and I miss it dearly. Home is a constant image in my mind, even though I haven’t lived there in over 9 years.

There is something about the Island that seeps into your soul, and never allows you to truly leave. It makes life away difficult. Lonely. But, I, like so many others make the best of it. I married my best friend, I have a sweet little boy, and a job I enjoy (ok maybe enjoy is a bit of a strong word).

So in many ways I have been very lucky. This blog is for anyone out there who longs for home, and far flung family and friends. I tend to prefer more interactive elements of the internet- and so I encourge you to leave a comment, or two. Let’s have a conversation.”

Add that to your bookmarks or Blogreader.  Great posts on there.  Nadine is part of the NL Blogroll which I just found.  Now here is a LOT of Newfoundland blogs.  Too many to even start with a list.


Over to sports with The CIS Blog.  CIS is the name for Canadian University Sports.  Used to be called the CIAU but they changed that a few years ago.  Bit of news from my Twitter account on there.

Matt Bisson sent me a message on Facebook that we are doing the preseason game on the radio.  Which I didn’t know about so I passed it along on Twitter last night.  Queen’s is traveling to Toronto for a game Monday, August 31st with a 7pm kickoff .  In a way that’s a bit of Monday Night Football on CFRC.


Back to the CIS Blog, Neate Sager is one of the editors there.  Former contributor to Offsides on CFRC.  Or should the wording be, contributor to a “former” sports show on the station.  Hmmm. Either way he also has the Out of Left Field blog as well.


Staying with Queen’s Football, one of its newest members is on Twitter and has a blog.  Shomari Williams transfered from the University of Houston to Queen’s this year.  Nice to see one of the Gaels online.

Would’ve linked to Shomari anyway, but he’s a fellow Washington Redskins fan.  A good reason to put it up as quickly as I can. 🙂



Finally a friend from high school has started a blog.  Found Mellowdee Krieger Cliffe on Facebook before my radio show started.  She told me about a script for a film she was working on.  2 years later it’s getting closer to reality.  I’ll grab a paragraph from her first blog post about it.  Her blog is called ‘Mellowdee’s Mindclutter’.

“Part of the reason I decided to start this ‘public’ blog is because some friends n’ family have suggested that it might be a neat idea to record this period of our lives.

For those I haven’t told yet, our script has entered ‘development’ – the first phase towards making it into a film for theatrical release. So yeah, it might be fun to write about this whole process, because I honestly don’t know what to expect on this journey into film and writing.”


All right I think that’s it for today.  Busy post for mid-week.

I worked all long weekend, so I have today off.  Get to watch the Regatta coverage on NTV today.  Hope the weather stays nice.