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April 17th Show/23 Hours

Trying to recover from being awake for 23 hours yesterday.

Up at 5:30am for work, then go to CFRC around 5pm.  Radio show over at 8pm.

Met some of the band while doing sound check at 8:30.  Got bite to eat then back to Grad Club.  Show started little after 10:30pm and finished up after 1am.

Walked for about 15 minutes to a coffee shop to call a cab and got home 1:45am.  Watched last half of the new episode of “Out There” on CITYTV Vancouver.

Get some food and it’s 2:30 am.  But if you’ve worked nights or anything you know you still need time to wind down.  So I watched Russell Crowe on Letterman, CBS Seattle.

At almost 4am and decided to put on the radio.  CFRC programming from 2-7am are rebroadcasts from the previous day.  So for example Offsides which airs at 4pm, comes on again at 4am.  Sure enough, heard Tyler again at 4am.

So I think I would’ve come on again at 6am with the hour of Hey Rosetta!, but thankfully I was asleep by then.

Onto last night’s program.


Interview with Tim Baker of Hey Rosetta!, and songs from their CD which I’ll give the entire title here. “Into Your Lungs (and around in your heart and on through your blood)” for the entire hour.


Start off the hour with Jenn Grant, from her new CD ‘Echoes’. Then 20 minutes of live music from Teresa Ennis. She performed live on the radio during ECMA weekend. More live tracks from Blue Rodeo’s Daze in America EP.

End the hour with one more song from Hey Rosetta! who played Kingston later that night. Great concert. Opening act had to cancel so the band opened for themselves doing a 45 minute acoustic set. Still got their full set after a 10 minute break.

Friday Update

I’ll open the show with Mark Frost’s song ‘Fall Into the Ocean’ about the helicopter crash.  Sure many people reading this already listened to it after I put up a link for it, but it’s good to let the radio listeners get to hear it.

Interview with Andrea Wittgens airs tonight.  After the editing it runs 35 minutes since we covered a lot of topics.  Divided it up into sections, as usual.  So I’ll play her CD during the interview.

Andrea is the first Queen’s Alumni I’ve had on the show.  She’s from Antigonish, Nova Scotia then came to Queen’s and took French and Music.  She then moved to Seattle where she still resides.   So we talked about that, then we talked about her music.

Tonight I have that an I’ll play her CD ‘In the Skyline’ in it’s entirety.  I have some songs from a previous EP as well I think I’ll play.

Thanks to Brent Maclean for sending me the new CD by The Lever Pulled.  I’ve played their music before but it’s nice to have a hard copy of it.  Won’t have much time tonight so I’ll play some of it on next week’s show.

Another quick thanks to Kimberly Sinclair for sending me some new discs as well.  Ryan Neilson, Remedy and Francis Arsenault.  And a couple more on the way.  Same story, next week.  Kim is a fan of Andrea so I’m sure she won’t mind waiting a week. 🙂

As for TV tonight.  March Madness for sports fans, I should get home to see the end of the 7pm tip off games.  They’ll end around 9:30pm.

Which means I’ll take a break and watch Out There with Melissa DiMarco on CITY-TV at 10pm.  Last week the episode on poker was fun.  I thought an actor was playing an editor on the show.  Found last night on a message board that he really is an editor who works on the show and plays poker.  Who knew?

Basketball games go late into the night, past midnight.  So if you’re a fan of Letterman or Craig Ferguson you’ll have to stay up later than usual.  Craig’s a rerun, Dave was new last night but I missed it.

I’ll upload the radio show on Saturday.  Might get it tonight but I’m not counting on it with the sports going late tonight.  So the link will be up tomorrow.

That’s it for now.  As a reminder for new readers, show starts 6pm EST tonight.  101.9FM in Kingston or http://www.cfrc.ca for the vast majority of readers outside of K-Town.

Out There with Melissa DiMarco

Time for a post about Canadian Television for once. I guess the ECMA awards counts but that’s once a year. New season of a show I watch ‘Out There with Melissa Dimarco’ starts on Friday. New day, new time and new channel.

I won a contest the show had on Facebook to guess the start date. OK, I was the only entry but a win is a win people. 🙂

With some free swag coming my way, it’s only fair to help out in a small way and promote the show. It’s returning with new episodes this week.

The show is now on Friday Nights on CityTV across the country. 2 episodes back to back by the way. 10pm local, except for Winnipeg where it’s 9pm. Here are the times across the country, I put the Eastern time for those who might have the time shifted stations on satellite or digital cable. Or want to watch more than once. lol.

10pm EST Citytv Toronto

10pm EST, 9pm local on Citytv Winnipeg

12am EST, 10pm local on Citytv Calgary and Edmonton

1am EST, 10pm local on Citytv Vancouver

“Focusing on Melissa’s fun experiences with the stars as an entertainment journalist, this scripted dramedy brings viewers in for a behind-the-scenes look at the trials and tribulations of an entertainment journalist who at the end of the day, really gets the one-on-one interview.”

This week’s episodes, if the online TV guide is correct.

“The Only Life I Know” Howie Mandel; Brad Pitt.

“Mexico Fiesta Siesta” Melissa travels to Mexico; Antonio Banderas; Salma Hayek.

Melissa and the gang behind the show have a lot of online sources you can check out the show. Good to see a show reaching out to fans online.

Website http://outtherewithmelissa.com/

MySpace http://www.myspace.com/outtherewithmelissa

YouTube http://www.youtube.com/outtherewithmelissa

Facebook Fan Page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Out-There-with-Melissa-DiMarco/60320537149?ref=share

Facebook Group http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/group.php?gid=131987780541&ref=mf

Another group on Facebook mentions how they look for new music for the show. Thought it be a good link for any musicians who might be reading.

Out There With Melissa Dimarco – looking for music


As Music Supervisor for Out There With Melissa DiMarco (www.outtherewithmelissa.com) I currently write all the original music for Out There With Melissa DiMarco. We want to expand our music on the show. I am looking for some additional music/ artists to place on the show.
If you are a songwriter, band or music artist looking to get your music on to a national television show…
I am interested in hearing from you.

Ron Camilleri
Camron Creative
Music Supervisor, OutThere

I’ll mention the show on the radio as well, but good to give a heads up here as well.

One week I could tell the story of seeing her on Open Mike with Mike Bullard when I was living in Ottawa. Tom Green was the guest that followed her….. ended up being one of the craziest things ever on late night. The rare time where they had to stop the taping. That story will wait for another day. 🙂