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Olympic-esque Blog Day 13-15 I think, starting to losing track

Soon as the ‘own the podium’ pressure got lifted all these medals start coming. Coincidence? Unless we’re talking about the ski team. They still have performed horribly. Speed skating was overshadowed Friday night but hopefully people found out about it this morning.

Olympic Morning still cringe-worthy. But Jay Onrait is trying his best. And he had some critical to say. Talking to a gossip reporter about who might appear at the closing ceremonies. Rumours Shania Twain is town and pictures of Alanis arriving in Vancouver. Then the part where Jay redeemed today’s show. About another rumoured act who might be there.

“Nickelback. That can’t happen can it? The world’s going to see Nickelback at the Closing Ceremonies, really Canada?”

Bravo Jay. If it’s true about Nickelback, my god. Let’s make Canada lame in front of the world. The Opening Ceremony did that in spades but the Closing can’t be worse.

The running blog will return for the Paralympics which start in a couple of weeks. TV coverage not as extensive but website says over 50 hours. Sure 99% of the media will hardly mention those games going on but I’ll try to pass along what I can.

6 crashes in the 4 man bobsleigh first run yesterday. So bad the Germans have said it’s dangerous. A coach and one of the bobsleigh pilots.

A good piece finally toning down the jingoism about Canada/US. CTV News had one comparing the countries to big brother/little brother. Best part was some intoxicated US fans in front of cameras after their win against Canada. Chanted “USA all the way” then one held up a Canadian fan and yelled.


That was good to see.

Think I’ve seen more figure skating then hockey. They replay a tonne of figure skating overnight. Funny that I missed both the Canadians doing ice dancing and the bronze medal ladies performance. I’m at work and had to do something both times.

Hopefully CTV News learns not to anchor a local newscast in front of a crowd. Saw 2 nights ago a banner behind the 11pm pacific time Vancouver newsteam. “INVESTIGATE 9/11” popped up 3 times during the hour. I didn’t know that banner had appeared before in the previous 2 weeks. And again on Friday night. They’ve gotten to a point where they know where to stand to make it appear between the 2 anchors. Bet the director pulls their hair out every time he or she sees that.

Will write more tomorrow. Things wrapping up.