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Dec. 11th Show


Some Christmas music and a Curling song from R.J. Lautenschlager.

Songs from Teresa Ennis’ latest CD “Stars” and go back to 2004 with The Irish Descendants as they’re coming to Kingston in March.


Start off with a chat with two Olympic torchbearers from the Kingston area, Laurie Walker and Rev. Gerry Moore. Then with Kirsten Mihailides from the Coca-Cola side of the Torch organizers.

Couple of songs from Kenny Butler then tracks from Ian Foster’s ECMA nominated instrumental album. Almost 30 minutes worth of that.

Torch Relay in Kingston on Monday

Kingston is not just a town where the Olympic Torch is coming through, but one of the places chosen to have a community celebration.  So the relay stops here overnight.  Which means you have a chance on Monday night and Tuesday morning to see it.

As I write it I’m getting things lined up for a couple of interviews involving the torch run for Friday’s show.  After I’ve already shoveled three times this morning.  School buses canceled all over town and just miserable weather outdoors.

Here is a rundown of the stop in Kingston and the things going on.  Got this from the City of Kingston website.  Might have some more details on the weekend.

5:30 p.m. Limestone Choristers

6:00 p.m. Introduction by the Vancouver Olympic Torch Relay Committee
Aboriginal Community Welcome by the Katarakwi dancers
Musical performances by Le Clan D’estin and Tea for the Voyage

7:00 p.m Vancouver Olympic Committee prepares crowd to welcome the Olympic Torch Relay to Market Square

Torch Arrives in Kingston

Entertainment provided by Olympic Torch Relay sponsors Coca Cola and the Royal Bank of Canada continues until 8 p.m.

Well wishers encouraged to line relay route in Kingston.

En route to Springer Market Square, the Olympic Torch will travel in Kingston from:

* The Parade Square in Fort Henry (starting about 6:20 p.m.) toward the La Salle Causeway. It is expected to pass the Memorial Arch at the Royal Military College at approximately 6:30 p.m.
* Along Ontario Street over to West Street.
* Up to King Street to pass in front of the City Park statue of Sir John A. Macdonald.
* Loops back toward Springer Market Square along King Street aiming to arrive in the Square at 7 p.m.

The Olympic Torch Relay leaves Kingston on Tuesday, Dec. 15 along this route:

* Tours Portsmouth Olympic Harbour (the sailing venue for the 1976 Montreal Olympics) by boat starting at 6:43 a.m.
* After landing near the foot of Yonge Street, the Relay jogs along Logan Street and then up Mowat Avenue to King Street.
* The Relay turns up Portsmouth Avenue and continues along it all the way to Princess Street. It is expected to pass the Ongwanada Resource Centre at about 7:14 a.m.
* The Relay will turn up Princess Street heading toward the Ambassador Hotel – its final stop in Kingston – where it is expected to arrive at 7:39 a.m.

Think I forgot to give the links to some video of Toni Marie’s torch run.  I’ll put that up on the weekend as well.  Such strong winds they had some mounties on horses blocking the gusts from possibly putting out the flame.  Never happened though. 🙂

Torch Run/Friday’s Show

Not sure how many readers might be in St. John’s and have some free time Friday afternoon.  In case there is, you can see the Olympic Torch run go through town.  Friday’s show I’m re-airing the interview with Toni Marie Wiseman from this past summer.  She has the torch at 4:24pm Newfoundland time tomorrow.  From her Facebook page.

“I’d love to have people come cheer me on Friday when I’m carrying the Torch I start at Cabot Tower at 4:24pm. (Friday the 13th–Yikes!)”

It won’t be airing live on NTV, from what I can tell.  Possibly shown on tape during Friday’s news but that’s not confirmed.  With the internet I’m sure there will be pictures and video up soon enough.

So tonight at 6pm Toni’s interview from this past summer and music for 2 hours.  Some of her picks and other Newfoundland artists.  I also give my football pick for Queen’s-Western at the start of Hour 2.  Going with Queen’s but I forget if I said by 7 points or not.  I taped it Monday morning so it’s been a few days.

Show with Robin Meade is on Archive.org as well, forgot to put up a link before.


Looks like I didn’t upload the first hour, but the interview was during the second hour.  I might go in and take out the interview separately for another link.  Make it a shorter download but that won’t be till next week.  Middle of working 6 nights in a row, so I’m busy. LOL.

Thanks again to Robin and Toni Marie for doing both interviews.


Back to Queen’s football on Saturday with the playoff game against McMaster.  So a taped show on Friday.  Still figuring out what the show will be on Friday.  Worked six nights in a row so that messed up my plan to tape it earlier.

No prediction yet for the game on Saturday.  I’ll have to come up with one but this one is up in the air.  They did play earlier in the season but this is a rare case where that really doesn’t help figure things out.  Queen’s won 8-7 but more to the story.

Brannagan was knocked out of that game and the backup was put in. However on the McMaster side they had some changes as well.  Ryan Fantham was the QB earlier in the season but Kyle Quinlan has taken over since then and led them to that road victory last week in Ottawa.

Leaning towards Queen’s but the Marauders been playing quite well as of late and I don’t think Queen’s being at home affects anything.

On the Olympic front, congratulations to Toni Marie Wiseman on being chosen to be one of the torch bearers.  She mentioned it on her Facebook page last night.  The torchbearer uniform just came in the mail and she gave some details on her part of the relay.

“My leg is from Cabot Tower to the Queen’s Battery sign. 4:30pm November 13. Yep FRIDAY the 13th.”

I don’t believe in bad luck on that day, but if you do that’s not the best date to be carrying the Olympic torch in front of people.  ha ha.  So if you know anyone in St. John’s you can pass the word along that they can see the relay next week.

“I wonder if anyone will be there to cheer me on? Gosh, I never thought of that. Am I suppose to ask people to come? Eeeeks.”

I’m sure they’ll be people there to see her. I mentioned how she worried a bit about our phone interview for the show this past summer. So imagine how she might be for this?  At least it’s happening quickly.