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5:30pm Nfld

Little back and forth when it comes to local news in St. John’s.

Was reported over the summer that along with other CBC stations, St. John’s local news will be increased to 90 minutes at suppertime.  Link from Geoff Meeker’s blog.


Forgot to talk about how this blog got linked on Geoff’s a few weeks ago.  Talk about that tomorrow.  Back to the topic today.

Saw an ad on NTV about the fact they are also going to 90 minutes.  Glen Carter will be hosting an extra 30 minutes of news at 5:30pm local time.  NTV will start this on August 24th.  Which is a week earlier than when CBC changes.  I wonder if it was planned to get a jump on them. LOL.

Found a lot of search terms coming into this blog about NTV getting kicked off of Rogers in Ontario.  People wondering where it is, what’s going on and such.  Must be a way to rally all the people who want this fixed.  Don’t know if a Facebook group might be a good way to start.  Any ideas or suggestions leave a comment on the blog or email me


Lot of Newfoundlanders around to get Rogers attention.  And the people of Ottawa did get them to change their mind on kicking off WPBS in Watertown.

Back to reading about the rumour of Brett Favre about to sign with the Vikings.  You thought that was over?  Please.

Good Friday/Sharona Clarke

Yep, new show tomorrow on Good Friday.  And live as usual.  Enjoy your day off as I’m at CFRC for a few hours. ‘Offsides’, the sports show I work on, also is live Friday at 4pm.  No holiday for us, new shows for you.

Just saw Sharona Clarke on NTV with Toni Marie.  I have the audio of the 2 minute interview and I’ll play that tomorrow.  Along with some of Sharona’s music.  One CD you can download for free.

“The Secret… is to Dream” was done as part of the RPM Challenge ’09.  That’s a challenge to record an album in the month of February.  In her case she recorded the whole thing in her home studio.


I’ll also play ‘She’ which she played on NTV today.  Song got cut off but that happens a lot during a live newscast.  But recording off the TV hurts the sound quality so it wouldn’t have been good enough to air.  Works well for interviews, but anything with music it usually doesn’t.

So some of Sharona’s music, and the rest of the show some longer sets as well.  My version of a holiday show since that makes it easier for me.

Enjoy the long weekend.  I’ll upload the show by Saturday night.

Sharona Clarke on NTV Thursday

For those in Newfoundland or have NTV on satellite, Sharona Clarke will be on with Toni Marie tomorrow. NTV Evening Newshour airs 6pm local time, 4:30pm est. It reruns at 12am local/10:30pm EST as well.

She’ll chat with Toni and play a song. Nice to get some TV airtime. I’ll play more of Sharona’s music on Friday.

Usually the piece gets rerun on Entertainment News on Saturday, but Toni Marie tapes it tomorrow morning. So tune in either time on Thursday to catch her on the news.