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Happy Thanksgiving

This is for the Canadian readers of the blog as it is Thanksgiving weekend.  I work all weekend but have Monday/Tuesday off.  It’s something but not really the same.

The link for Friday’s show will be up after the long weekend.  First hour I played songs from The Last Waltz since that was recorded on Thanksgiving night.  Sure it was American Thanksgiving but most of The Band was Canadian so it makes sense.

Second hour is the interview with Robin Meade and the music of The Lever Pulled.  You can get it from the CFRC archive but I’ll upload it in a couple of days.

Sunday Update

Hope everyone is enjoying Labour Day Weekend, unless you are like me and working.  Then you don’t really care about a 3 day weekend. 🙂

Queen’s Football on Monday afternoon, kickoff at 2pm.  Regular season begins as Guelph travels to Kingston.  Should be a good game, better than the UofT one last Monday.

Facebook group is slowing coming along.  11 members but since I started it right before a long weekend I’m not expecting the numbers to rise too quickly.


Some familiar names.  Jennie Pardy, from Nova Scotia who I have played before on the show.  One of the first musicians I found the first summer of doing the show.

Brent MacLean from The Lever Pulled and Toni Marie are also on there.  Along with ‘Airchecker’, friend from Twitter and Facebook.


He or she, started the account a few months ago.  Billed as “Canada’s number one source for the Canadian Radio Industry” they have had a tonne of great updates.  Protected updates on Twitter so you can’t see them right away.

Airchecker is in Vancouver and from what I’ve gathered is VERY knowledgeable about the radio industry.  Stays anonymous but that makes sense when you are getting news tips from people across the country.

Back to my program, I fell a bit behind on uploading the last episode of August.  So I’ll have to put that up, along with the one this past Friday.  Won’t be up till Monday.  But I haven’t forgotten about it.

Friday Update

I’ll open the show with Mark Frost’s song ‘Fall Into the Ocean’ about the helicopter crash.  Sure many people reading this already listened to it after I put up a link for it, but it’s good to let the radio listeners get to hear it.

Interview with Andrea Wittgens airs tonight.  After the editing it runs 35 minutes since we covered a lot of topics.  Divided it up into sections, as usual.  So I’ll play her CD during the interview.

Andrea is the first Queen’s Alumni I’ve had on the show.  She’s from Antigonish, Nova Scotia then came to Queen’s and took French and Music.  She then moved to Seattle where she still resides.   So we talked about that, then we talked about her music.

Tonight I have that an I’ll play her CD ‘In the Skyline’ in it’s entirety.  I have some songs from a previous EP as well I think I’ll play.

Thanks to Brent Maclean for sending me the new CD by The Lever Pulled.  I’ve played their music before but it’s nice to have a hard copy of it.  Won’t have much time tonight so I’ll play some of it on next week’s show.

Another quick thanks to Kimberly Sinclair for sending me some new discs as well.  Ryan Neilson, Remedy and Francis Arsenault.  And a couple more on the way.  Same story, next week.  Kim is a fan of Andrea so I’m sure she won’t mind waiting a week. 🙂

As for TV tonight.  March Madness for sports fans, I should get home to see the end of the 7pm tip off games.  They’ll end around 9:30pm.

Which means I’ll take a break and watch Out There with Melissa DiMarco on CITY-TV at 10pm.  Last week the episode on poker was fun.  I thought an actor was playing an editor on the show.  Found last night on a message board that he really is an editor who works on the show and plays poker.  Who knew?

Basketball games go late into the night, past midnight.  So if you’re a fan of Letterman or Craig Ferguson you’ll have to stay up later than usual.  Craig’s a rerun, Dave was new last night but I missed it.

I’ll upload the radio show on Saturday.  Might get it tonight but I’m not counting on it with the sports going late tonight.  So the link will be up tomorrow.

That’s it for now.  As a reminder for new readers, show starts 6pm EST tonight.  101.9FM in Kingston or http://www.cfrc.ca for the vast majority of readers outside of K-Town.

Feb. 27th Show/ECMA’s

Show for Feb. 27th is up.  I’ll have a new post on Sunday.  Maybe before the ECMA’s or after I watch them online.  Visit the CBC page for the live stream tomorrow at 7pm EST/8pm Atlantic/8:30pm Newfoundland.

Regular CBC has it tape delayed at 11pm in whatever time zone you’re reading this, unless you’re in Newfoundland where it’s 11:30pm.  Yep, even tape delayed for the province where the awards show is taking place.



Weekend of the ECMA’s so I talk about that on this week’s show.

This hour included the music of Don Brownrigg, Jim Payne and Fergus O’Byrne, Matthew Magee and In Flight Safety.






Lead off the second hour with lots of ECMA talk. Have a new name for the segment where I talk about news, music, sports or anything on my mind. It’s called “Carnell Knowledge”. Listener named Cat came up with that, so credit goes to her. 🙂

Two artists for the hour, folkartlullaby in the first half. The Lever Pulled for the end of the show, with their new CD Wooden People.



Friday’s Show/Government Response

Friday’s show will include a lot of new music, and talk about the ECMA’s this weekend.  And where you can watch it.

Since the awards are in Corner Brook I’ll have brand new music from that town. The Lever Pulled just put out their new disc online, Wooden People.  As always it’s a free download.  No catch.


And a new singer to the show I found from Nova Scotia, Matthew Magee.


Got two responses from those emails I sent off to the government about DawgFM.  They were responding to the original email I sent on Nov. 30th.  Better late than never.  Of course the deadline has passed but at least I got something.

Final count is in for the amount of letters of support.  DAWGFM had 1500, and the other two applicants had 60 and 29.   Now that is a bit of a difference.

Dec. 19th Show

Tonight was probably the 2nd worst storm since I’ve lived in Kingston.  -30 going home.  Walked downtown to catch the bus.  On the way stepped over snowbanks, snowdrifts and all types of snow.  And the wind was in my face the whole way, yikes.  Have to shovel but not doing it tonight.


Open the show with Michael Brennan and Ron Hynes. Then some Christmas music from Allison Crowe and Great Big Sea. Close out the hour with Dana Parsons.


Found some Ryan’s Fancy records at the station. Tucked away in a corner I’d only been to a couple of times. So lots of those rare songs on the show. And one song each by Kenny Butler and The Lever Pulled.

Dec. 12th Show/ECMA

Links to last night show.  Went over all the ECMA nominees and played music from some of the musicians nominated.


Tonight’s show I went over all the ECMA Nominations. Included music from some of the nominees and brand new stuff. Start off with Ian Foster and Grand Theft Bus. Followed by brand new music from Dayliner, a group from Nova Scotia. End the first hour with Meghan Blanchard and Colette Cheverie.


Continued with the ECMA theme with Teresa Ennis. Then new music from Keith Hallett and Anna Wheeler. End the hour with Kenny Butler, The Lever Pulled and Ian Foster.

August 2nd Link and Rundown

Link to the August 2nd episode on Archive.org along with the rundown of the hour.  Was lucky to find Leonard Cohen’s version of Hallelujah at the station.  It was on a radio only release promoting his 1994 album.  2 songs from his new CD at the time and they threw in his 1984 version of Hallelujah.


Allison Crowe ‘Disease’, ‘Hallelujah’

Leonard Cohen ‘Hallelujah’

Allison Crowe ‘Northern Lights’, ‘Angels’, ‘How Long’

Ian Foster ‘Stop Bringing Me Down’, ‘The Consistency of Sound’, ‘This Silence’

The Lever Pulled ‘Dead Enders’