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Saturday Concert

Friday’s show is taped again.  All music of a concert on Saturday night in Kingston.  CD Release for Kyra and Tully.  Jenn Grant is performing too.  But I heard a week ago that Bruce Cockburn will also make an appearance.  Now that’s a great lineup.

And it’s a concert I can’t go to because of Mitchell Bowl and work Saturday night.  So hope a few readers can go.  Think CFRC is recording part of the concert so at least I’ll have to listen to in the upcoming weeks.

In case I don’t write again before Saturday I’m picking Laval by 10 against Queen’s in the Mitchell Bowl.

As a headline in The Whig said it was “Yates Cup or bust” for Queen’s.  So they accomplished their goal.  For Laval every year it’s “Vanier Cup or bust” but this year’s game is also in Quebec City.  That adds a bit extra incentive for the Rouge et Or.

Was going to write a Yates Cup post this week, but there are a lot of good stories online elsewhere to read about that.  Not much for me to add right now.

Here is more info on Saturday’s concert.

Sydenham Street United Church to Melt on November 21st.

On November 21st Halifax’s Jenn Grant and Kingston’s Kyra and Tully will share the stage for an eagerly anticipated concert that promises to be one of the Limestone City’s most magical shows of the year.

Jenn Grant, the beautiful orchestral pop singer will be in Kingston in support of her latest record, ‘Echoes’. She will headline the CD Release concert for Kingston’s own Kyra and Tully at 7 p.m., Saturday, November 21 at the Sydenham Street United Church (89 Sydenham Street).

Kyra and Tully will release their new album, ‘Wildlife (in and out of the city)’ which features some incredible songs that are sure to capture the hearts of music-lovers everywhere.

Tickets are 12$ in advance (15$ at the door) and are available at Queen’s Performing Arts Office (JDUC), Zap Records, Tara Foods, and Brian’s Record Option. Children under 12 get in free

Yates Cup Victory

The Queen’s Golden Gaels are the 2009 Yates Cup Champions.  Back and forth contest which lived up to the hype the last few days.  I’ll write a more detailed post later on.  After that 5 hour broadcast including pre-game and post-game I’ll wait a day to talk about it. LOL.




One thing though, CFRC is the ONLY place to catch the game live next week between Queen’s and Laval.  Kickoff at 1pm, but on TV it is on at 3:30pm.  Confused? TSN got the rights to the Churchill Bowl but they are airing it on a tape delay next Saturday.  The Score was doing a great job and then TSN drops the ball in a huge way like this.  Amazing.

Off to the NFL picks which I wrote on Thursday night.

Went with Bears over 49ers, that didn’t work.  I’m just glad I didn’t decide to watch that game.  Ugh.

Falcons over Panthers.  Battle for the scraps in the division with the Saints so far in front.

Dolphins over Bucs.  The Bucs’ creamsicle uniforms didn’t look too bad.  Plus they finally won which helped.  But their streak should end at one.

Vikings over Lions.  7-1 vs 1-7.

Jets over Jags.  Both 4-4 so not much to say, they’re middling.

Bengals over Steelers.  Might meet again in the playoffs, I’ll pick the Bengals in this matchup.

Saints over Rams. Don’t even pay attention to that game.

Bills over Titans.  No clue on this game.  I think Buffalo will lose, but since they’re a backwards team I’ll pick them to win.

Broncos over Redskins.  Can we send the Skins home for the rest of the season?

Game of the Week.  Chiefs over Raiders, someone has to win.  Unless they tie somehow.

Cards over Seahawks.  Arizona is maddening to figure out this season.

Cowboys over Packers. Tony ‘it’s still November so I’ll play well’ Romo over Aaron ‘how many times will I get sacked this week’ Rodgers.

Chargers over Eagles.  Andy Reid sucks as a coach, just look at the end of the Cowboys game.  Decisions that make no sense.

The real Game of the Week.  Patriots over Colts.  Colts have squeaked by the last few games.  Barely beating Houston and San Fran?

Baltimore ‘formerly the Browns’ Ravens over Cleveland ‘wishes they were a team other than the’ Browns.  Browns on Monday Night Football, go watch a DVD that night or something.