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August Update

Just realized no updates on the blog since July.  Summer flying by.

Since I haven’t been on air since it happened, a quick congratulations to Toni Marie Wiseman and Kenny Butler on the birth of their daughter Grace.  She was born on Saturday August 7 at 12:20am. Weighed 8lbs 2 ounces and has a full head of brown hair.  I interviewed Toni Marie last July so a lot has changed in a year.  If you are a viewer of NTV it will be a few more months till you see her back on TV.

Last week the show was a rerun while I was in Toronto and that’s also the plan for this Friday.  Get a bit of a break for yours truly as September is when things ramp up at the station.

Queen’s Football back on CFRC and earlier than usual. With the Waterloo Warriors steroid scandal and subsequent canceling of their football season that caused some scheduling headaches.  After all was said and done Queen’s will open up the season on Tuesday night, August 31st.  Road game in Hamilton against MacMaster.  Originally I mentioned on the show it was a Sept. 1st afternoon game but that got pushed up a day.

Each OUA team gets a Bye Week this season.  The Golden Gaels get Labour Day off.  First home game is a Sunday, keep that in mind if you want to go or listen on the radio.  After that we are back to the usual Saturday at 1pm starts for the rest of the year.

Tue. 8/31/2010
7:00 pm McMaster University

Mon. 9/6/2010 BYE WEEK

Sun. 9/12/2010
1:00 pm University of Windsor HOME GAME

Sat. 9/18/2010
1:00 pm University of Guelph

Sat. 9/25/2010
1:00 pm University of Ottawa HOME GAME

Sat. 10/2/2010
1:00 pm Western

Sat. 10/9/2010
1:00 pm University of Toronto HOME GAME

Sat. 10/16/2010
1:00 pm Wilfrid Laurier

Sat. 10/23/2010
1:00 pm York University HOME GAME

After working on every football broadcast over 4 seasons I’ll be reducing my work load.  Taking some games off this year.  Think I’ll finally have a chance to see the team play at the stadium. When you are the one at the station for 4 years during games, that pretty much eliminates a chance to witness a game in person.

Congratulations to Toni Marie and Kenny/ECMA’s

First off, some great news from Sunday. Really tired during the weekend so woke up after a few hours sleep to watch NTV Sunday Evening Newshour. Those who saw it know why I tuned in.

Congratulations to Toni Marie Wiseman and Kenny Butler as they’re expecting a baby girl in July. I can now say I’ve known for a while.  I didn’t say anything on the radio or blog out of respect of her wishes. Toni wanted to keep it quiet till she was a few months along and things were going smoothly. She joked about having her first child later than most and Larry said “25?”. That was funny. At the end he said something along the lines of “goodnight from me and them” pointing to Toni Marie. That is correct now.

I did find out something new last night. I didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl. Now I do. Great news for both of them.  Known Toni Marie for years so I can attest how thrilled she is.  Kenny is extremely happy as well and looking forward to July.  Congrats again to them.

Onto the ECMA’s. After my lack of sleep and catching Toni talk about the good news I crashed and fell asleep. Combine that with working Sunday night and I missed the awards. Not archived yet but I read it will be. By all accounts it was a LONG show. Kevin Kelly of the Newfoundland Herald on Facebook said it was 4 hours and 17 minutes! Couldn’t show that much on TV. Although Patrick Molloy on Facebook also said that almost half of the crowd had left by the end of it. That’s a long haul for anyone. Lots of music from the reports. 4 hours is a marathon especially since most of the crowd has probably seen other musicians during the previous few days.

Still wish it had some TV exposure this year. Only big East Coast fans would’ve found it online. Not even mentioning the scheduling against the Oscars. That was bad timing. ECMA’s scheduled it before the Oscars released their date so I can’t complain about that. Oscars are same town, same theatre every year. So they don’t need to plan that far ahead. For instance there is no date for the 2011 Oscars. ECMA’s just got hit with some bad luck this year. Next year Charlottetown hosts the awards, but in April. On one hand it is hard for people to travel to these things in February/March. April does raise other problems as acts are starting to tour across the country with the nicer weather. We’ll see how the change affects things. That month is also when CBC gets taken over by NHL Playoffs. So not sure if the TV situation will get better next year.

Onto the awards. First industry night on Friday. Reports today saying Joel Plaskett won 6 ECMA awards this weekend. Wrong. He won 1 on Friday along with 6 on Sunday, so that’s 7.

Broadcast of the Year presented by Atlantic Tractors : Atlantic Airwaves

Event of the Year presented by Cape Breton University: Halifax Pop Explosion

Independent Company of the Year presented by Sampson McDougall : Sonic Entertainment Group

Industry Professional of the Year presented by CARAS : Darren Gallop

Manager of the Year presented by Gillis Home Building Centre : Heather Gibson

Media Person of the Year presented by Tim Hortons : Doug Gallant

Producer of the Year by Shure : Joel Plaskett

Record Company/Distributor/Independent Label of the Year : Sonic Records

Studio of the Year presented by Bay Music : The Sonic Temple

Studio Engineer of the Year sponsored by OIART (Ont. Institute of Audio Recording Technology) : Mike “Sheppy” Shelfpherd

Venue of the Year presented by Casino Nova Scotia : The Company House

Visual Artist of the Year presented by Marcato Digital Solutions : Chr!s Sm!th

Stompin’ Tom Award presented by Jim Sampson Motors : Billy and Cornelia MacLeod

FACTOR Industry Builder Award : Stephen “Beak” MacDonald

Musician’s Achievement Award : Dave McKeough

Atlantic Lottery Volunteer of the Year Award : Marie Doyle and Margie MacNeil

Onto Sunday night’s awards. Where Joel cleaned up. Other artists I’ve played on the show.

Entertainer of the Year: Joel Plaskett.

Female Solo Recording of the Year: Catherine MacLellan – “Water In The Ground.”

Group Recording of the Year: In-Flight Safety – “We Are an Empire, My Dear”

Male Solo Recording of the Year: Joel Plaskett – “Three”

Recording of the Year: Joel Plaskett – “Three”

Rising Star Recording of the Year: Kim Wempe – “Where I Need To Be”

Single of the Year: Joel Plaskett – “Through & Through & Through”

Songwriter of the Year: Joel Plaskett – “Through & Through & Through”

Video of the Year: The Tom Fun Orchestra – “Throw Me to the Rats”

Aboriginal Recording of the Year: Forever – “Reborn”

Alternative Recording of the Year: In-Flight Safety – “We Are an Empire, My Dear”

Bluegrass Recording of the Year: The Grass Mountain Hobos – “ZOOT!”

Blues Recording of the Year: The Hupman Brothers – “Countin’ Quarters”

Country Recording of the Year: The Divorcees – “Last of the Free Men”

Folk Recording of the Year: Catherine MacLellan – “Water In The Ground”

Francophone Recording of the Year: BLOU – “Noel Blou”

Gospel Recording of the Year: The Ascensions – “No Greater Love”

Instrumental Recording of the Year: Andrea Beaton – “Branches”

Jazz Recording of the Year: Gypsophilia – “Sa-ba-da-OW!”

Loud Recording of the Year: The Motorleague – “Black Noise”

Pop Recording of the Year: Joel Plaskett – “Three”

Rap/Hip-Hop Single Track Recording of the Year: Classified – “Anybody Listening”

Rock Recording of the Year: The Novaks – “Things Fall Apart”

Roots/Traditional Solo Recording of the Year: Lennie Gallant – “If We Had a Fire”

Roots /Traditional Group Recording of the Year: Dawn and Margie Beaton – “Taste of Gaelic”

R&B/Soul Single Track Recoding of the Year: Jamie Sparks – “All I Need – Remix”

Fan’s Choice Video of the Year: The Motorleague – “Hymn For The Newly Departed”

Fan’s Choice Artist/Group of the Year: Samantha Robichaud

Director’s Special Achievement Award: The Rankin Family

Dr. Helen Creighton Lifetime Achievement Award: Scotty Turner

Last thing for today is I’m going to interview Con O’Brien from The Irish Descendants tomorrow morning. If everything falls into place. They play Kingston a week from Tuesday.

Dec. 11th Show


Some Christmas music and a Curling song from R.J. Lautenschlager.

Songs from Teresa Ennis’ latest CD “Stars” and go back to 2004 with The Irish Descendants as they’re coming to Kingston in March.


Start off with a chat with two Olympic torchbearers from the Kingston area, Laurie Walker and Rev. Gerry Moore. Then with Kirsten Mihailides from the Coca-Cola side of the Torch organizers.

Couple of songs from Kenny Butler then tracks from Ian Foster’s ECMA nominated instrumental album. Almost 30 minutes worth of that.

Wrapping up with Toni Marie

This part talks about songs Toni Marie requested so here is the link to that part of the show.


First part I ran out of time to play, a short bit about St. John’s

TONI:   St. Johns has become very cosmopolitan. It’s not a large city by any stretch about 195,000 people. But there’s so much to do here. You can go any night of the week and see live music or a live theatrical performance.

We’ve got a beautiful new facility, called the Rooms. That houses the provincial art gallery, theater and archives. It’s fantastic.

I love St. Johns. I can walk by myself downtown at midnight and feel pretty safe.

I knew Toni would try to “turn the table” at one point.  I steered it back to it being about her eventually. LOL.

TONI:  But we should talk more about music, because you have a fantastic show, Salt Water Music. And I know that now it’s kind of the place to be for Newfoundland and Labrador and east coast artists to be played. Maybe I can kind of turn the table on you a little bit and ask if there’s anything maybe you want to know about some of your favorites or some of the people you’ve interviewed or played on your wonderful show?

ROB:    You’ve done a lot of interviews with people, I’ve talked to like Ian Foster and Teresa Ennis.

TONI:   Fergus O’Byrne too I believe.

ROB:    Yeah. For Fergus you were partly responsible for that since we did the Newfoundland Herald interview then you were talking to Fergus during one of the weather hits.

You mentioned the interview and got my contact information and that’s how I got the interview with Fergus. So, thank you for that.

TONI:   After I wrote that article a number of artists contacted me and wanted to know how to get in touch with you. Because you’re doing such a great service. Obviously every musician wants to have their music played on any radio station that will take them. But the unique thing about your program is that it possibly reaches a larger audience.

They get to play their music now for people who maybe hadn’t heard Teresa Ennis’s solo album since she was no longer with the Ennis sisters. Or maybe had never heard Fergus O’Byrne talk on the radio. Especially when you told me that wonderful story about your inspiration for Salt Water Music came from Ryan’s Fancy and from the death of Dermot O’Reilly.

Fergus will probably be one of the first to admit that their first stop in this country aside from Newfoundland was Ontario. Ryan’s Fancy did quite well there. It was great for Fergus knowing that there was somebody who was helping to keep great east coast music available to people in that part of the country.


ROB:    Before we go, Toni, any favorite songs from Newfoundland artists that you’ve been listening to?

TONI:   I think you know this but my boyfriend Kenny Butler is a musician. He does have a beautiful song and I believe you play it on your show.

It’s called Breathe the Air. It’s a beautiful song. And so, I’d love to hear that one.

There’s another one and it’s by Ron Hynes, which I’m sure everyone in your listening audience is familiar with.

The wonderful Ron Hynes, a man of a thousand songs. Years ago many people will remember the Ocean Ranger, which was an oil rig off the coast of Newfoundland that sank on one horrible night around Valentine’s Day.

He wrote a song about that disaster and about the people left behind. The song is called Atlantic Blue and it is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. It’s so beautiful that I don’t think I’ve ever been able to listen to it and not cry. So, you could play that one for me too, if that’s okay.

[After playing those songs]

ROB:    Your favorite song is one from the 80’s, is there a particular reason why that song became your favorite?

TONI:   You’re talking about No One is to Blame, Howard Jones.

I think it’s just a very peaceful song that back in those days was around summer vacation. Probably came out when I was close to the end of high school. It’s just a very relaxing beautiful song.

And it talks about life too. No matter what happens, we can try not to hurt people but in the long run no one really is to blame for where their heart goes, where their heart leads them. I like that one.

ROB:    I know you have a copy on vinyl.

TONI:   I do. I wonder where I got that.

ROB:    I don’t know.

TONI:   Maybe a really good friend of mine in radio might have been able to track that one down for me.

ROB:    Possibly.

TONI:   Rob, thank you so much for inviting me on this show. I hope I haven’t bored you or your listeners too much. You’ve got such a fantastic show there, I’d hate to do anything to jeopardize it.

I want to thank you, not just for inviting me but for creating this wonderful show, Salt Water Music. I know that people not just in Newfoundland and Labrador appreciate that you’ve done this. But throughout the east coast of Canada, the artists who get to be played on this fantastic program.

I’m your numerous listeners love it too. And I know they appreciate that you’re bringing the east coast music back to Ontario.

ROB:    I try my best. So, thanks for that. And thanks for joining us, Toni.

TONI:   Thank you. You take care.

Thanks to Toni Marie for doing the interview.  I told her it wouldn’t be “boring” and I think you did learn a few things about her you didn’t know.

Even with how long we went there were things I forgot to talk about.

Toni said she can’t sing or act but I’ve seen her do both.  Don’t know if they do them anymore but they used to have a charity fundraiser called Celebrity Secrets in town.  Local media people would go on stage and sing songs or do skits.

One year she was part of a group of women from NTV with a song parody of a Dixie Chicks song.  Another year she did a skit where her and another woman were playing older women from Newfoundland talking about hospitals.  They broke out into “Sneeze Away” a parody of “Heave Away”.  Which was quite funny.  I recall she had so many requests to see it she played it on Entertainment News 2 weeks in a row.

Other thing I forgot was how she enjoys certain Hard Rock/Alternative music.  Playing Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson in her car for example.

Tomorrow I’ll put up the story where she got tricked into mispronouncing Patrick Roy on the radio.  Something extra.  I’ll use Roy for the proper way to say it, and ROY in caps as in ROY Rogers.

Probably upload Friday’s episode tomorrow or Monday at the latest.

Boxing Day Hour 1


Start of the live Boxing Day edition. Andrea Wittgens who was stuck at the Newark Airport for three days trying to travel to Nova Scotia. That deserves some airplay of her CD. Then some Bruce Cockburn, two of his more well known songs and two from his Christmas Album. Christmas songs are in different languages, Spanish and Iroquois. End the hour with Kenny Butler.

Podcast Episode 14 : Christmas

Start is part of the failed daily November experiment.  Then clips from the radio show of Christmas related music.  Running around like crazy the past few days so this was the easiest way to get a new episode out before the year is out. LOL.


Clip of me talking about the Great Big Sea concert from November, then
some parts of the radio show with Christmas music.  Clips include me
talking about certain dates, commercial breaks and CFRC.  But I thought
I’d leave all that in.

Music from Kenny Butler, GBS and Allison Crowe.

Dec. 19th Show

Tonight was probably the 2nd worst storm since I’ve lived in Kingston.  -30 going home.  Walked downtown to catch the bus.  On the way stepped over snowbanks, snowdrifts and all types of snow.  And the wind was in my face the whole way, yikes.  Have to shovel but not doing it tonight.


Open the show with Michael Brennan and Ron Hynes. Then some Christmas music from Allison Crowe and Great Big Sea. Close out the hour with Dana Parsons.


Found some Ryan’s Fancy records at the station. Tucked away in a corner I’d only been to a couple of times. So lots of those rare songs on the show. And one song each by Kenny Butler and The Lever Pulled.

Dec. 12th Show/ECMA

Links to last night show.  Went over all the ECMA nominees and played music from some of the musicians nominated.


Tonight’s show I went over all the ECMA Nominations. Included music from some of the nominees and brand new stuff. Start off with Ian Foster and Grand Theft Bus. Followed by brand new music from Dayliner, a group from Nova Scotia. End the first hour with Meghan Blanchard and Colette Cheverie.


Continued with the ECMA theme with Teresa Ennis. Then new music from Keith Hallett and Anna Wheeler. End the hour with Kenny Butler, The Lever Pulled and Ian Foster.