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June 19th Episode


Salt Water Music June 19th Hour 2

Technically 45 minutes because I let the previous show run long, political show had some people from City Council Live in Studio.  That’s rare so that’s why this is shorter than usual.

Kicked it off with Allison Crowe as she wrapped up her eventful tour of Europe.

Then some more of Joel Plaskett’s triple album.  After that some solo work from Rose Cousins and Ana Egge who contributed to Joel’s new album.


Salt Water Music June 19th Hour 2

Couple of songs from Pat Lepoidevin to start off the second hour.

Mix of Jessica Rhaye. One song from her new CD, one from her previous album and one live track.

Continue with Scott Macleod. And end the show with some demos and live tracks from Ian Foster.

Mid Week Update

First up another music video.  They must be coming back or something.  This time Joel Plaskett’s first single from his triple album ‘Three’.  “Through & Through & Through” has Rose Cousins and Ana Egge on backing vocals.  Both make appearances in this video.  Lot of East Coast scenery in this clip.


So I’ll play more of Joel’s disc[s] on Friday night.  Along with Rose and Ana since they’re also Canadian content. 🙂

Interview with Ian Foster might air next Friday.  If the CD’s get here in time.  His tour hits Quebec, Ontario and BC in July.  So we have a little leeway to air the interview before the tour starts.  Most likely will do the full 2 hour show on Ian’s music.  Since there is two albums worth of new music coming my way.

Another interview I’m closer to lining up.  Not a musician, but someone who has covered the music scene on the East Coast music for years.  Could be a text interview, phone or possibly both.

Lastly, a DawgFM update.  Hearing was last Friday and sounded like got heated once in while.  Not the parts with people from the blues station but other parts.


Chairperson was getting annoyed I think, read this exchange about frequency maps.

1106   THE CHAIRPERSON: You are going to file these maps — one that is legible?

1107   MR. BRADET: Yes.

Ouch, sounds like a teacher calling you out in class. LOL.

DawgFM’s Facebook group did have an update.  Sounds like no decision till September.  Not surprising with government.  Think they do a lot of stuff during the summer?  Nope.

Does sound hopeful for the blues gang.  Maybe at a different frequency then they wanted but I’ll be cautiously optimistic.

May 29th Show

Bit late but both hours are now online.  For those who might’ve missed it due to enjoying the last weekend in May.

Today is June 1st?  Wasn’t New Year’s just recently?  Guess not.


Some Allison Crowe from her Album ‘Secrets’ and an update on her UK/European travels and headaches.

Back to 1993 with Ron Hynes. Then some music from The Irish Descendants and back in time again with Figgy Duff also from 1993.


Brand new music from Jessica Rhaye’s new CD ‘Good Things’.

Then a few tracks from Joel Plaskett’s solo project, ‘Three’. Which is a Triple Album so it will take a while for me to get through all the songs.

Jenn Grant and Sora to end the hour.

April 24th Show


New music from Emmy Alcorn, The Salty Plains and Sora. Also some of Don Brownrigg’s disc from 2007.


Some live Hey Rosetta! from a variety of sources and places. Victoria, Toronto and St. John’s. Couple of tracks from Joel Plaskett’s solo triple album “Three”. End the hour with some Ryan’s Fancy from 1982 and two more Hey Rosetta! songs from their set at NXNE 2008 in Toronto.