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2011 ECMA Winners

Here is the full list of winners from the East Coast Music Awards. This year they gave them out during the entire 5 day event as opposed to holding them till the Sunday night gala. Last year’s telecast online ran over 4 hours.  A bit on the long side as you can imagine.  Kudos to them for trying new things.  As a result the results trickled in over the last few days. Think I have them all together now.

David Myles who I’ve interviewed twice in the last year was an early winner for his CD ‘Turn Time Off’. Played here in Kingston with Joel Plaskett earlier in the month. Matt Anderson who has played Kingston twice in the last couple of years won for ‘Piggyback’. Also congratulation to Kimberly Sinclair. She won Industry Professional of the Year. Also Spincount won Independent Company of the year so congrats to Kim and Kevin for that. They’ve helped me out with my show in the last couple of years. Pointed me towards David Myles CD when it came out for example. Worked out well.

Full list of winners, both music and industry. This year I can look at the winners and say the show has played a vast majority of them.

Entertainer of the year: Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew

Recording of the year: Wintersleep, New Inheritors

Male solo recording: Matt Andersen, Piggyback

Female solo recording: Rose Cousins, The Send Off

Group recording: The Once, The Once

Rock recording: Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew, Missed a Page

Gospel recording: Chelsea Nisbett, Anchored Roots

Classical Recording: Measha Brueggergosman, Nights and Dreams

Folk recording: David Myles, Turn Time Off

Roots/traditional group: Ennis, Lessons Learned

Roots/traditional solo: Dave Gunning, A Tribute to John Allan Cameron

Instrumental recording: Gypsophilia, Sa-ba-daOw!

Loud recording: Fed Pennies, Brain Disaster

Rap/hip hop single: Gettosocks, Don’t Turn Around

Rock recording: Chris Colepaugh & The Cosmic Crew, Missed a Page

Alternative recording: Slowcoaster, The Darkest of Discos

Country recording: Meaghan Blanchard, Chasin’ Lonely Again

Jazz recording: Dwayne Côté & Duane Andrews, Dwayne Côté & Duane Andrews

Pop recording: Meaghan Smith, The Crickets Orchestra

Blues recording: Matt Andersen, Piggyback

Francophone recording: Lennie Gallant, Le Coeur Hanté

Stompin’ Tom Award: Elliot Wight

Musicians Achievement Award: Chas Guay

Blues Recording of the Year: Matt Andersen – Piggyback

DVD of the Year: The Trews – The Trews Acoustic – Friends & Total

R&B/Soul Single Track Recording of the Year presented by BMO: Chelsea Nisbett – Anchored Roots

World Recording of the Year: The Idlers – Keep Out

ECMA 2011 Industry Award Winners

Broadcast of the Year: Atlantic Airwaves

Event of the Year: Halifax Pop Explosion

Independent Company of the Year presented by Nessya’s Gems & Jewels: SpinCount

Industry Professional of the Year presented by Midland: Kimberly Sinclair

Live Sound Technician of the Year: Carl Gosine

Manager of the Year presented by Delta Hotels Atlantic: Shelley Chase

Media Person of the Year presented by Metro Credit Union: Doug Gallant

Producer of the Year presented by Shoppers Drug Mart – Dave Gunning

Radio Station of the Year: The Coast 89.7

Record Company/Distributor/ Independent Label of the Year: Sonic Records

Studio Engineer of the Year presented by OIART: Jamie Foulds

Venue of the Year: The Company House

Studio of the Year: The Sonic Temple

Visual Artist of the Year: Chr!s Sm!th

A few weeks from the 4th anniversary of the show as well.  No plan as of yet.  Maybe just cram as many artists into one show as I can.

Next week an interview with Allison Crowe will air.  Just taped it last week.  She’s doing some dates out east in the coming weeks.  Hitting Fredericton, Halifax and St. John’s.  As I spoke to her it was snowing in Corner Brook.  The interview will air this Friday and I will replay it the following week.  Main reason since it’s Good Friday coming up.  So I’m sure some regular listeners will be away from the radios [or computers] and enjoying a long weekend.  Therefore told Allison I would play it twice.  Just made sense.

I will make a podcast episode out of the interview as well.  Can pass along the stats I now can see from the Libsyn website about the podcast downloads.  A big chunk of downloads lately in Texas of all places.  Few transplanted Canadians there?  That’s my guess.


April already? Time flies by.  Back in the chair every Friday night live on the radio show.  All of March was on tape, which was a bit strange.  Hopefully people in Kingston got to see Jenn Grant and the Joel Plaskett/David Myles concerts.

Hockey season is K-Town is over as well.  Voyageurs lost in 7 games in the OJHL Semi-final.  Great job to them on their winning ways.  Wish it had gone further but playoffs are always tough.  Fan support has been great with a bus of fans going down to Oakville for Game 7.

Meanwhile the Frontenacs had their usual 1st round exit. Nuff said.

Been spending more time on Twitter lately since there hasn’t been that many big things going on I felt the need to blog about.  Twitter a fun place to chat with people.  And people you wouldn’t think of talking to.

Had replies on Twitter lately from Robin Meade, Jeri Ryan, Patty Sullivan [TVO Kids], Natalie Thomas, Kim MacDonald and a producer BJ Stewart from the Weather Network, Michael Kinney, Adam Forsythe, Caroline Frolic and old CFRC sports comrad Matt Bisson.  Fun way to spend some time online, especially working midnights.

This month I’ll bring in my Vinyl copy of Hey Rosetta!’s new album ‘Seeds’ to play on air.  They’re in Australia right now and will be doing a few dates in Canada this summer.  A few festival shows I believe.

Time to go for now, remember the East Coast Music Awards are this month in Charlottetown.  I’ll post the winners here when they get announced.

Joel Plaskett and David Myles Concert

David Myles is opening up for Joel Plaskett this Tuesday night in Kingston. Tickets available online.


Interviewed David for last night’s show.  Taped which you can tell why by my voice.  Also work schedule has been all over the place lately.  Next week also taped.  I will upload the latest interview with David on the weekend.  Less than 10 minutes.

I might be able to make the concert, still up in the air.  So hopefully some readers will get out in case I can’t.  Sure it will be a great show.

April 16th and 23rd Episodes

Catching up with the last 2 episodes, lots of new music on these ones.  People still finding the blog from looking up news on Toni Marie in the last week.  Maybe people visiting St. John’s for the Junos and catching her on the news.  She’s on vacation this week for those wondering where she is on the news.

Bruins pulled off an upset, I picked Buffalo in 7.  Glad Boston won.  If you’re wondering Bruins-Habs can’t happen till the Conference finals.  Boston gets either the Flyers or Penguins in Round 2.  Either way not much traveling for the Bruins.  Both teams in Pennsylvania.

Back to the music.


Joel Plaskett solo CD from a few years back before he opened for Barenaked Ladies that Tuesday in Kingston.

More music from Price Edward Island. First time on the show for The Danks, Carmen Townshend, The Cashmere Disciples and Racoon Bandit. Meaghan Blanchard to end the first hour.


Open up with a band from PEI, Haunted Hearts. Instrumental track called “The GST Cheques are here” which I had to play just for the title.

Followed by Juno nominee, and eventual winner Amelia Curran from Newfoundland. Stay with the Rock with Chris Picco.

End the show with Nathan Wiley, an unreleased Hey Rosetta! song and Teresa Ennis.


Open the show with brand the new CD from Air Traffic Control. Then back to the mid 90’s with a Greg Keelor solo effort. More new music to end the first hour with a duo from out east called Lazy Bones. Couple of tracks from Allison Crowe too.


Allison Crowe to start the hour then back to a Joel Plaskett CD from a few years back. New music from a female duo, Madison Violet along with some blues from New Brunswick with Ross Neilsen. End the show with Hey Rosetta! who are in the midst of putting together a new album.

Congratulations to Toni Marie and Kenny/ECMA’s

First off, some great news from Sunday. Really tired during the weekend so woke up after a few hours sleep to watch NTV Sunday Evening Newshour. Those who saw it know why I tuned in.

Congratulations to Toni Marie Wiseman and Kenny Butler as they’re expecting a baby girl in July. I can now say I’ve known for a while.  I didn’t say anything on the radio or blog out of respect of her wishes. Toni wanted to keep it quiet till she was a few months along and things were going smoothly. She joked about having her first child later than most and Larry said “25?”. That was funny. At the end he said something along the lines of “goodnight from me and them” pointing to Toni Marie. That is correct now.

I did find out something new last night. I didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl. Now I do. Great news for both of them.  Known Toni Marie for years so I can attest how thrilled she is.  Kenny is extremely happy as well and looking forward to July.  Congrats again to them.

Onto the ECMA’s. After my lack of sleep and catching Toni talk about the good news I crashed and fell asleep. Combine that with working Sunday night and I missed the awards. Not archived yet but I read it will be. By all accounts it was a LONG show. Kevin Kelly of the Newfoundland Herald on Facebook said it was 4 hours and 17 minutes! Couldn’t show that much on TV. Although Patrick Molloy on Facebook also said that almost half of the crowd had left by the end of it. That’s a long haul for anyone. Lots of music from the reports. 4 hours is a marathon especially since most of the crowd has probably seen other musicians during the previous few days.

Still wish it had some TV exposure this year. Only big East Coast fans would’ve found it online. Not even mentioning the scheduling against the Oscars. That was bad timing. ECMA’s scheduled it before the Oscars released their date so I can’t complain about that. Oscars are same town, same theatre every year. So they don’t need to plan that far ahead. For instance there is no date for the 2011 Oscars. ECMA’s just got hit with some bad luck this year. Next year Charlottetown hosts the awards, but in April. On one hand it is hard for people to travel to these things in February/March. April does raise other problems as acts are starting to tour across the country with the nicer weather. We’ll see how the change affects things. That month is also when CBC gets taken over by NHL Playoffs. So not sure if the TV situation will get better next year.

Onto the awards. First industry night on Friday. Reports today saying Joel Plaskett won 6 ECMA awards this weekend. Wrong. He won 1 on Friday along with 6 on Sunday, so that’s 7.

Broadcast of the Year presented by Atlantic Tractors : Atlantic Airwaves

Event of the Year presented by Cape Breton University: Halifax Pop Explosion

Independent Company of the Year presented by Sampson McDougall : Sonic Entertainment Group

Industry Professional of the Year presented by CARAS : Darren Gallop

Manager of the Year presented by Gillis Home Building Centre : Heather Gibson

Media Person of the Year presented by Tim Hortons : Doug Gallant

Producer of the Year by Shure : Joel Plaskett

Record Company/Distributor/Independent Label of the Year : Sonic Records

Studio of the Year presented by Bay Music : The Sonic Temple

Studio Engineer of the Year sponsored by OIART (Ont. Institute of Audio Recording Technology) : Mike “Sheppy” Shelfpherd

Venue of the Year presented by Casino Nova Scotia : The Company House

Visual Artist of the Year presented by Marcato Digital Solutions : Chr!s Sm!th

Stompin’ Tom Award presented by Jim Sampson Motors : Billy and Cornelia MacLeod

FACTOR Industry Builder Award : Stephen “Beak” MacDonald

Musician’s Achievement Award : Dave McKeough

Atlantic Lottery Volunteer of the Year Award : Marie Doyle and Margie MacNeil

Onto Sunday night’s awards. Where Joel cleaned up. Other artists I’ve played on the show.

Entertainer of the Year: Joel Plaskett.

Female Solo Recording of the Year: Catherine MacLellan – “Water In The Ground.”

Group Recording of the Year: In-Flight Safety – “We Are an Empire, My Dear”

Male Solo Recording of the Year: Joel Plaskett – “Three”

Recording of the Year: Joel Plaskett – “Three”

Rising Star Recording of the Year: Kim Wempe – “Where I Need To Be”

Single of the Year: Joel Plaskett – “Through & Through & Through”

Songwriter of the Year: Joel Plaskett – “Through & Through & Through”

Video of the Year: The Tom Fun Orchestra – “Throw Me to the Rats”

Aboriginal Recording of the Year: Forever – “Reborn”

Alternative Recording of the Year: In-Flight Safety – “We Are an Empire, My Dear”

Bluegrass Recording of the Year: The Grass Mountain Hobos – “ZOOT!”

Blues Recording of the Year: The Hupman Brothers – “Countin’ Quarters”

Country Recording of the Year: The Divorcees – “Last of the Free Men”

Folk Recording of the Year: Catherine MacLellan – “Water In The Ground”

Francophone Recording of the Year: BLOU – “Noel Blou”

Gospel Recording of the Year: The Ascensions – “No Greater Love”

Instrumental Recording of the Year: Andrea Beaton – “Branches”

Jazz Recording of the Year: Gypsophilia – “Sa-ba-da-OW!”

Loud Recording of the Year: The Motorleague – “Black Noise”

Pop Recording of the Year: Joel Plaskett – “Three”

Rap/Hip-Hop Single Track Recording of the Year: Classified – “Anybody Listening”

Rock Recording of the Year: The Novaks – “Things Fall Apart”

Roots/Traditional Solo Recording of the Year: Lennie Gallant – “If We Had a Fire”

Roots /Traditional Group Recording of the Year: Dawn and Margie Beaton – “Taste of Gaelic”

R&B/Soul Single Track Recoding of the Year: Jamie Sparks – “All I Need – Remix”

Fan’s Choice Video of the Year: The Motorleague – “Hymn For The Newly Departed”

Fan’s Choice Artist/Group of the Year: Samantha Robichaud

Director’s Special Achievement Award: The Rankin Family

Dr. Helen Creighton Lifetime Achievement Award: Scotty Turner

Last thing for today is I’m going to interview Con O’Brien from The Irish Descendants tomorrow morning. If everything falls into place. They play Kingston a week from Tuesday.

Link to Friday’s Show, on Thursday

What you can do when you tape an episode a day in advance.


Brand new music from a singer who is soon to be a Kingstonian, Andrea Gauster. She starts at the Queen’s Medical School. Found her through Twitter. Open up the show with some songs from Andrea, including one about Twitter.

Then a new band to the show, Shores of Newfoundland. Based in Kingston but currently on tour in Newfoundland. Music from their 1999 disc and a live one they recorded here in Kingston at the Tir Nan Og.

End with the hour with one song from Allison Crowe. Taped this week’s show ahead of time and saw I had 8 minutes to fill up till top of the hour. So I know her song Disease is a little over 8 minutes.


Start off the hour with a singer you might have heard of from Nova Scotia, Sarah Mclachlan. After the show found the list I had made up last year of all the artists I’ve played on the show. Sarah wasn’t on there. 2 years of the show and not playing her once? My bad.

To make up for it a few songs from her debut album from 1988 and on vinyl to boot. Couldn’t find any of her CD’s at the station but luckily in the record collection they had the original 1988 album. A collector’s item I found out since it was re-released in 1989 with some extra songs when she was also signed by a US record label. One song you might have heard before, the other 3 I bet you haven’t.

Follow that up with a cover version of Angel by Allison Crowe.

Then some songs from Great Big Sea’s Fortune Favour and Joel Plaskett’s Three to end the show.

Happy Canada Day

Have a nice Canada Day, for those Canadian readers of the blog. 🙂

Had some phone/internet problems fixed today.  Yep, Bell working on Canada Day.  Was a minor wiring problem inside but one I couldn’t have fixed.  And the technician didn’t charge me for it.  Nice.

You’re thinking, “Wow, that’s really nice. What part of the country was this tech. originally from?”

Newfoundland, of course.  Found that out while he was wrapping up the visit, so the ‘no charge’ thing wasn’t based on us both being from Newfoundland. LOL.

Since it’s Canada Day, a little bit about Canadian radio. Shore 104 officially launched today in Vancouver.  The on air people started this morning.  Jody Vance and Bill Courage are on right now from 2-6pm Pacific, or 5-9pm Eastern. Check it out here.


Jody said she’s become a fan of Joel Plaskett by hearing his music on the station.  Glad to hear East Coast artists getting airplay on the West Coast.

Hope you’re enjoying the holiday, if you have it off.  The Bell technician didn’t, Shore 104 crew doesn’t and I’m working later tonight.  I’ll assume some of you have today off from work. 🙂

June 19th Episode


Salt Water Music June 19th Hour 2

Technically 45 minutes because I let the previous show run long, political show had some people from City Council Live in Studio.  That’s rare so that’s why this is shorter than usual.

Kicked it off with Allison Crowe as she wrapped up her eventful tour of Europe.

Then some more of Joel Plaskett’s triple album.  After that some solo work from Rose Cousins and Ana Egge who contributed to Joel’s new album.


Salt Water Music June 19th Hour 2

Couple of songs from Pat Lepoidevin to start off the second hour.

Mix of Jessica Rhaye. One song from her new CD, one from her previous album and one live track.

Continue with Scott Macleod. And end the show with some demos and live tracks from Ian Foster.

Mid Week Update

First up another music video.  They must be coming back or something.  This time Joel Plaskett’s first single from his triple album ‘Three’.  “Through & Through & Through” has Rose Cousins and Ana Egge on backing vocals.  Both make appearances in this video.  Lot of East Coast scenery in this clip.


So I’ll play more of Joel’s disc[s] on Friday night.  Along with Rose and Ana since they’re also Canadian content. 🙂

Interview with Ian Foster might air next Friday.  If the CD’s get here in time.  His tour hits Quebec, Ontario and BC in July.  So we have a little leeway to air the interview before the tour starts.  Most likely will do the full 2 hour show on Ian’s music.  Since there is two albums worth of new music coming my way.

Another interview I’m closer to lining up.  Not a musician, but someone who has covered the music scene on the East Coast music for years.  Could be a text interview, phone or possibly both.

Lastly, a DawgFM update.  Hearing was last Friday and sounded like got heated once in while.  Not the parts with people from the blues station but other parts.


Chairperson was getting annoyed I think, read this exchange about frequency maps.

1106   THE CHAIRPERSON: You are going to file these maps — one that is legible?

1107   MR. BRADET: Yes.

Ouch, sounds like a teacher calling you out in class. LOL.

DawgFM’s Facebook group did have an update.  Sounds like no decision till September.  Not surprising with government.  Think they do a lot of stuff during the summer?  Nope.

Does sound hopeful for the blues gang.  Maybe at a different frequency then they wanted but I’ll be cautiously optimistic.

May 29th Show

Bit late but both hours are now online.  For those who might’ve missed it due to enjoying the last weekend in May.

Today is June 1st?  Wasn’t New Year’s just recently?  Guess not.


Some Allison Crowe from her Album ‘Secrets’ and an update on her UK/European travels and headaches.

Back to 1993 with Ron Hynes. Then some music from The Irish Descendants and back in time again with Figgy Duff also from 1993.


Brand new music from Jessica Rhaye’s new CD ‘Good Things’.

Then a few tracks from Joel Plaskett’s solo project, ‘Three’. Which is a Triple Album so it will take a while for me to get through all the songs.

Jenn Grant and Sora to end the hour.

April 24th Show


New music from Emmy Alcorn, The Salty Plains and Sora. Also some of Don Brownrigg’s disc from 2007.


Some live Hey Rosetta! from a variety of sources and places. Victoria, Toronto and St. John’s. Couple of tracks from Joel Plaskett’s solo triple album “Three”. End the hour with some Ryan’s Fancy from 1982 and two more Hey Rosetta! songs from their set at NXNE 2008 in Toronto.