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Olympic-esque Blog Day 3

Glad the first Canadian Gold Medal went to someone that the media wasn’t expecting. 4th time the charm for Alexandre Bilodeau. Didn’t qualify for 1998, broken neck in 2002 and battling mono in 2006. 13 years on the team and his first Olympics.

As for the reaction I saw where I am in Kingston, one word “quiet”. Mainly because of timing. Here in Ontario, Monday is a holiday. Family Day. It was really quiet due to the holiday. Myself, I woke up after it had happened. I stayed up to watch some afternoon events but I work at 11pm so I did have to catch some shuteye. Men’s Nordic Combined had a great finish. Top 4 raced to the line and all finished within a second of each other and collapsed.

As for the Gold in the moguls a couple of people came by during work and asked about it. Both were from Quebec and had my reaction. Glad but more relieved that we I don’t have to hear all that talk.

Woman I spoke to said “I’m happy I don’t have to hear Canada has never won a gold medal at home anymore.” Not the reaction I think a Gold Medal is supposed to have. Thanks CTV/Rogers for running the ads so much you made us sick of the Gold Medal talk. Bravo. Relief is a strange emotion to have after someone winning something.

I bet if Canada gets a second Gold people will be more excited and happy around here. They’re going nuts in Vancouver but with the holiday it’s been subdued. Saturday night a lot people coming by asking about what medals were won. Sunday I spoke to two people.

Walking downtown after work and the majority of places are closed downtown. Even a convenience store and Indigo Books. Only thing I saw open was the fast food joints.

Wonder if the other sports today had anything to do with it. TSN wasn’t “Canada’s Sports Leader” Sunday. Olympic coverage? Not Sunday afternoon. TSN showed Daytona 500 which you could get on FOX. I change it to TSN2 and get the Pebble Beach Pro-Am which was on CBS. Huh? If I have TSN I have CBS and FOX.

Sunday Night TSN continued with non-Olympic programming with the NBA All Star Game. At least with the NBA case TNT is not available in Canada. But showing all that on Sunday during the Olympics seemed a bit much. I have TSN2 so the NBA could have been put there. I know not a lot of people have TSN2. Basketball fans should since Raptors get bumped to TSN2 a lot.

Some blogs about the weekend coverage. Chris Zelkovich from the Toronto Star, once a guest on CFRC Offsides with Tyler King. Julie Stewart-Binks who worked on our CFRC broadcasts. She’s currently in England. Finally William Houston with the same thoughts I had about the “choking” comment during the moguls on Saturday. See yesterday’s blog for that. I’m not the only one who used the “if NBC had done that Canadians would’ve went nuts” line. 🙂




Bad luck so far for these games. Weather causing headaches and they’ve canceled 4000 tickets for events at Cypress. Too bad if you had standing room general admission. Because you will get a refund but no chance to watch. Heavy rains have washed away so much snow they had to cancel tickets. That’s $400,000 in sales that will have to be paid back.

Not the only problems at Cypress. Buses running late and drivers getting lost. Not a shock because Kingston Whig-Standard had a story about Kingston Transit drivers going to Vancouver to drive buses. Drivers from across the country came there to be part of it. Great for those guys. However if you are not from an area and get their shortly before an event that is not a recipe for smooth transportation. You take a wrong turn you might not know how to get back.

Some quotes from Renee Smith-Valade of Vanoc about what’s been going on.

“Cypress is like your special child. Your special child that’s bright and talented and good-looking and causes you all kinds of worries, but they’re still your special child. So that’s what Cypress is.”

That’s strange enough I don’t need to make another comment.

Sounds like they might smarten up about one really silly thing. Having a fence around the Olympic Cauldron keeping people from getting to it. This is where I can blame that ugly design for part of it. Clearly someone who might be intoxicated might attempt to climb it. The way the logs [or whatever you want to call them] are at an angle makes it easy or at least inviting for troublemakers.

Fencing it off though has been bad P.R. The point of the cauldron outside is for the public. The IOC mandates it has to be outdoors. Which has never been an issue till this time. Decision to hold it indoors at a stadium that sucks like BC Place is still mind boggling. See Jody’s article I put up on Day 1. I thought too that Vancouver getting the games meant a new stadium. Wrong.

If you don’t know they are putting $200 Million worth of renovation into BC Place. After the Olympics. Don’t bother trying to figure that out. Call me crazy but I would want to put money into something before the world comes to visit. Not afterwards.

Leave to Atlantic Canada to bring a tonne of talent to the Olympics. Anyone in BC should visit Atlantic Canada house.


Amount of music there is huge. Tonne of people I’ve played on the show since I started. This is the list of ones that have been played on ‘Salt Water Music’ that are playing vancouver over the next 2 weeks. I must have a good memory.

Amelia Curran


Grand Theft Bus


Tim Chiasson and Morning Fold




Lennie Gallant


The Trews




Jimmy Rankin


Meaghan Blanchard


Sherman Downey


In Flight Safety


Hey Rosetta


Jessica Rhaye


The Irish Descendants


Matt Andersen


Rawlins Cross


Jill Barber


Ron Hynes


Catherine MacLellan


Chris Kirby






Rose Cousins


The Olympic Symphonium


Matt Mays


The Navigators


Jim Payne & Fergus O’Byrne



Whew. And there are even more artists. That is a big list.

Luckily I have 3 days off from work so I can watch more of the events live.  Saw many things but just replayed on overnights at work.  Not quite the same but at least I get to see them.

2010 ECMA Nominations

Post will be a bit long since the 2010 ECMA nominations came out today.  Friend of the show Ian Foster is up for Instrumental Recording so that’s great news.  Singer I’ve been in contact with since the first summer of the program, Jessica Rhaye’s up for a couple of awards as well.

Getting plans co-ordinated to interview Jenn Grant in the new year so is another nominee.  Will be playing some songs from her Kingston concert in the upcoming weeks.

One category was fun to read.  Broadcast of the Year in the Industry category. 4 of the 6 titles have EAST COAST in them.  One of those times I have to try and remember which show is which.


Entertainer of the Year

Classified (NS)
Dave Carroll (NS)
David Myles (NB)
Gypsophilia (NS)
In-Flight Safety (NS)
Joel Plaskett (NS)
The Divorcees (NB)

Female Solo Recording of the Year

Amelia Curran (NL) – Hunter, Hunter
Catherine MacLellan (PE) – Water In The Ground
Coco Love Alcorn (NS) – Joyful
Erin Costelo (NS) – Fire and Fuss
Jenn Grant (NS) – Echoes
Jessica Rhaye (NB) – Good Things
Kim Wempe (NS) – Where I Need to Be

Group Recording of the Year

Caledonia (NS) – We Are America
In-Flight Safety (NS) – we are an empire, my dear
Madison Violet (CB) – No Fool for Trying
The Motorleague (NB) – Black Noise
The Novaks (NL) – Things Fall Apart
Two Hours Traffic (PE) – Territory

Konica Minolta Male Solo Recording of the Year

Chris Kirby (NL) – Vampire Hotel
Classified (NS) – Self-Explanatory
Dave Gunning (NS) – We’re All Leaving
Dave Marsh (NS) – The True Love Rules
Joel Plaskett (NS) – Three
Lennie Gallant (PE) – If We Had A Fire
Pascal Lejeune (NB) – Adélaïde

FACTOR Recording of the Year

Amelia Curran (NL) – Hunter, Hunter
Classified (NS) – Self-Explanatory
Chris Kirby (NL) – Vampire Hotel
Dave Gunning (NS) – We’re All Leaving
Duane Andrews (NL) – Raindrops
Jenn Grant (NS) – Echoes
Joel Plaskett (NS) – Three

Rising Star Recording of the Year

Caledonia (NS) – We Are America
Haunted Hearts (PE) – Thank You, Goodnight
Kim Wempe (NS) – Where I Need To Be
Share (NS) – Slumping in Your Murals
Sleepy Driver (NB) – Steady Now
The Danks (PE) – Are You Afraid Of The Danks

Vibe Creative Group Single of the Year

Alert the Medic (NS) – Atlas
Caledonia (NS) – Scott’s House
Classified (NS) – Anybody Listening
In-Flight Safety (NS) – Model Homes
Joel Plaskett (NS) – Through & Through & Through
Joel Plaskett (NS) – You Let Me Down

SOCAN Songwriter of the Year

Amelia Curran (NL) – “The Mistress” (Performed by: Amelia Curran)
Brenley MacEachern & Lisa MacIsaac (CB) – “Small of My Heart” (Performed by: Madison Violet)
Catherine MacLellan (PE) – “Take A Break” (Performed by: Catherine MacLellan)
Coco Love Alcorn/Chris Hockey (NS) – “Revolution” (Performed by: Coco Love Alcorn)
Dave Gunning/Jamie Robinson (NS) – “Made On A Monday” (Performed by: Dave Gunning)
Joel Plaskett (NS) – “Through & Through & Through” (Performed by: Joel Plaskett)
Mullane, Goodsell, Nicholson, Ledwell (NS) –“Model Homes” (Performed by: In-Flight Safety)

Video of the Year

Classified (NS) – Anybody Listening (Directed by: Harv)
Down with the Butterfly (NS) – Tanks (Directed by: Aram Kouyoumdjian)
George Canyon (NS) – Just Like You (Directed by: Colin Minihan)
In-Flight Safety (NS) – Model Homes (Directed by: Drew Lightfoot)
Joel Plaskett (NS) – Through & Through & Through (Directed by: RT!)
The Motorleague (NB) – Hymn For the Newly Departed (Directed by: Marc Savoie)
The Tom Fun Orchestra (CB) – Throw Me to the Rats (Directed by: Alasdair Brotherston & Jock Mooney)

Alternative Recording of the Year

Caledonia (NS) – We Are America
In-Flight Safety (NS) – we are an empire, my dear
Sleepy Driver (NB) – Steady Now
The Danks (PE) – Are You Afraid Of The Danks
The Easy Bleeders (CB) – The Easy Bleeders
The Slate Pacific (NB) – Safe Passage

Bluegrass Recording of the Year

Catherine Lawrence (NS) – Sweet Memories
Cousin Cletus and the Six-Fingered Stringband (PE) – DISCOGRASS
Ryan Roberts (NS) – Ryan Roberts
Smokin’ Contra Band (NS) – Slim Pickins
The Grass Mountain Hobos (PE) – ZOOT!
The Spinney Brothers (NS) – When The Golden Leaves Begin To Fall

Blues Recording of the Year

Chris Kirby (NL) – Vampire Hotel
Easley Stevenson Arsenault (NS) – Nine Steps
Rick Jeffery (NS) – 13 Vultures
The Hupman Brothers (NS) – Countin’ Quarters
The Terry Whalen Band (NB) – A Wicked Driving Rain

Country Recording of the Year

George Canyon (NS) – What I Do
JD Clarke (NS) – Satisfied
Karla Pilgrim (NL) – I’ll Think of You
Melanie Morgan (NB) – Goodbye Birmingham
Rik Reese & Neon Highway (NB) – Mama Raised a Good Boy
The Divorcees (NB) – Last of the Free Men
The Keats (NL) – Good to be Home

Folk Recording of the Year

Amelia Curran (NL) – Hunter, Hunter
Andrew White (NS) – Walk in Light
Catherine MacLellan (PE) – Water In The Ground
Jessica Rhaye (NB) – Good Things
Joey Kitson (PE) – STAN
JP Cormier (CB) – The Messenger

Instrumental Recording of the Year

Andrea Beaton (CB) – Branches
Curtis Andrews (NL) – The Offering of Curtis Andrews
Darren McMullen (NS) – Decade
Ian Foster (NL) – Found: Music from the Unmade Film
Spanner (NL) – Dark Boat
The Dardanelles (NL) – The Dardanelles

Jazz Recording of the Year

Bill Brennan (NL) – After Hours
Gypsophilia (NS) – Sa-ba-da-OW!
Jeff Torbert (NS) – This Weather Honest
Les Paiens (NB) – PYRAMYD
Paul Tynan (NS) – BiCoastal Collective: Chapter One
Swingology (NS) – Swingology

Loud Recording of the Year

Big Game Hunt (NS) – Goliath
Black Moor (NS) – The Conquering
Shelter with Thieves (NS) – Confessions of a Toxic Generation
The Motorleague (NB) – Black Noise
Uncooperative Death (NS) – Uncooperative Death
We, the Undersigned (NB) – Bleed the Constants

Pop Recording of the Year

Jenn Grant (NS) – Echoes
Joel Plaskett (NS) – Three
Mel Keith & The Strombachs (NB) – Mel Keith & The Strombachs
Stephanie Mainville (NB) – Out of Nowhere
Tim Chaisson and Morning Fold (PE) – Broken Hearted Beat
Two Hours Traffic (PE) – Territory

Sirius Satellite Radio Rock Recording of the Year

Alert the Medic (NS) – We, The Weapon
Andrew Hunter & The Gatherers (NS) – Andrew Hunter & The Gatherers
Carleton Stone Drives The Big Wheel (CB) – Carleton Stone Drives The Big Wheel
Dave Marsh (NS) – The True Loves Rules
Smothered in Hugs (PE) – The Healing Power Of Injury
The Novaks (NL) – Things Fall Apart

Roots / Traditional Solo Recording of the Year

Allan Ricketts (NL) – Rivers
Anna Ludlow (NS) – Reel To Reel
Colette Cheverie (PE) – Hours Before Dawn
Gillian Boucher (CB) – Elemental
Lennie Gallant (PE) – If We Had a Fire
Samantha Robichaud (NB) – Collected

Roots / Traditional Group Recording of the Year

Dawn and Margie Beaton (CB) – Taste of Gaelic
Lazy Jacks (PE) – East Coast Live
Shanneyganock (NL) – Volume VII
The Navigators (NL) – Sea Miner
The Once (NL) – The Once

Aboriginal Recording of the Year

Forever (CB) – Reborn
Gary Sappier Experience (NB) – Project III
Lone Cloud (NS) – Live at North Street Church
Richard Poulette (CB) – Let Go, Let God

Francophone Recording of the Year

BLOU (NS) – Noël Blou
George Belliveau (NB) – Prise 2
Joseph Edgar (NS) – Y’a un train qui s’en vient…
Nathalie Renault (NB) – La chance
Pascal Lejeune (NB) – Adélaïde
Soleil (NS) – Soleil

Gospel Recording of the Year

David John Hensman (NL) – Find Me
Elizabeth and Scott Rhyno (NS) – Something Beautiful
Evangeline Inman & Women Who Worship (NB) – Evangeline Inman and Women Who Worship
Matt Brouwer (NS) – Where’s Our Revolution
The Ascensions (NB) – No Greater Love
Tim Milner (NS) – Kiss the Son

Rap / Hip-Hop Single Track Recording of the Year

Classified (NS) – Anybody Listening
Hotbox (NB) – Knowledge is Wealth feat. Radar
Mischif (CB) – C.B. Summer
Mista Mack (CB) – Gone with the Breeze feat. Mischif
Shiest (NL) – Nuttin New
Three Street (NS) – How it Goes

R&B/Soul Single Track Recoding of the Year
Chris Kirby (NL) – Come Clean
Gary Beals (NS) – Jump Off feat. Blessed
Jamie Sparks (NS) – All I Need – Remix
Mark Duggan (NS) – Sambaiosis

Industry Awards:

Broadcast of the Year

Atlantic Airwaves
Cape Breton Christmas Daddies
East Coast Countdown
East Coast Music Show
East Coast Road Trip
That East Coast Show

Event of the Year

24th Annual Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival
Celtic Colours International Festival
Festival acadien de Caraquet
Halifax Pop Explosion
Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival
New Glasgow Riverfront Jubilee

Independent Company of the Year

Malkin Music
Marcato Digital Solutions
Music Marketing International
Sonic Entertainment Group
The Joseph Scott Entertainment Agency

Industry Professional of the Year presented by CARAS – The Junos

Bruce Morel
Darren Gallop
Eirinn Fraser
John Poirier
Lyle Drake
Tony Murray

Manager of the Year

Bruce Morel
Christopher K Daw
Heather Gibson
Jeff Liberty

Media Person of the Year

Doug Gallant
Kurt Fawthrop
Jeff Liberty
Jimmie Inch
Marc Xavier LeBlanc
Tom Bedell

Record Company/Distributor/Independent Label of the Year

Avondale Music
Diminished Fifth Records
Forward Music Group
Sonic Records
Sound of Pop Records
Warner Music Canada

Studio of the Year

Big Grey Sound Studio
Denmark Productions
Ferguson Music Productions
Lakewind Sound Studios
Soundpark Studios
The Sonic Temple

Studio Engineer of the Year

Dennis G. Field
Jamie Foulds
Jon Matthews
Mike “Sheppy” Shepherd
Scott Ferguson
Tim Feswick

Venue of the Year

Fredericton Playhouse
Harmony House Theatre
Membertou Trade & Convention Centre
St. Mary’s Church, Indian River
The Company House
The Oxygen Complex

Visual Artist of the Year

Cheryl Smith
Chr!s Sm!th
Jessica Rhaye Design
Jocelyne Vautour
Kelly Clark
Mat Dunlap

June 19th Episode


Salt Water Music June 19th Hour 2

Technically 45 minutes because I let the previous show run long, political show had some people from City Council Live in Studio.  That’s rare so that’s why this is shorter than usual.

Kicked it off with Allison Crowe as she wrapped up her eventful tour of Europe.

Then some more of Joel Plaskett’s triple album.  After that some solo work from Rose Cousins and Ana Egge who contributed to Joel’s new album.


Salt Water Music June 19th Hour 2

Couple of songs from Pat Lepoidevin to start off the second hour.

Mix of Jessica Rhaye. One song from her new CD, one from her previous album and one live track.

Continue with Scott Macleod. And end the show with some demos and live tracks from Ian Foster.

May 29th Show

Bit late but both hours are now online.  For those who might’ve missed it due to enjoying the last weekend in May.

Today is June 1st?  Wasn’t New Year’s just recently?  Guess not.


Some Allison Crowe from her Album ‘Secrets’ and an update on her UK/European travels and headaches.

Back to 1993 with Ron Hynes. Then some music from The Irish Descendants and back in time again with Figgy Duff also from 1993.


Brand new music from Jessica Rhaye’s new CD ‘Good Things’.

Then a few tracks from Joel Plaskett’s solo project, ‘Three’. Which is a Triple Album so it will take a while for me to get through all the songs.

Jenn Grant and Sora to end the hour.

May 1st Show/Melissa DiMarco


Demo and live tracks from Ian Foster to open the show. Then some folk with a bluegrass flavour from The Strangeboys. Some songs from Jenn Grant’s new CD Echoes.

Then an interview I taped 30 minutes before the show started with Melissa DiMarco. East coast connection that night as on her show ‘Out There’ that night she traveled to Nova Scotia and met up with Bubbles of the Trailer Park Boys. We chatted for about 12 minutes.

At the end of the hour, Melissa’s song request. For David Baxter with his title track, ‘Day and Age’. He’s a musician from Toronto who contributes to the Degrassi soundtrack. A show Melissa will be working on as they start shooting soon.


Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers who were playing Kingston that following Tuesday.

Some sets of music from The Fables, Ron Hynes and Meghan Blanchard.

End the show with 3 live songs.  Allison Crowe’s cover of ‘Who Will Save Your Soul’.  Greg Keelor and Cuff The Duke with ‘Palace of Gold’.  End with Jessica Rhaye, ‘Holding Out’.  Jessica has a new CD that’s coming out soon which I’ll be getting my hands on.

Here is Melissa’s email address that she gave out during the show, fans of her show can contact it here.  And the many places the show is online.  Website, YouTube, MySpace and Facebook.






Lot of places online to follow the show, as many things as me. I don’t have a YouTube channel, but I’m on Twitter.  Maybe that’s next up for them. 🙂

Since I was running on little sleep last night I mixed up the start times.  The new Out There episode was at 10pm, then the episode from the previous week was 10:30pm.  Oops.  But at least the episode in Nova Scotia is on again next week if my mistake caused you to miss it.

Thanks to Melissa for the interview.

Time to check out Bulls-Celtics Game 7, hopefully a close game.

Feb. 6th Show

Bit later than usual but here is the show from Friday.


Second funding drive show. So if you’re wondering why I mention the pledge line a lot, that’s why.

The music of Figgy Duff, Allison Crowe, Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers, Don Brownrigg, Dana Parsons, Dayliner and The Slate Pacific.


End of the Funding Drive shows with a mix of music.

Glamourpuss, Great Big Sea, Jessica Rhaye, Haines/Leighton, Share, The Olympic Symphonium, The Lever Pulled and Allison Crowe.

Sept. 26th Show

Had no theme for this week’s show but then realized I could have female singers for Hour 1. So an hour of music with Catherine MacLellan, Teresa Ennis, Allison Crowe, Andrea Wittgens and Jessica Rhaye.


Since the first half was women, Hour 2 all guys. Neil Dobson and the Fabulous Hats, Joe Belly and the Sin City Ramblers, Ian Foster including a live track from his website and Gulliver’s Spree.