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Parking Money Grab

July 3rd UPDATE

Day after I wrote this blog Robert’s story was the top story on the 6pm news on both CBC and NTV in Newfoundland. VOCM also reported on it. The CBC.ca story on it had over 600 comments on it before it was closed. Glad the story got out to a large amount of people.


Rest of this post is from last week.

Found a musician a few years back called “folkartlullaby”. Might’ve been on MySpace first, but with that site getting revamped a lot of the pages don’t work but here are a few links.



“folkartlullaby is the recording name of Robert Thornhill . Robert is from a small town in Newfoundland called Carbonear.
In 2007 Robert found a little extra cash and bought a digtal 8 track and a few cheap mic’s and started recording his songs.”

Have Robert on Facebook and Instagram. Over the last year he’s been doing a lot of traveling to the Janeway Hospital in St. John’s and the Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. His daughter Erica has been battling cancer over that time. After a bone marrow transplant and recent treatments the cancer came back again. This time there’s nothing the doctors can do. Right now the staff is trying to make her feel as comfortable as possible. Doesn’t get much worse than that.

Saw Robert post this picture today on Facebook. About the parking tickets he’s gotten at the Janeway hospital over all that time. Which might be one of the most “needless money grabs” I can think of. I worked at a hotel for 4 years and if anyone came in from Kingston General Hospital I’d give them lowest rate I could make. I would override the computer to do that. And give free parking to them too. In those cases it wasn’t someone dealing with a child who is battling for their life either. Picture he put up today of a note he left on his windshield


Note on Windshield

Robert’s Caption on Instagram: ” Quiet no more, in this 10 month journey of hospitals with a sick child I have got so many parking tickets at the Janeway, well over 500 dollars worth. Our stay here may be coming to an end here but there are other parents coming behind us that have to deal with this. There should be free parking for parents of long term and terminal kids . Please share this photo with anyone and everyone you feel to could change this for future parents in this situation #cbc #ntv #newfoundland #janeway #stjohns #telegram at Janeway Children’s Hospital & Rehabilitation Centre”

Recently I helped plug the Janeway Telethon on my radio show too. In my head I’m trying to separate the fundraising from something like this. But it is almost impossible to do. This year a record $2.9 Million was raised. Least they can do is offer free parking to those who are dealing with such a tough time. Especially with the amount of travel families have to do to St. John’s from all over the province.

Had to write a blog post about it to help spread the word for him. Hopefully it might change things for the parents in the future. Thoughts go out with Erica, Robert, his wife Amanda, and younger daughter Lauren.