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May 21st Episode

When you spend a long weekend working that tends to delay my radio stuff. But here is the 3rd anniversary show from last Friday.


3rd anniversary show kicks off with Mari-Mac by Great Big Sea. First song I played in May 2007.

Then some rare Blue Rodeo tracks. Live version of ‘Florida’, recorded in Saskatoon by a band formed in Toronto with Greg Keelor who was born in Nova Scotia. 2 songs from ‘Tremolo’ which I’m sure aren’t played on the radio much. ‘Brother Andre’s Heart’ and ‘Frog’s Lullaby’.

New Brunswick’s Grand Theft Bus continues the hour followed by Allison Crowe. Hour 1 ends with a duo from PEI Mark Haines and Tom Leighton. Tom has a link with the second hour’s music which I didn’t know about at the time.


Wrote a blog post about the 3rd anniversary show and got a response from Naming the Twins. So played them that night on the show. Tom Leighton plays on one of the tracks, just happened to grab that CD before I left my place so good luck with that.

Back to back with artists from my home province of Newfoundland to end the program. The Irish Descendants, Great Big Sea, Hey Rosetta and Ian Foster.

Irish Descendants Concert Tonight

Reminder The Irish Descendants are playing in Kingston tonight at the Grand Theatre. Some tickets still available, not a tonne but still a chance to get some.  Here is the show from Friday night.  Interview with Con O’Brien along with some Allison Crowe and Hey Rosetta! to end the show.


Interview with Con O’Brien from The Irish Descendants. Music of the band for this entire hour and into Hour 2. Band was playing Kingston that following Tuesday along with a meet and greet at the Tin Nan Og.


Music of The Irish Descendants for 30 minutes after airing the interview with Con O’Brien in Hour 1. Then some live Hey Rosetta! A brand new song from Allison Crowe along with a couple of covers to end the program.