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October 14th Episode with Sora

Quick blog post this week, with work I’m on a nine day stretch with 1 night off so in a bit of a rush. A proper post next week when I have more time.

Detroit over Atlanta, Miami over Denver, Tennessee over Houston, Tampa Bay over Chicago, Seattle over Cleveland, San Diego over NY Jets, Washington over Carolina, Pittsburgh over Arizona, Oakland over KC, Dallas over St. Louis, Green Bay over Minnesota, New Orleans over Indy, Baltimore over Jacksonville.

Here was the episode from October 14th which reran on Friday due to work this week.


Music of David Myles, Ian Sherwood with Matt Anderson, Andy Brown, Kim Wempe, Molly Thomason, Catherine Maclellan and Gypsophilia.

Interview with Sora as she’s coming to Toronto in November and some of her music.

June 12th Show

Friday’s program is now online.

Interview with Ian Foster went well Saturday morning.  Won’t air next Friday since he’s sending along his 2 new CD’s.  Yep, two of them.  “Found : Music from an Unmade Film” which I play a track from at the end of the show.  But he’ll also have another disc of B-Sides and the like from his repertoire.  Stuff he’s played in concert but hadn’t been available on CD yet.


Was under the weather, so the 2nd hour was a rerun from the previous week. But in this first hour lot of new music to the show.

Ian Sherwood’s most recent CD makes its debut on this show. Also music from Carbonear’s folkartlullaby. New music from The Divorcees and Molly Thomason. End the hour with Ian Foster who I interviewed the following morning.

Friday/Ian Foster

New music for Friday with Ian Sherwood’s CD ‘Art of Conversation’.  It’s also been a while since I played folkartlullaby so I’ll be bringing some of his music’s on the show for this week.

Taping the “3rd Annual Ian Foster Interview” on Saturday with, ironically enough Ian Foster.  That works out well.

Ian was the first guest interviewed for this show in June 2007.  Talked to him last summer before he went on tour.  And he’s doing another tour of Quebec/Ontario this summer.  But this time he’s also traveling all the way out west to B.C. for some gigs out on the left coast.  Long trip since he lives in St. John’s. Closet stop to Kingston is Toronto.  Check Ian’s website for details.


He’s been adding dates but I think it’s getting set in stone now.  Interview should air the following week or the Friday after.  Going to try and get his new CD before I air the interview.

Artists I heard on Radio ECMA

Thought I had posted this on WordPress and MySpace this afternoon but I don’t see it here.  Oops.

Luckily I thought I’d keep a running tab of who I heard on Radio ECMA over the weekend. First band I’ve played before on the show, but all the rest I’ll be getting to in the near future. For those of us going through East Coast withdrawal you can check out these sites.

Olympic Symphonium


The Abrams Brothers


Laura Helen Penney


Ian Sherwood


Daniel Payne


Stone Richards and the Devil Folk


Paisley Jura


West Moon


Smothered in Hugs


Sharona Clark