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One More Song – Ian Foster

Played a song on the show over the last couple of years that has become a short film. Ian Foster on his album ‘The Evening Light’ has a track called ‘A Large Crowd Gathers for the Deceased Jeff Elliot’s Encore Performance’. Story from The Telegram on it.

“Musician to make film debut at this year’s Nickel” by Tara Bradbury


“One Monday night in the middle of a Newfoundland winter, Dan heads to The Ship Pub to take in an unlikely show – a posthumous concert featuring Jeff Eliot. Jeff wasn’t really a big deal prior to his death. His music drifted out of half-broken PAs and into restless drunken crowds for years, but that all changed after he died. Suddenly, fame happened. People who had not seen him in life yearned for him after death. They yearned for the last show. And this time, they got what they wanted.”

So reads St. John’s singer/songwriter Ian Foster’s synopsis for his first foray into filmmaking, a short film called “One More Song,” which will premiere at this year’s Nickel Independent Film Festival. The film started off as a song – “A Large Crowd Gathers for the Deceased Jeff Elliot’s Encore Performance,” which eventually went on to be featured on Foster’s most recent album, “The Evening Light” – and a short story, which earned Foster a Newfoundland and Labrador Arts and Letters Award in 2010 in the senior fiction category.

This is the website for the short film which premiered at the festival recently.


Trailer: One More Song – A Short Film by Ian Foster


The newest update from is Ian won ‘Best Screenplay’ at the film festival. Picture from Ian.


I won a The Nickel Independent Film Festival award last night: “Best Screenplay” for One More Song. It’s a giant pewter nickel! It has been a great week at the festival, and I’ve met some cool folks. Thanks to the cast and crew who worked on the film – a year and a half ago, this thing was an idea, and now here we are. It’s a pretty great day! #offtoseethenickel

Congrats to Ian on the award.

Dec. 9th Episode/Sea and Be Scene

Here is last Friday’s episode, few days late but internet problems at work this week.


“Open up with David Myles, Duane Andrews and The Once. New music from Ria Mae, The Penny Blacks, Andrea Simms Karp and Ian Foster. Holidays coming up and a brand new song for this time of year with ‘Christmas by the Sea’ by Stephanie Beaumont. Followed by Natalie McMaster who will be on the show next week. Some of the remastered ‘Fogarty’s Cove’ album by Stan Rogers. End the show with Allison Crowe who is in the midst of some Christmas concerts.”

On Twitter I’ve linked to the Sea and Be Scene website before but time to do a write up as well. Stephanie Beaumont started it last year and she had a YouTube channel for the videos and did start a podcast too. Best source to keep track of music on the East Coast as she has interviewed a lot of them. She’s based in Nova Scotia so a little bit easier than me in Ontario. 🙂

All my interviews have been phoners so far. Does lead to interesting behind the scenes things. Tim Baker from Hey Rosetta! did an interview on his cell phone while walking around Toronto on a day off during a tour. Air Traffic Control stopped at a gas station pay-phone somewhere in Quebec to give me a call as they were driving back from Ontario to Nova Scotia.

She describes the site : “We are an entertainment based, magazine style website designed to celebrate the 4 Atlantic Provinces. Our goal is to profile all the people, places and things that make Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island so very special.”

Sure readers will reconginze Stephanie from her music or TV work. When I lived in Ottawa Valley I was in a small place that had about 15 channels on cable. When some new stations popped up in mid 90s we somehow got Discovery Channel and a music one called NCN. Both those channels are still around, although anyone under 20 is wondering ‘What the heck was NCN?’. It stood for “New Country Network” which you know today as “CMT Canada”. We had no MuchMusic, MuchMoreMusic or any other music station on this small cable system. So on Saturdays they had something called Rock N Country where they would play a mix of Country Videos, Rock and Pop. Being as it was my only source of music videos I watched pretty much every week. Could have a song from Stephanie, Hootie and the Blowfish and Bob Seger in the same set.

From a site on Cape Breton called ‘What’s Going On’.

Beaumont is an award winning country singer who had a string of hits on the Canadian country music charts from 1995 to 2000. Her two albums, Love And Dreams and Way Over My Heart, delivered nine Top 40 hits for the Nova Scotia singer.

She won the Outstanding New Female Artist Award at the RPM Big Country Awards in 1999 on the strength of her 1998 album Way Over My Heart. She also received nominations for The Rising Star Award and The Top Female Vocalist Award from the Canadian Country Music Association.

Although she hasn’t released any new music since 2000, she did join Cape Breton musician Aaron Lewis this year in a duet on his new album. Aaron says, “She has such a pure voice and strong delivery, I knew she was the one for the duet of Separate Lives on my new CD.”

She does have some new music which is at the end of this post.

Few years later got satellite TV and I had all these channels from across Canada. After years of barely having 15 I would watch a tonne of shows just to see what they were like. Watching an entertainment show in Alberta called ‘Wired’ and who pops up as host? Stephanie. Goes back to what I’ve said before Canadian Media is a smaller group than you would imagine.

She was popular during her time in Edmonton as evidence by a message board I found through Google. A thread was started about the women on TV news in Edmonton, or as they put it the “Hotties”. [Not the most serious topic I know] This was after she had left the station;

“ohhhh yes Stephanie Beaumont has to be the best!”

“Stephanie Beaumont is another young lady that I have met…. very attractive.”

Somewhere in Nova Scotia she is turning red. With Christmas coming up RED is a holiday colour. Did show she left an impression in Alberta. Her bio from http://seaandbescene.com

“I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, so I guess you could say that I’m biased – but I’ve found an awful lot of people who’ll back me up – you’ll find them here on Sea and be Scene – waving the ‘fun flag’ where the 4 Atlantic Provinces are concerned – and I’m meeting more every day…locals, CFA’s, tourists, you name it – they love living here, moving here, visiting here and they want to share the love – as do I.

I should tell you too – that I love what I do – creating and producing this site (together with family, friends, and one rockin’ website team) – is a dream come true. My career path through corporate marketing in Toronto, to singing on stages around the world, to broadcasting on TV and radio stations across the country has lead me back to the province of my birth and this web-site.

Sea and be Scene has allowed me to reunite with many friends I had met along the way and back in the day…and it will allow me the chance to meet new and wonderful folk in the future.

For a people person like me these are exciting times!”

She has a Christmas song out for the holidays which I’ll play this week on the show and over the next few shows leading up to Christmas. You can get it through iTunes or Amazon.



Here is a post about all the people who helped with the song as well.


Finally the YouTube page with 260 videos and counting.


Tomorrow on the show, might have an interview.  If everything works out.  Last minute changes so it’s up in the air.  Tune it at 7pm EST tomorrow and find out.  The interview would be taped Friday afternoon so it will be down to the wire.

December 3rd Episode

Uploaded this show and forgot to post it. Show from 2 weeks ago, will upload last week’s show later on.


Tonight’s episode was brand new music for the entire 2 hours. Kendra Gale, Tom Terrell, Shannay Smith, Andrew Doyle, Ben Caplan & The Casual Smokers all in this first hour of the show.


Continue the 2 hours of brand new music. Matchstick Mike and the Chain Smoking Alter Boys, Ian Foster, Scott Parsons Band, John Connolly, Ashley Condon, The Olympic Symphonium and wrap it up with Kelly Sloan.

If you missed the show a week ago, I’ll be in doing new shows over the holidays.  Christmas Eve, live as usual.  New Year’s Eve a new show as well.  That might be taped.  I work that night so depending on things I might tape that ahead of time.  Last year I worked Christmas and was off for New Year’s.  This year the opposite.  Either way new content over the holiday season.

Backlog of Episodes/NFL picks

I knew there was a back log of episodes to put online, didn’t know it was as far back as July.  Had some time off in August then football season came early before September and it snowballed from there.


Music of Matt Anderson, some Stan Rogers on vinyl and Jill Barber who was playing Kingston that month.


Music of Jill Barber, Ryan’s Fancy, David Myles, Chris Kirby, Hey Rosetta! and Ian Foster.


New music from Great Big Sea. Also tracks from Don Brownrigg and Neil Dobson.


Neil Dobson, Gulliver’s Spree, Stan Rogers, Ross Neilsen

So with that, a quick version of the picks.  Plus I worked on a little NFL related blog post that will be a long one.  Part NFL, part TV and mostly just a funny comparison that worked out well.

Texans over Chargers.  San Diego won again and Houston didn’t show up against the Colts.  Have to stick with the Texans one more week.  They lose this they’re going back to choke artists at 4-4.

Cardinals over Vikings.  Just on principle I’m not picking Brad Childress this week.  What an idiot.  Would’ve been idiot coach of the week but my team is the Redskins. [The topic for the long blog post]

Saints over Panthers.  Saints with a good win against the Steelers.  Could be a trap game but Panthers are 2nd worst in the league.

Patriots over Browns.  New England quietly 6-1.  Some games they haven’t been their best and still win.  Either worrisome for some fans or a good sign.  You win playing badly I’d say that’s a good thing.

Bucs over Falcons.  Tampa Bay, I still can’t figure them out.  5-2 record and QB Freeman with another 4th quarter comeback win last week.  Weird.

Bears over Bills? Nah, I can’t do that. Bills over Bears.  Buffalo with two overtime losses to the Chiefs and Ravens is more impressive.  I know it’s in Toronto.  Neutral site, pretty much.

Ravens over Dolphins.  Baltimore should win this one.  The next game, is on Thursday so that’s a short week.

Jets over Lions.  Detroit beating Washington last week is a whole other blog.

Giants over Seahawks.  Seattle has to go to their back up QB, Charlie Whitehurst.  Two ways to go.  Giants dealing with a QB they’ve never seen or hammering a QB who doesn’t have much experience.  I’m going with NYG.

Colts over Eagles.  Indy handled Houston so Philly should’nt be that hard.

Chiefs over Raiders.  Game of the week, and it’s not a joke.  5-2 KC against 4-4 Oakland.  Raiders ahead of San Diego in the division

Sunday night, Green Bay over Dallas.  Let’s ignore the Cowboys till end of the season or when they fire Wade.

Monday night, Pittsburgh over Cincinnati.  Bengals play their division tough, for whatever reason.  Don’t see Steelers losing two in a row.

Ian Foster 2010 Tour

Episode 18 : Ian Foster 2010

Live interview with Ian Foster I did last Friday. Only 2nd live interview done for the show. Usually I tape ahead of time. Ian joined the show for the 4th time. Here are his tour dates in Ontario. Shorter tour than previous times. Luckily for Ian no long drive from St. John’s to Ontario either. Took a flight to Toronto.
First show is tonight as I type this so here are the tour dates.

July 29th – The Central, Toronto, ON: w/Dave Borins and Ann Vriend
July 30th – Twisted Pines, Toronto, ON: festival workshop
July 30th – Twisted Pines, Toronto, ON: Evening Concert
July 31st – Twisted Pines, Toronto, ON: festival workshop
July 31st – Twisted Pines, Toronto, ON: Evening Concert
Aug 1st – The Cornestone, Guelph, ON
Aug 4th – The Moonshine Cafe, Oakville, ON
Aug 6th – The London Music Club, London, ON: w/Claire Danaher and TBA


To download Episode 18 visit:


Ian Foster Live Interview

Last minute but we’ll have Ian Foster on tonight’s show.  Quick live interview about 10 minutes.  He’s coming to Ontario starting next week.  Last summer if you remember he had a long tour.  Drove from Newfoundland to Ontario while doing some dates along the way.  Then flew out to Vancouver and played some gigs in B.C.

This summer just a short tour of Ontario.  We’ll chat for a few minutes about that and his recent European dates. 4th summer in a row talking to Ian on the phone.  Tradition continues tonight at 6pm EST.

June 18th Episode


New music for the entire first hour. Open up with Allison Crowe from her disc ‘Spiral’. David Myles with his CD ‘Turn Time Off’. Joe Belly’s ‘Nickels and Dimes’ and Wintersleep’s ‘New Inheritors’ keep the new music going.

Wrap up the first hour with a brand new song from Ian Foster called ‘Sparrow’. Taken from a live radio appearance he made in the Netherlands. Interview from that show and his entire 6 song set is played during the second hour.


A chat with Stephane Racle about RCW 139 in the second hour. A fan convention being held in Toronto from August 13th-15th for the show Due South. Before the interview I play Holly Cole Trio ‘Que Sera Sera’. She was in an episode of the show and that song was used. After the interview I play Stan Rogers ‘Northwest Passage’ which was also used in Due South.


End the show with a set Ian Foster did in Holland. Found this from his Facebook page. Contacted the host Thomas and asked if I could use it and he graciously agreed. Ian being interviewed on Blueprint then he plays a 6 song live set.

Some more information on Blueprint.

“Since 1998 Thomas Kaldijk is hosting his roots show ‘Blueprint’ at the Dutch local station Radio Parkstad. Since late 2003 it is also broadcast by another northern Dutch radiostation: Radio LOK. In ‘Blueprint’ you can listen to honest and genuine musicstyles like southern soul, blues, country and rock and roll: rootsmusic from past and present with heart and soul.”


May 21st Episode

When you spend a long weekend working that tends to delay my radio stuff. But here is the 3rd anniversary show from last Friday.


3rd anniversary show kicks off with Mari-Mac by Great Big Sea. First song I played in May 2007.

Then some rare Blue Rodeo tracks. Live version of ‘Florida’, recorded in Saskatoon by a band formed in Toronto with Greg Keelor who was born in Nova Scotia. 2 songs from ‘Tremolo’ which I’m sure aren’t played on the radio much. ‘Brother Andre’s Heart’ and ‘Frog’s Lullaby’.

New Brunswick’s Grand Theft Bus continues the hour followed by Allison Crowe. Hour 1 ends with a duo from PEI Mark Haines and Tom Leighton. Tom has a link with the second hour’s music which I didn’t know about at the time.


Wrote a blog post about the 3rd anniversary show and got a response from Naming the Twins. So played them that night on the show. Tom Leighton plays on one of the tracks, just happened to grab that CD before I left my place so good luck with that.

Back to back with artists from my home province of Newfoundland to end the program. The Irish Descendants, Great Big Sea, Hey Rosetta and Ian Foster.

Link to April 9th Episode

Starting to catch up on episodes. If you’ve checked recently the CFRC website recently you’ll see the archive isn’t working. So right now this will be the only way to listen to shows. Catching up first with the most recent show from last Friday. Some more news about the show this week. But that will be saved for another post.


Start off the show with some blues from New Brunswick with tracks from ‘Piggyback’ a disc that has Matt Anderson teaming up with Mike Stevens.

Followed by The Irish Descendants who were in the news with a change in the band’s lineup.

End the first hour with Allison Crowe’s new CD ‘Spiral’ as I just got in the mail a few days earlier. Also throw in a live cover of a Jewel song she did a few years ago


Start off the second hour with some more from Allison Crowe’s CD ‘Spiral’. Also end the hour with what I believe is a fan recording of her doing Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ live in concert.

Some indie bands from PEI as well. One song each from English Words, Solid Gold Workout & Milks and Rectangles.

Continue with PEI artists with some tracks from Nathan Wiley. New CFRC volunteer Laura who was shadowing the broadcast enjoyed Nathan’s CD a lot. I think this hour you might hear a cell phone ring in the background. That was Laura’s but I made the same mistake starting off as well. 🙂

Mix of Ian Foster’s two releases from 2009 towards the end of the program this week.

Links to all interviews from 2009

Time for a blog entry with all the interviews from 2009.  One of those things where I knew there was a few but once I added them up it got to be a longer list than I though. [Added Allison Crowe which got lost in all the copy and paste I was doing]

Thanks to all those who gave time to be interviewed for the show in 2009. Time to go “Romper Room” and say thanks to Sora, Fergus, Ray, Andrea, Melanie, Tim, Melissa, Bryan, Ian, Toni Marie, Robin, Allison, Neate, Laurie, Gerry and Kirsten.  Whew.  Close to 18 hours of radio here so many weeks worth of listening if you missed some of them.

Sora on her latest CD and her music for this episode.


Fergus O’Byrne from the legendary Newfoundland group Ryan’s Fancy joins the show.



Ray Johnson from Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers before their tour stop in Kingston.


Andrea Wittgens, the first Queen’s graduate to join the show.  Originally from Antigonish, NS and currently living in Seattle.



Melanie Samson a singer/songwriter from Newfoundland who sings in English and French.  And she’s also a schoolteacher and we discuss that and her experience at the ECMA’s.


Tim Baker from Hey Rosetta! in an interview where he was walking around Toronto on a day off on his cellphone.  Put together at the last minute before they came to Kingston last spring but it worked out well.


Melissa DiMarco from Out There before an episode where she visited Nova Scotia.


Bryan Page from Faded Blue on the 2 year anniversary show of the radio show.  Interview was done live during the show as opposed to the usual taped scenario.


Ian Foster joined the program for the 3rd time before his 2009 tour.  This time he drove from Newfoundland to Ontario, then flew to British Columbia for some dates.



Toni-Marie Wiseman from NTV who interviewed me for the Newfoundland Herald and helped get the Fergus O’Byrne interview.  We talk about how she started out in radio and then moved to TV.  Cover a lot of topics including her favorite songs.



Allison Crowe and her music for 2 hours.


Neate Sager on the Queen’s Golden Gaels Vanier Cup run.


Robin Meade from HLN’s Morning Express joined the show during her book tour.  Day we taped it she was doing a book signing that night in her native Ohio.


Two Olympic torchbearers from the Kingston area, Laurie Walker and Rev. Gerry Moore. Then with Kirsten Mihailides from the Coca-Cola side of the Torch relay organizers.


Thanks again to all those who joined the show during 2009.  Going to be hard to top that list of guests in 2010, but I’ll see who I can bring to the airwaves.

Queen’s Hockey tonight at 7:30pm against RMC.  Friday the show will be a bit shorter due to another hockey game at 7:30pm followed by Queen’s Basketball Saturday at 8pm.  Busy week of University sports on the station.

Dec. 11th Show


Some Christmas music and a Curling song from R.J. Lautenschlager.

Songs from Teresa Ennis’ latest CD “Stars” and go back to 2004 with The Irish Descendants as they’re coming to Kingston in March.


Start off with a chat with two Olympic torchbearers from the Kingston area, Laurie Walker and Rev. Gerry Moore. Then with Kirsten Mihailides from the Coca-Cola side of the Torch organizers.

Couple of songs from Kenny Butler then tracks from Ian Foster’s ECMA nominated instrumental album. Almost 30 minutes worth of that.

2010 ECMA Nominations

Post will be a bit long since the 2010 ECMA nominations came out today.  Friend of the show Ian Foster is up for Instrumental Recording so that’s great news.  Singer I’ve been in contact with since the first summer of the program, Jessica Rhaye’s up for a couple of awards as well.

Getting plans co-ordinated to interview Jenn Grant in the new year so is another nominee.  Will be playing some songs from her Kingston concert in the upcoming weeks.

One category was fun to read.  Broadcast of the Year in the Industry category. 4 of the 6 titles have EAST COAST in them.  One of those times I have to try and remember which show is which.


Entertainer of the Year

Classified (NS)
Dave Carroll (NS)
David Myles (NB)
Gypsophilia (NS)
In-Flight Safety (NS)
Joel Plaskett (NS)
The Divorcees (NB)

Female Solo Recording of the Year

Amelia Curran (NL) – Hunter, Hunter
Catherine MacLellan (PE) – Water In The Ground
Coco Love Alcorn (NS) – Joyful
Erin Costelo (NS) – Fire and Fuss
Jenn Grant (NS) – Echoes
Jessica Rhaye (NB) – Good Things
Kim Wempe (NS) – Where I Need to Be

Group Recording of the Year

Caledonia (NS) – We Are America
In-Flight Safety (NS) – we are an empire, my dear
Madison Violet (CB) – No Fool for Trying
The Motorleague (NB) – Black Noise
The Novaks (NL) – Things Fall Apart
Two Hours Traffic (PE) – Territory

Konica Minolta Male Solo Recording of the Year

Chris Kirby (NL) – Vampire Hotel
Classified (NS) – Self-Explanatory
Dave Gunning (NS) – We’re All Leaving
Dave Marsh (NS) – The True Love Rules
Joel Plaskett (NS) – Three
Lennie Gallant (PE) – If We Had A Fire
Pascal Lejeune (NB) – Adélaïde

FACTOR Recording of the Year

Amelia Curran (NL) – Hunter, Hunter
Classified (NS) – Self-Explanatory
Chris Kirby (NL) – Vampire Hotel
Dave Gunning (NS) – We’re All Leaving
Duane Andrews (NL) – Raindrops
Jenn Grant (NS) – Echoes
Joel Plaskett (NS) – Three

Rising Star Recording of the Year

Caledonia (NS) – We Are America
Haunted Hearts (PE) – Thank You, Goodnight
Kim Wempe (NS) – Where I Need To Be
Share (NS) – Slumping in Your Murals
Sleepy Driver (NB) – Steady Now
The Danks (PE) – Are You Afraid Of The Danks

Vibe Creative Group Single of the Year

Alert the Medic (NS) – Atlas
Caledonia (NS) – Scott’s House
Classified (NS) – Anybody Listening
In-Flight Safety (NS) – Model Homes
Joel Plaskett (NS) – Through & Through & Through
Joel Plaskett (NS) – You Let Me Down

SOCAN Songwriter of the Year

Amelia Curran (NL) – “The Mistress” (Performed by: Amelia Curran)
Brenley MacEachern & Lisa MacIsaac (CB) – “Small of My Heart” (Performed by: Madison Violet)
Catherine MacLellan (PE) – “Take A Break” (Performed by: Catherine MacLellan)
Coco Love Alcorn/Chris Hockey (NS) – “Revolution” (Performed by: Coco Love Alcorn)
Dave Gunning/Jamie Robinson (NS) – “Made On A Monday” (Performed by: Dave Gunning)
Joel Plaskett (NS) – “Through & Through & Through” (Performed by: Joel Plaskett)
Mullane, Goodsell, Nicholson, Ledwell (NS) –“Model Homes” (Performed by: In-Flight Safety)

Video of the Year

Classified (NS) – Anybody Listening (Directed by: Harv)
Down with the Butterfly (NS) – Tanks (Directed by: Aram Kouyoumdjian)
George Canyon (NS) – Just Like You (Directed by: Colin Minihan)
In-Flight Safety (NS) – Model Homes (Directed by: Drew Lightfoot)
Joel Plaskett (NS) – Through & Through & Through (Directed by: RT!)
The Motorleague (NB) – Hymn For the Newly Departed (Directed by: Marc Savoie)
The Tom Fun Orchestra (CB) – Throw Me to the Rats (Directed by: Alasdair Brotherston & Jock Mooney)

Alternative Recording of the Year

Caledonia (NS) – We Are America
In-Flight Safety (NS) – we are an empire, my dear
Sleepy Driver (NB) – Steady Now
The Danks (PE) – Are You Afraid Of The Danks
The Easy Bleeders (CB) – The Easy Bleeders
The Slate Pacific (NB) – Safe Passage

Bluegrass Recording of the Year

Catherine Lawrence (NS) – Sweet Memories
Cousin Cletus and the Six-Fingered Stringband (PE) – DISCOGRASS
Ryan Roberts (NS) – Ryan Roberts
Smokin’ Contra Band (NS) – Slim Pickins
The Grass Mountain Hobos (PE) – ZOOT!
The Spinney Brothers (NS) – When The Golden Leaves Begin To Fall

Blues Recording of the Year

Chris Kirby (NL) – Vampire Hotel
Easley Stevenson Arsenault (NS) – Nine Steps
Rick Jeffery (NS) – 13 Vultures
The Hupman Brothers (NS) – Countin’ Quarters
The Terry Whalen Band (NB) – A Wicked Driving Rain

Country Recording of the Year

George Canyon (NS) – What I Do
JD Clarke (NS) – Satisfied
Karla Pilgrim (NL) – I’ll Think of You
Melanie Morgan (NB) – Goodbye Birmingham
Rik Reese & Neon Highway (NB) – Mama Raised a Good Boy
The Divorcees (NB) – Last of the Free Men
The Keats (NL) – Good to be Home

Folk Recording of the Year

Amelia Curran (NL) – Hunter, Hunter
Andrew White (NS) – Walk in Light
Catherine MacLellan (PE) – Water In The Ground
Jessica Rhaye (NB) – Good Things
Joey Kitson (PE) – STAN
JP Cormier (CB) – The Messenger

Instrumental Recording of the Year

Andrea Beaton (CB) – Branches
Curtis Andrews (NL) – The Offering of Curtis Andrews
Darren McMullen (NS) – Decade
Ian Foster (NL) – Found: Music from the Unmade Film
Spanner (NL) – Dark Boat
The Dardanelles (NL) – The Dardanelles

Jazz Recording of the Year

Bill Brennan (NL) – After Hours
Gypsophilia (NS) – Sa-ba-da-OW!
Jeff Torbert (NS) – This Weather Honest
Les Paiens (NB) – PYRAMYD
Paul Tynan (NS) – BiCoastal Collective: Chapter One
Swingology (NS) – Swingology

Loud Recording of the Year

Big Game Hunt (NS) – Goliath
Black Moor (NS) – The Conquering
Shelter with Thieves (NS) – Confessions of a Toxic Generation
The Motorleague (NB) – Black Noise
Uncooperative Death (NS) – Uncooperative Death
We, the Undersigned (NB) – Bleed the Constants

Pop Recording of the Year

Jenn Grant (NS) – Echoes
Joel Plaskett (NS) – Three
Mel Keith & The Strombachs (NB) – Mel Keith & The Strombachs
Stephanie Mainville (NB) – Out of Nowhere
Tim Chaisson and Morning Fold (PE) – Broken Hearted Beat
Two Hours Traffic (PE) – Territory

Sirius Satellite Radio Rock Recording of the Year

Alert the Medic (NS) – We, The Weapon
Andrew Hunter & The Gatherers (NS) – Andrew Hunter & The Gatherers
Carleton Stone Drives The Big Wheel (CB) – Carleton Stone Drives The Big Wheel
Dave Marsh (NS) – The True Loves Rules
Smothered in Hugs (PE) – The Healing Power Of Injury
The Novaks (NL) – Things Fall Apart

Roots / Traditional Solo Recording of the Year

Allan Ricketts (NL) – Rivers
Anna Ludlow (NS) – Reel To Reel
Colette Cheverie (PE) – Hours Before Dawn
Gillian Boucher (CB) – Elemental
Lennie Gallant (PE) – If We Had a Fire
Samantha Robichaud (NB) – Collected

Roots / Traditional Group Recording of the Year

Dawn and Margie Beaton (CB) – Taste of Gaelic
Lazy Jacks (PE) – East Coast Live
Shanneyganock (NL) – Volume VII
The Navigators (NL) – Sea Miner
The Once (NL) – The Once

Aboriginal Recording of the Year

Forever (CB) – Reborn
Gary Sappier Experience (NB) – Project III
Lone Cloud (NS) – Live at North Street Church
Richard Poulette (CB) – Let Go, Let God

Francophone Recording of the Year

BLOU (NS) – Noël Blou
George Belliveau (NB) – Prise 2
Joseph Edgar (NS) – Y’a un train qui s’en vient…
Nathalie Renault (NB) – La chance
Pascal Lejeune (NB) – Adélaïde
Soleil (NS) – Soleil

Gospel Recording of the Year

David John Hensman (NL) – Find Me
Elizabeth and Scott Rhyno (NS) – Something Beautiful
Evangeline Inman & Women Who Worship (NB) – Evangeline Inman and Women Who Worship
Matt Brouwer (NS) – Where’s Our Revolution
The Ascensions (NB) – No Greater Love
Tim Milner (NS) – Kiss the Son

Rap / Hip-Hop Single Track Recording of the Year

Classified (NS) – Anybody Listening
Hotbox (NB) – Knowledge is Wealth feat. Radar
Mischif (CB) – C.B. Summer
Mista Mack (CB) – Gone with the Breeze feat. Mischif
Shiest (NL) – Nuttin New
Three Street (NS) – How it Goes

R&B/Soul Single Track Recoding of the Year
Chris Kirby (NL) – Come Clean
Gary Beals (NS) – Jump Off feat. Blessed
Jamie Sparks (NS) – All I Need – Remix
Mark Duggan (NS) – Sambaiosis

Industry Awards:

Broadcast of the Year

Atlantic Airwaves
Cape Breton Christmas Daddies
East Coast Countdown
East Coast Music Show
East Coast Road Trip
That East Coast Show

Event of the Year

24th Annual Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival
Celtic Colours International Festival
Festival acadien de Caraquet
Halifax Pop Explosion
Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival
New Glasgow Riverfront Jubilee

Independent Company of the Year

Malkin Music
Marcato Digital Solutions
Music Marketing International
Sonic Entertainment Group
The Joseph Scott Entertainment Agency

Industry Professional of the Year presented by CARAS – The Junos

Bruce Morel
Darren Gallop
Eirinn Fraser
John Poirier
Lyle Drake
Tony Murray

Manager of the Year

Bruce Morel
Christopher K Daw
Heather Gibson
Jeff Liberty

Media Person of the Year

Doug Gallant
Kurt Fawthrop
Jeff Liberty
Jimmie Inch
Marc Xavier LeBlanc
Tom Bedell

Record Company/Distributor/Independent Label of the Year

Avondale Music
Diminished Fifth Records
Forward Music Group
Sonic Records
Sound of Pop Records
Warner Music Canada

Studio of the Year

Big Grey Sound Studio
Denmark Productions
Ferguson Music Productions
Lakewind Sound Studios
Soundpark Studios
The Sonic Temple

Studio Engineer of the Year

Dennis G. Field
Jamie Foulds
Jon Matthews
Mike “Sheppy” Shepherd
Scott Ferguson
Tim Feswick

Venue of the Year

Fredericton Playhouse
Harmony House Theatre
Membertou Trade & Convention Centre
St. Mary’s Church, Indian River
The Company House
The Oxygen Complex

Visual Artist of the Year

Cheryl Smith
Chr!s Sm!th
Jessica Rhaye Design
Jocelyne Vautour
Kelly Clark
Mat Dunlap

August 14th Show


DAWG FM finally was approved a few days before this episode. With that news I kicked off the show with some blues from the East Coast with GlamourPuss and John Campbelljohn.

Move on to brand new music from Teresa Ennis. Ahead of her new CD “Stars” which is coming out this fall.

Then a couple of tracks from Nova Scotia’s Emmy Alcorn’s CD “Unveil”.

End the hour with 3 covers from Allison Crowe’s CD “Tidings”. Which is primarily a Christmas CD but these are covers of The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Sarah Maclachlin.


Traditional music from Newfoundland starts the second hour with Jim Payne and Fergus O’Byrne.

Move over to rock/pop side of things with two bands I’ve had a chance to chat with.  Talked to one member of each band on the phone for interviews last year.  Grand Theft Bus and Air Traffic Control.

End the hour with Ian Foster as he was doing his last tour date in New Brunswick that night.  After that back on the way to St. John’s.  His cross country tour has come to an end for this summer.  Mix of stuff from some of his MySpace page to end the show.

Re-air of Ian Foster

Re-air or rerun?  Either way that’s what tonight’s show will be.  Playing the show with Ian Foster from a month ago.  Two hours of his music and the third interview I did with him.

Saw him in Toronto during his tour and he’s making his way back to Newfoundland after visiting BC for the first time.  Ended up there the week that Vancouver broke their all time heat record, twice!  Couldn’t have timed it better.

Under the weather today, I worked all long weekend so that’s probably catching up to me.  Show with Ian was a good one, us talking about tour dates is out of date.  But that will happen anytime you play an episode again.

After work this morning headed over to CFRC to bring the old episode onto the computers.  If you listen it’s just an MP3 file on iTunes playing for 2 hours.  Magic of radio.  Next week a brand new show, either live or taped.

July 17th Show

2 weeks from today is August 1st.  I don’t know how the summer has gone by that fast either.  Last night’s program which might not have been heard outside of Kingston.  Heard of problems with the online feed.  So for those who missed it here you go.  A show with a tonne of different artists.


Lots of music in this hour. This is a packed line up.

First up two singers I met at the Ian Foster concert the previous weekend. Andrea Simms-Karp and Ron Leary. Then a lot of female singer/songwriters from the East Coast.

Sherry Ryan, Rose Cousins, Colleen Power, Amelia Curran, Catherine MacLellan, Kelly Sloan, Meghan Smith and Ruth Minnikin.


Mike Plume Band, Tim Chiasson and Morning Fold, Christina Martin, Norma MacDonald, Jenn Grant.

Brand new music from Teresa Ennis, from her upcoming album ‘Stars’ which will be out in the fall.

End the show with Ian Foster’s first CD as he’s wrapping up his Ontario tour. And about to head out to the B.C. for the first time as part of his summer tour.