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November 1st

OUA playoffs started on Saturday, I saw none of it.  First time I’ve had a full amount of sleep before working in 7 weeks.  With a week off for Queen’s thought I’d pass along how my Saturdays have gone.

7am – Get off from work.  Which explains why I’ve been taping Salt Water Music during the week.  Saturdays are a long day.

7:45am – Get home after taking the city bus home.  Very quiet on Saturday mornings, sometimes even more quiet than Sundays.

8am-11:30am – Watch TV and try and relax.  Thought I could do a nap in between that and leaving for football.  But after one week I gave that up.  Knowing you have to wake up in a couple of hours doesn’t help trying to have a nap.

11:30am-12pm – Leave for the station.  Game doesn’t start till 1pm but I try and get there a little bit after noon.

12pm-4pm – At CFRC until the football game is over.  Luckily this season they games haven’t gone long that often.

4:30pm-5pm – Get home around that time.  Get some food in me then head to bed.

5-10pm – Hopefully getting a good 5 hours of sleep.

11pm – Back to work on Saturday night.

7am – Off work on Sunday morning, but no city bus till later in the morning.  So I walk a few blocks and call a cab home.

Get to bed a couple of hours later.  Even after all of that I can’t get to sleep right away.  You get home from work you probably don’t go to bed that quickly either.  Same thing.

It’s November now?  Thought the Queen’s students just got back.  7 Saturdays in a row of that crazy schedule makes the time fly by.

Does mean I’ve only caught the Sunday Night NFL games this season.  Oh well, the better games are starting.  I will be able to watch Packers-Vikings Sunday afternoon.

Back to sports, Queen’s will be hosting McMaster next week here in Kingston.  1pm kickoff on CFRC.  The Golden Gaels beat McMaster earlier in the season and in the playoffs 3 years ago.

However the last 2 seasons the number 1 seed in the Ontario has lost their first playoff game.  Queen’s was the team last year when they were undefeated.

Neate Sager pointed out to me in 1997 they also had clinched “home field till the Vanier Cup” and didn’t win the OUA either.  Last Vanier Cup for Queen’s in 1992 they had to go on the road.

Last week’s loss could be a good thing though.  I thought they hadn’t been challenged much at the end of last year which cost them in the playoffs. One of the Golden Gaels agreed.  Quote in the paper from centre Dan Bederman about what happened last year.

“Last year, we were 8-0 and I think we kind of thought we were the cock of the walk. We know we have things to improve on the next two weeks to be ready for the playoffs.”

McMaster won on the road Saturday in Ottawa in a game with wet conditions and high winds.  Queen’s beat the Marauders 8-7 in September in a game I’ve hopefully erased from memory.  Defensive struggles aren’t exciting to hear on the radio as you can imagine.

Onto the NFL Week 8.  Almost halfway through the season?  And for quite a few teams they wish it was already over.  Start the picks with the a game to watch if you are a glutton for punishment.

Rams [0-7] at Lions [1-5].  Detroit can win this one.  Would make the Rams the losers of 16 in a row by the way. Thinking of the TV crew working on this one, they pulled a short straw this week.

Broncos over Ravens.  Watch I finally pick Denver and they’ll lose.

Bills over Texans.  Both teams are Jekyll and Hyde so flip a coin.

Bears over Browns.  I can’t see picking Cleveland at all this season.

Dallas over Seattle.  Seahawks decimated with injuries…. it’s their 2008 season all over again.

Colts over 49ers.  Last time San Fran went to Indy was historic.  Not for the game but the post game press conference from Colts coach Jim Mora.  Someone asked if the Colts would make the playoffs.  Yes that game was the reason for the infamous, “Playoffs? Don’t talk about playoffs” rant.  I don’t think Manning will throw 4 INT like he did in that game.

Dolphins over Jets.  Beat them on Monday night so I’ll go with Miami.

Giants/Yankees over Eagles/Phillies.  Going with both New York teams to win on Sunday.

Chargers over Raiders.  Although Oakland played them very tough in Week 1 on Monday Night Football.  10:30pm EST start that night so you probably didn’t see it.

Jags over Titans.  I would’ve picked the Titans but now Vince Young is the starter again.

Vikings over Packers.  Main part I took away from the earlier game was Green Bay’s offensive line not showing up.  Rodgers has been sacked 25 times in 6 games.  He’s on pace for 67 sacks this year.  If he’s not injured between now and the end of the season.

Cardinals over Panthers.  Arizona won in Giant Stadium on a Sunday night game.  I saw it and still didn’t look right.

Saints over Falcons.  New Orleans keep the streak going on Monday night.  By the way no Sunday night game due to not wanting to compete with the World Series.  I’d rather watch football.

Halloween is over for another year.  Never been a big fan.  Even as a kid I wasn’t that into it.  Probably because I never had a sweet tooth.  Candy?  Eh. Liked getting chips and chocolate bars but not many houses gave them out.   Now I just see the day as lame.  Not if you have kids of course, that makes sense. But seeing drunk grownups the last 2 nights in costumes in downtown Kingston just backs up my opinion.  Yep, they were out on Friday and Saturday night at the bars.  You can’t stretch it to 2 nights.  Don’t even do that for Christmas. LOL.

Spent most Halloweens growing up just being a “chaperone” for my younger sister as she went door to door.  She’s the opposite.  Loved candy and would go out for a long time if she could.  Since my Dad was in the army, every year I did the laziest costume.  Grab some army gear from him and I’m a soldier.  Piece of cake.

Since I just passed 1000 words I should stop for the night.  It’s 1:55am and it will be again in an hour since the clocks go back  in 5 minutes.  No extra hour of sleep for me as I’m at work. 🙂

Halloween Night Show

Episode from October 31st, Halloween night.  Not a fan of Halloween, which I explain.  But doing the show meant I avoided the trick or treaters.  So a nice bonus. 🙂


First hour all music never played on the show before from Melanie Samson, Blue Rodeo, Tamara Nile, Ann Vriend and Kendra Gale


Jeff Healey, Gulliver’s Spree, Ian Foster and The Human Soundtrack

And you get to hear me predict that the Ottawa Gee Gees would defeat the Golden Gaels in the OUA Semi Final.  I was right.  Now you know why I do those NFL predictions, I know a bit about football.  I think. 🙂