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April 3rd Show

Few computer/internet problems today but the shows are finally up.


Lots of different artists in the first hour. Hey Rosetta, David Baxter, The Lever Pulled, Remedy, Francis Arsenault and Christine Crawford.


Start off with a DAWG FM/CRTC update. Then back to music for the rest of the show.

Neil Dobson and the Fabulous Hats, Faded Blue, The Strangeboys and Great Big Sea.

If you heard the first hour you know I mentioned winning a mug from Out There with Melissa Dimarco.  Last night’s new episode was built around the “swag bag” they give out to actors who do interviews with them during the film festival.  So I’m having a drink out of the mug and I see the mug itself on the show.  Good timing. LOL.

As for the DAWG FM update, here is the update from the Facebook group I read part of on air last night.

The re-hearing into our DAWG 101.9FM was adjourned yesterday until June 12th 2009. At which time the Commission will hear evidence about the feasibility of the use of 94.5 FM in the Ottawa market.

What does that mean? Let me give you the short history. We were awarded the licence on August 26th 2008, after an exhaustive process. The Decision included our ALL BLUES licence on 101.9FM and a licence to Astral Media for an ADULT CONTEMPORARY licence on 99.7.

An appeal was launched by a Franco-Ontario group that suggested that they should have been licenced. The appeal was granted by Cabinet and the decision was referred back to the CRTC.

We took a proactive, positive approach to this, at great expense, we found another frequency on which, the CRTC could licence another French Language station if it desired to do so. That frequency is 94.5FM.

The CRTC is going to study that frequency to see if it can be used and all of the applicants will get a chance to make comments at the new hearing on June 12.

So we think this is very positive for the Blues. We had the best engineers in Canada find this frequency, further we had it verified by two more engineers, lastly two of the other applicants said it would work….so we know it works period.

The sticky point here is that Astral Media needs to consent to the use of the 94.5 frequency or use it themselves instead of 99.7.

Bob Walsh, Quebec Blues Legend, Alexandre Petit, from Viree Blues Boreale and Ottawa City Councillor Eli El-Chantiry came to the hearing to address the CRTC and were awesome in support of our application, our thanks to them and to everyone – over 3000 people that have supported DAWG FM.

Funny that a guy I read on a radio news message board seems to have guessed this ahead of time.  User named Dan said this 3 weeks ago.

“My guess is the CRTC will re-grant those licenses to Astral and Frank Torres, plus give the go-ahead to the Gatineau Community Station (I assume it was this group that launched the initial complaint). That way everyone is happy.”

Hmmm.  Sounds like that’s what’s happening in Ottawa doesn’t it?  Does show you that sometimes people on an internet message boards really do have inside information. 🙂

April has snuck up on me.  Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.  Another gloomy day here in Kingston.  Looks like winter is going to hit this area one more time.  Possible rain/snow mix overnight and a chance of it from Mon-Wed.  But I’ll believe it when I see it.

Feb. 6th Show

Bit later than usual but here is the show from Friday.


Second funding drive show. So if you’re wondering why I mention the pledge line a lot, that’s why.

The music of Figgy Duff, Allison Crowe, Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers, Don Brownrigg, Dana Parsons, Dayliner and The Slate Pacific.


End of the Funding Drive shows with a mix of music.

Glamourpuss, Great Big Sea, Jessica Rhaye, Haines/Leighton, Share, The Olympic Symphonium, The Lever Pulled and Allison Crowe.

Nov. 21st Show

Took a while to upload the show last night, then I forgot to post a blog saying it was up.  Oops.


Live music from Great Big Sea including the show in Kingston I was at. New music from Prince Edward Island’s John Connolly. End the hour with MusicNL award winners The Idlers, and Duane Andrews who received the most awards at that show.


Music of Allison Crowe with her Tidings concerts in Toronto and Ottawa next weekend. Also a clip of a radio documentary Allison interviewed for. Live version of 5 Days in May from the new Blue Rodeo CD. End the show with new music from The Repercussionists.

Music from the GBS Concert tomorrow night

Cleaning up the audio right now, but thanks to a fan on YouTube we’ll have some live tracks from the Great Big Sea concert in Kingston this past Monday Night.  Got to make it sound good for the radio.

I know all these concerts say “no audio or video equipment” but with camera phones these days that’s hard to enforce.  Saw a lot of them around.  But thanks to them I have some live tracks. 🙂

Band leading the crowd in singing I Fought the Law, I Would Walk 1000 Miles and little Bohemian Rhaposdy.  An impromptu song from the band about being in Kingston.  Sean doing a cover of Bobcaygeon.  As long as I get the audio all sounding good for broadcast. LOL.

Great Big Sea Recap

Posted this on the GreatBigSea.com message boards yesterday, so I’ll post it here.

Mentioned a bit on Twitter last night, but today kinda busy.  And it’s my birthday so got away from the computer. 🙂

First show the band’s had in Kingston in 4 years so it was Sold Out and a rockin crowd.   Long story but they played the Grand Theatre last time and that took 2-3 years to renovate, and the arena just opened this year finally.

Alan mentioned playing Kingston the first time, at the Jock Harty opening for The Philospher Kings and another band.  That was the arena on Queen’s campus which was torn down.  Said he was out one night in Kingston so late the sun came up. lol.

Sean did a solo version of The Tragically Hip ‘Bobcaygeon’ since it was Kingston.  Did a great job on it, the crowd knowing all the words helped too.

Show ended around 10:40pm after 2 encores.  Great concert of course.  I lucked out with my seat being in the 2nd row right in the center.  So Alan was to my left and Sean to the right.  Bob on the far right.

Met Maurgarita at the Merchant before hand.  She had a couple of signs which Alan commented on during the show.  Lost track of her after the show, but on Twitter she said Sean signed a poster and took a picture.  Joked I should’ve stuck around with her. 🙂

Haven’t seen a set list of the show but got in all the big songs and ones from Fortune’s Favour.  Was hoping for Gallow’s Pole, but can’t be too picky about a song that was a bonus track.

Quick recap but hope that helps.  Off to do a bit of work. 🙂

Nov. 14th Show/Great Big Sea and local musicians

1st hour a Great Big Sea retrospective with them coming to town.  I was going to say “little” retrospective but I crammed 17 songs into the hour.


2nd hour some local musicians who had a concert/fundraiser on Friday Night here in town.  Couldn’t fit them all in the hour.  Concert had 8 acts on it.  But I did play Craig Mcintryre, Christine Donovan, Torres Band Duo and Tim Aylesworth.


Plan for Friday

First hour I’m doing a Great Big Sea retrospective with songs from all of their discography.  They’re playing Kingston on Monday so a good way to get people ready.

2nd hour new music from a local musician, Craig Mcintryre.  Craig is a part of a concert/fundraiser in town  on Friday Night.  Details below.  Show is at 9pm so after the radio show you have plenty of time to get there if you’re in town.  Money is going to a good cause.

Whiskey Willy’s, 850 Gardiner’s Road, Kingston in association with Talent Tuners and PartyInKingston.com are holding a fundraiser on Friday, November 14th with proceeds going to the Joe Chithalen Memorial Music Instrument Lending Library (Joe’s M.I.L.L. – http://www.joesmill.org).

An incredible lineup, EIGHT FOR EIGHT, eight performers and only $8 to get in.


The show runs 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Doors open at 8 p.m. EIGHT FOR EIGHT, and all for a good cause.