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Irish Descendants Concert Tonight

Reminder The Irish Descendants are playing in Kingston tonight at the Grand Theatre. Some tickets still available, not a tonne but still a chance to get some.  Here is the show from Friday night.  Interview with Con O’Brien along with some Allison Crowe and Hey Rosetta! to end the show.


Interview with Con O’Brien from The Irish Descendants. Music of the band for this entire hour and into Hour 2. Band was playing Kingston that following Tuesday along with a meet and greet at the Tin Nan Og.


Music of The Irish Descendants for 30 minutes after airing the interview with Con O’Brien in Hour 1. Then some live Hey Rosetta! A brand new song from Allison Crowe along with a couple of covers to end the program.

2nd Funding Drive Show/Buddy Wasisname

Funding drive wraps up on Sunday, so tonight is the second episode promoting it.  Phone at 613 533 CFRC tonight at 6pm EST when my show starts.  Or you can wait till 8pm when I’m on the pledge line.  Of course then I can’t mention your name on the air as saying thanks, but I will on next week’s how.

Or visit http://www.cfrc.ca at anytime and follow the link.  Sometimes that’s easiest if you don’t want to be on the phone for a few minutes.

Have some new music during the “A to Z list” show tonight.  Lot of songs will be stuff listeners have heard before but this is the first show after the Newfoundland Herald piece.  So might be some new listeners tuning in.

Talked to Ray Johnson from Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers this week on the phone.  He read the Herald interview and we’ll be doing an interview soon.  They’re coming to Kingston in May.

They’re performing at The Grand Theatre on May 5th, at 8pm. Tickets at 613.530.2050.

And next Friday the show will be an hour due to hockey.  Might be the last sports broadcast of the season unless they make the playoffs.