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Football Preview

Another article on the upcoming OUA Football season.


One sentence in particular summed up last season.

“Scored most points and allowed fewest in 2008 OUA league, then lost first playoff game.”  Ouch.

Which I predicted by the way.  Long time listeners might remember the night before Queen’s hosted Ottawa I picked the Gee Gees to win.  8-0 Gaels hosting a 4-4 team and I picked Ottawa.  I was right.  Why did I pick them?

One big thing in football I’ve seen over the last few years is momentum going into any playoffs.  Ottawa HAD to win near the end of the season to get in.  Queen’s had it wrapped up early.  Too soon I would say.  I saw Ottawa win the week before and thought they looked good.

Other main reason was Mike Giffin’s injury and how it was handled.  Last regular season game and Queen’s had the starters in the game.  Which is always dangerous especially with your star running back.  He hurt his knee early on and doesn’t return.  Matt Bisson was calling the game and said he was obviously hurt.

Then the strange thing started to happen.  Queen’s denied he was hurt that much.  Which they kept saying for 2 weeks up until the playoff game.  That doesn’t scream a confident team to me.  You don’t go 8-0 on the back of one guy, so just say he’s hurt and might not play.  Plenty of players to pick up the slack on both sides of the ball.

But they didn’t think like that.  Kept up the charade.  Did he end up playing any part of the game against Ottawa?  Of course not.

With that out of the way, I’ll throw in my prediction for this season.  Stuck between 6-2 and 5-3.   Mainly because of the last 2 games and whether or not the teams have clinched a spot by then.

Monday against Guelph
Sept. 12th mcmaster
19th @ottawa
26th york
oct 3rd @windsor
oct 10th @waterloo
oct 17th western
oct 24th @laurier

Monday against Guelph

Sept. 12th host McMaster

Sept. 19th at Ottawa

Sept. 26th hosting York

Oct. 3rd at Windsor

Oct. 10th at Waterloo

Oct. 17th host Western

Oct 24th at Laurier

Western/Laurier/Queen’s could all be close to clinching a playoff spot at the end of the year.  If you might play that team again in 2 or 3 weeks do you try that hard in one of those games?  I’d say rest the starters for the last on. Lesson hopefully learned after last season.

I’ll say 6-2 for Queen’s.  Might be better if they have to play a first round game this year.

Later in the week I’ll start my NFL picks.  Did it last year on the radio but I should make some blog posts out of them.  Already picked the Steelers against the Titans for Thursday’s game.

There was one week in 2008 I only got one game wrong.  Lot of luck but it was fun to see them all those games line up.  If you’re wondering, yes I picked Detroit to win once during the season.  Had to try it one week for an upset.

Kickoff of Queen’s vs Guelph is a special start time of 2pm on Monday.

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