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Monday Update

Thanks to Gary Kelly for the comment on the Twitter blog post.  He was wondering if Faye Grim was really Toni Marie.  It is easy to fake people’s identity on Twitter, but it is her. 🙂

Another account to add to the list.  Bart Given from the Inside The Majors blog is on Twitter.  Right now he has two followers.  So we’ll try to increase that.  At least past 10.


Last week did show what happens online.  Sometimes one post can start a snowball effect.  My one post on Inside the Majors was read by Neate Sager on Out of Left Field.  Neate posted about it, which then got picked up by some Jays sites.   Now it’s spread to baseball message boards.  Latest I found is someone from Toronto who works for Google posting about it on Twitter.

Of course a blog by someone with a lot of baseball knowledge would’ve been noticed anyway.   But we’ll ignore that. 🙂

Friday night I’ll have the interview with Melanie Samson I did recently.  Then I’ll finally have caught up with the interviews I taped over the last month.  I’ll also be playing her CD during the show.


U.S. is out of the World Baseball Classic.  And it’s hardly a story.  After the game last night I go to ESPN.com.  It’s not the main story, not even highlighted as a big story.  It was the 4th one down on the side of the page.  Even now it’s behind a story about A-Rod’s rehab on his hip.  Jeez, there’s a sign how low on the totem pole the WBC is.