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Download link for Fall into the Ocean

Thanks to Julia for the comment.  She found a site where you can download the song “Fall into the Ocean”.


Strange to have something as tragic as that be the reason my blog has had a lot of views this month.  To give people an idea last month it had 141 views.  So far this month 1,657.

ECMA’s was a small part of the bump but most of it was people searching for the song, so I’m glad to find a link so everyone can download a copy.

March 20th Show/Andrea Wittgens

Watched two NCAA games go into Overtime last night, then a bit of soccer today.  But the show is up now.


Open the show with ‘Fall into the Ocean’ by Mark Frost. Written about the recent helicopter crash off the coast of Newfoundland.

Then an interview with Andrea Wittgens, and her CD ‘In the Skyline’ for the rest of the hour.


Rest of the interview with Andrea Wittgens. Music from ‘In The Skyline’ and a couple tracks from her Alibi EP.

End the show with Jenn Grant and Paisley Jura.

Friday Update

I’ll open the show with Mark Frost’s song ‘Fall Into the Ocean’ about the helicopter crash.  Sure many people reading this already listened to it after I put up a link for it, but it’s good to let the radio listeners get to hear it.

Interview with Andrea Wittgens airs tonight.  After the editing it runs 35 minutes since we covered a lot of topics.  Divided it up into sections, as usual.  So I’ll play her CD during the interview.

Andrea is the first Queen’s Alumni I’ve had on the show.  She’s from Antigonish, Nova Scotia then came to Queen’s and took French and Music.  She then moved to Seattle where she still resides.   So we talked about that, then we talked about her music.

Tonight I have that an I’ll play her CD ‘In the Skyline’ in it’s entirety.  I have some songs from a previous EP as well I think I’ll play.

Thanks to Brent Maclean for sending me the new CD by The Lever Pulled.  I’ve played their music before but it’s nice to have a hard copy of it.  Won’t have much time tonight so I’ll play some of it on next week’s show.

Another quick thanks to Kimberly Sinclair for sending me some new discs as well.  Ryan Neilson, Remedy and Francis Arsenault.  And a couple more on the way.  Same story, next week.  Kim is a fan of Andrea so I’m sure she won’t mind waiting a week. 🙂

As for TV tonight.  March Madness for sports fans, I should get home to see the end of the 7pm tip off games.  They’ll end around 9:30pm.

Which means I’ll take a break and watch Out There with Melissa DiMarco on CITY-TV at 10pm.  Last week the episode on poker was fun.  I thought an actor was playing an editor on the show.  Found last night on a message board that he really is an editor who works on the show and plays poker.  Who knew?

Basketball games go late into the night, past midnight.  So if you’re a fan of Letterman or Craig Ferguson you’ll have to stay up later than usual.  Craig’s a rerun, Dave was new last night but I missed it.

I’ll upload the radio show on Saturday.  Might get it tonight but I’m not counting on it with the sports going late tonight.  So the link will be up tomorrow.

That’s it for now.  As a reminder for new readers, show starts 6pm EST tonight.  101.9FM in Kingston or http://www.cfrc.ca for the vast majority of readers outside of K-Town.

‘Fall into the Ocean’ Link

Thanks to someone on a Facebook group I found a link to the full song, Fall Into the Ocean by Mark Frost.


As the instructions say, double click on the song title and it plays.  Had a couple of comments on the blog yesterday from people wanting to know if there was a place to hear the whole song.

The memorial service is being held today.  Of the 17 who died, 14 were from Newfoundland, 1 from Nova Scotia and 2 from British Columbia.

St. Patrick’s Day/Fall into the Ocean

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone.

Good time to avoid “amateur night” at the bars.  I’ll be staying home with a few beers and watching sports.

If you are going out, be smart enough to call a cab home.  Yes, you’ll be waiting a long time tonight for a cab but it’s much better than the alternative.

Back to the helicopter crash.  All the bodies have been recovered from the cougar helicopter.  Which is rare with any accidents at sea. Toni Marie pointed out this song that a friend of one of the victims wrote since the crash.  I have the full MP3 for Friday’s show but I have a short clip of it from the VOCM website.

“Mark Frost, like many offshore workers is mourning the loss of friends. He is on the SeaRose now, and three nights ago, he wrote and recorded a song in the music room on the vessel for his friend John Pelley, a victim on Cougar flight 491. Mark says he and John spent many an hour jamming in the music room offshore and onshore whenever they got the chance. Mark dedicates it to all the friends he lost on Cougar 491.  It’s called Fall into the Ocean”