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August 14th Show


DAWG FM finally was approved a few days before this episode. With that news I kicked off the show with some blues from the East Coast with GlamourPuss and John Campbelljohn.

Move on to brand new music from Teresa Ennis. Ahead of her new CD “Stars” which is coming out this fall.

Then a couple of tracks from Nova Scotia’s Emmy Alcorn’s CD “Unveil”.

End the hour with 3 covers from Allison Crowe’s CD “Tidings”. Which is primarily a Christmas CD but these are covers of The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Sarah Maclachlin.


Traditional music from Newfoundland starts the second hour with Jim Payne and Fergus O’Byrne.

Move over to rock/pop side of things with two bands I’ve had a chance to chat with.  Talked to one member of each band on the phone for interviews last year.  Grand Theft Bus and Air Traffic Control.

End the hour with Ian Foster as he was doing his last tour date in New Brunswick that night.  After that back on the way to St. John’s.  His cross country tour has come to an end for this summer.  Mix of stuff from some of his MySpace page to end the show.

Blues in Ottawa Wins

Nice surprise as I surf after work this morning.  Blues music in Ottawa won at the CRTC.  Dawg FM is going forward.  I’d give more details but have you ever tried to read one of these decisions?


I’ll give a further update once someone has translated that into an easy to read article. 🙂

Glad to see a Blues station finally getting off the ground in Canada.  Especially in the city where Bluesfest is.  One summer I saw Taj Mahal, Keb Mo, Al Green and Buddy Guy among others.

Listening to Shore 104 right now out of Vancouver.  A station that’s trying something different than other stations across the country.  What a novel concept?  Not doing the same old, same old.

Off to bed, since I work midnights.  Tomorrow a further Dawg FM update and another part of my chat with Toni Marie.  About covering weather and a fun story about when the Junos were held in St. John’s.  Shows how she’s nicer and more grounded than some big city reporters . 🙂

A Week of Daily Posts

Drizzle on a Sunday morning in Kingston.  I’ve complained about how bad the weather has been this summer, but this officially shows me that fall might be starting up earlier than usual too.  Did resemble weather in Newfoundland so I liked it better than rain.

Still awaiting word on Dawg FM.  CRTC said on their website that the decision would come out last week.  Guess what?  Didn’t happen.  Friday came and went and nothing.  So maybe it will come out after the weekend.  But at this point, your guess is as good as mine.

As for the title, doing a new blog post every day this week.  Have a text version of the interview with Toni Marie Wiseman I did recently.  It’s too long for one post so I’ll divide it up over the week.

It is also a week where she’s on vacation so you can’t see her on NTV this week.  Out of all places for her to visit, it isn’t one I would have guessed.  Costa Rica.  I don’t even want to guess how long that day of flying must’ve been.

Onto the interview.  Not a word for word transcript since I edited to make it easier to read.  Reading an interview is much different than listening to one.

Today it’s how Toni Marie got into broadcasting and talking about her radio career before she started in television.

ROB:    Welcome to the show, Toni.

TONI:   Thank you very much for having me Rob.

ROB:    I know myself as an Army Brat, I moved around a lot. And you moved around a lot on the east coast.

TONI:   I did, yes.

ROB:    So, how was growing up in different towns over the years?

TONI:   You may feel the same way, when I was growing up I found it quite difficult. Being in a place for two years and then moving. Having to leave friends behind make new friends, and start all over.

But now especially because of the work that I do with NTV I find that having moved around, really allowed me to feel connected with each part of the province.

When I have to talk about a particular event that’s happening in Corner Brook I can relate to that.  Because I lived in towns like Corner Brook, Gander and Grand Falls-Windsor.

While it was difficult when I was younger, it was really a blessing. It’s allowed me to find out much more about the province. Many people don’t have the luxury of having lived all over the place. So, it’s a good thing.

ROB:    I got used to it pretty quickly. By the time I was five I was in three or four towns.

TONI:   The only sad thing is when people that I know, some of them have friends that they’ve had since they were three or four.

And I don’t. That’s what I think I’ve missed out on. I don’t really have any friends that I’ve had for years and years. But I have lots of great friends now, so, I’m none the worse from my ordeal, I suppose.

ROB:    I know you went to Memorial for one year and then went to journalism school.

TONI:   I did. And that was my father’s idea. I was a very shy girl. I was always very young for my age. Probably five years younger emotionally than my peers were. When I went to university [Acadia] first I got sick. So, I had to move home.

Then I went to MUN [Memorial University]. You may have found this too, because I moved around so much, my parents, especially my mom were kind of my best friends. Moving away from them for the first time I found quite difficult.

My first year at Memorial University I didn’t do as well as I should have. Or I could have. And a lot of it was home sickness.

My father said, “Well, how about you take a year off and take this course? It’s a broadcasting course. This is kind of what you want to do. Take the year do the course. And if you really enjoy it then maybe you’ll be more motivated.”

I thought, that’s fair, so to my dad who’s been paying for my education. So that’s what I did.

Began in September of ’86. By December, we were shipped off to various parts of the province to do some on the job training. I was sent to Corner Brook, where my brother lived at the time. And I did so well there that they hired me.

I realized that this was something that I really wanted to do. I was quite lucky.

I started working full time at CFCB in Corner Brook just a few short months after I started the program. Then I made a transfer to Grand Falls Windsor to a VOCM affiliate station. After that I went to the head station 590 VOCM in St. Johns.

Basically I was working with another affiliate station with VOCM called VOFM as the morning traffic person. You drive around and tell people if there are slowdowns or if this road is closed.

I had to be at work for four in the morning which I found quite difficult. It’s one of those jobs that can tire, can wear on a person after a while. It was a great entry level job, but it’s not the most creative job you can do in broadcasting.

I was getting a little bored, when the opportunity arose that I could apply for a job at NTV and I did.

Mid Week Update

First up another music video.  They must be coming back or something.  This time Joel Plaskett’s first single from his triple album ‘Three’.  “Through & Through & Through” has Rose Cousins and Ana Egge on backing vocals.  Both make appearances in this video.  Lot of East Coast scenery in this clip.


So I’ll play more of Joel’s disc[s] on Friday night.  Along with Rose and Ana since they’re also Canadian content. 🙂

Interview with Ian Foster might air next Friday.  If the CD’s get here in time.  His tour hits Quebec, Ontario and BC in July.  So we have a little leeway to air the interview before the tour starts.  Most likely will do the full 2 hour show on Ian’s music.  Since there is two albums worth of new music coming my way.

Another interview I’m closer to lining up.  Not a musician, but someone who has covered the music scene on the East Coast music for years.  Could be a text interview, phone or possibly both.

Lastly, a DawgFM update.  Hearing was last Friday and sounded like got heated once in while.  Not the parts with people from the blues station but other parts.


Chairperson was getting annoyed I think, read this exchange about frequency maps.

1106   THE CHAIRPERSON: You are going to file these maps — one that is legible?

1107   MR. BRADET: Yes.

Ouch, sounds like a teacher calling you out in class. LOL.

DawgFM’s Facebook group did have an update.  Sounds like no decision till September.  Not surprising with government.  Think they do a lot of stuff during the summer?  Nope.

Does sound hopeful for the blues gang.  Maybe at a different frequency then they wanted but I’ll be cautiously optimistic.

Quick Friday Post

Tonight’s show will be 50% new. First hour I’ll be live in studio, 2nd hour will be the second part of last week’s show.

Been under the weather all week and have a busy 24 hours. Try and get a few hours of sleep before I work overnight today, then doing a phone interview with Ian Foster tomorrow morning around 11am EST. So I finally am dipping into the “rerun” pool. But only a week old. So if you missed last week it will still be recent. If you did hear it already then you can skip the second hour. 🙂

In the new hour tonight brand new music so stay tuned for that.


Quick story about the Dawg FM/CRTC hearings. From yesterday’s Ottawa Citizen.

“The tussle over Ottawa’s FM airwaves appears to be headed for a compromise that may give listeners three new stations on the radio dial.

At a CRTC hearing Friday, the commission will consider a proposal that would allow a new blues station called DAWG-FM to broadcast at 101.9; a woman-focussed, soft-rock and talk station called EVE-FM at 99.7; and a community station to serve franco-Ontarians at 94.5.”

The hearing was today in Ottawa, I would’ve listened online but had to catch a few hours sleep after work today. Fridays I come in early to help out on Offsides, the sports show on CFRC. By the way only 2 episodes left of that program. So tune in on the next two Fridays at 4pm for that.

Hopefully it is all coming together for Dawg FM in Ottawa. When I get an update I’ll pass it along in the next few days.

Long Friday Update

Busy week so not a lot of posts here.  But a brand new show tonight at 6pm EST.  Have a brand new CD from Andrew Hunter & The Gatherers, a 3 piece rock band from Halifax.

I think I’ll also go find some Matt Mays and El Torpedo to play.  Since as of this week they are “no more”.  Two band members had left recently and Matt decided to dissolve the band.  Matt and his new ‘unnamed’ backing band are playing concerts this summer.  Hitting Ontario in June and even Alberta in July.  So he’s still busy.

And I’ll grab some Blues music from out east.  The CRTC follow-up hearing with DawgFM and other possible stations in Ottawa is next Friday.  We’ll cross our fingers that Canada gets it’s first All Blues station.


Remember they have the 24/7 Canadian Blues stream online.  Listening to that right now.  Great stuff.

For something different, a link to a new music video.  From In Flight Safety, who I’ve played a few times on the show.  It’s for the song ‘Model Homes’.


Remember music videos?  Ahhh, the good ole days of Much Music before it became a wasteland.

These days at least with computers it’s easy for anyone to be a video editor.  A fan of the band did his own video for the song ‘Big White Elephant’.  Put the song to time lapse footage of Vancouver.  Works quite well.  Why Vancouver when the band is from the East Coast?  I guess we’d have to ask the fan who put it on YouTube.


Talking about Vancouver.  Congrats to fellow blogger Bart Given from ‘Inside the Majors’ on his family’s move to Vancouver.  Bart, Jody, their son Brady and the dog Fenway are all on the West Coast now.

Where this week the temperatures are in the 30’s!  This is backwards, we’re still awaiting summer to kick off here in Kingston.

Jody is going to be part of Shore 104 FM in Vancouver.  They’re in testing stage for the month of June but you can listen to the online stream right now. I enjoy listening to stations from all over the place.


They have a nice mix of stuff from what I’ve heard.  Their playlist is much deeper than the usual commercial radio station.    If you listen to my show you’re used to that, I play anything from any CD.  But that’s rare at most stations.

Check out Bart’s blog too, it’s had a redesign.  He’s had more contributors helping out and needed to change things up to make it less crowded.  Looks nice.


Finally, update on Allison Crowe.  First a column on what’s been going on in the UK from The Observer/Guardian.


Mentions Allison.  And even has a reference to the Brits, the Cossacks and the USSR.  A chance to do that will not happen again.

Another article on what’s been going on in England.


This last one is a more specific column on her from The Scotsman.  And talks about a motion being passed in the Scottish Parliament because of what happened to them.


Adrian sent me a copy of the motion that was filed in the Scottish Parliament after the insane problems in England.

S3M-04279 Rob Gibson (Highlands and Islands) (Scottish National Party): Overseas Performers Don’t Deserve Terrorist Treatment

—  That the Parliament notes with grave concern the ramifications of the Home Office’s new immigration controls on non-EU artists who require a sponsor to allow them to enter the United Kingdom, as highlighted by the treatment of Canadian singer Allison Crowe and several band members who were held for 11 hours in Gatwick Airport before being barred from entering the UK to tour and visit friends in the north west Highlands; considers that Ms Crowe was treated as little better than a terrorist after enduring an 11-hour ordeal where she was locked up, questioned, had her fingerprints taken, her passport stamped “barred from entry” and was then deported; contends that this is no way to treat a legitimate and repeat visitor to the UK; urges the Home Office to rethink this draconian policy before it harms cultural links to Scotland and the wider UK; notes that Ms Crowe is allowed to perform in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic and will do so; furthermore notes the German authorities’ reported reaction to the situation that they were horrified at the British treatment and that Allison would be welcomed to perform in Germany, and asserts that visitors to Scotland during the Year of Homecoming deserve a civilised and warm welcome.

Adrian had a good point, “Who’s the last Canadian musician to have her own motion in Parliament in a foreign country. I don’t know of any!”

Not something that would come up very often. 🙂

I think that’s a long enough post to make up for a quiet week. LOL.

Ottawa Citizen/Summer Changes

Ottawa Citizen had a story that summed up what’s been going on with DawgFM in Ottawa.   Politics as usual in the nation’s capital.


Looks like the show will be shorter during this summer.  Same day and time, but from 6-7pm EST.  Lot of schedule changes as usual during the summer months at CFRC.  Students leave, and many shows go on hiatus.  But Salt Water Music is still going, just for an hour a week during the summer.  That’s May through August.

Keeping it at 2 hours or it being 90 minutes was possible, but at a different day and time.  I went with keeping it Fridays at 6pm.  The Herald interview said 6pm EST and a lot of people have gotten used to the time.  Changing it would cause some headaches.

Could you listen to the show if it was Wednesday at 1:30pm for example?  I didn’t think so. 🙂

But my show was 10-11pm on Saturday for the first 16 months.  So for long time listeners the hour format isn’t new.  But I thought I’d give everyone a heads up.

Offsides the sports show I work on is coming to end when Tyler leaves in July.  GlobeTrotting the soccer show I also work on, is taking a few weeks hiatus as well in the summer.  So it’s the summer of changes.