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Interview with David Myles tonight

Haven’t uploaded last week’s show yet, most of it was live sets I have played before.  Taped program.  Tonight I’ll be in live as I play an interview I did last week with David Myles.  Originally from Fredericton and now based in Halifax.  I spoke to him as he was going through Ontario.  Play that and his new CD ‘Turn Time Off’ during the show.

Also some new music from Hey Rosetta! They put out a 3 song EP recently so I got that off of iTunes.  ‘Red Song’ they’ve played in concert before, in fact I’m pretty sure they played it at the Grad Club a year ago when I saw them.

Back live in studio tonight and next week another week of it not being taped.  Work schedule to blame for taped shows so far this summer.

June 18th Episode


New music for the entire first hour. Open up with Allison Crowe from her disc ‘Spiral’. David Myles with his CD ‘Turn Time Off’. Joe Belly’s ‘Nickels and Dimes’ and Wintersleep’s ‘New Inheritors’ keep the new music going.

Wrap up the first hour with a brand new song from Ian Foster called ‘Sparrow’. Taken from a live radio appearance he made in the Netherlands. Interview from that show and his entire 6 song set is played during the second hour.


A chat with Stephane Racle about RCW 139 in the second hour. A fan convention being held in Toronto from August 13th-15th for the show Due South. Before the interview I play Holly Cole Trio ‘Que Sera Sera’. She was in an episode of the show and that song was used. After the interview I play Stan Rogers ‘Northwest Passage’ which was also used in Due South.


End the show with a set Ian Foster did in Holland. Found this from his Facebook page. Contacted the host Thomas and asked if I could use it and he graciously agreed. Ian being interviewed on Blueprint then he plays a 6 song live set.

Some more information on Blueprint.

“Since 1998 Thomas Kaldijk is hosting his roots show ‘Blueprint’ at the Dutch local station Radio Parkstad. Since late 2003 it is also broadcast by another northern Dutch radiostation: Radio LOK. In ‘Blueprint’ you can listen to honest and genuine musicstyles like southern soul, blues, country and rock and roll: rootsmusic from past and present with heart and soul.”