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Dec. 9th Episode/Sea and Be Scene

Here is last Friday’s episode, few days late but internet problems at work this week.


“Open up with David Myles, Duane Andrews and The Once. New music from Ria Mae, The Penny Blacks, Andrea Simms Karp and Ian Foster. Holidays coming up and a brand new song for this time of year with ‘Christmas by the Sea’ by Stephanie Beaumont. Followed by Natalie McMaster who will be on the show next week. Some of the remastered ‘Fogarty’s Cove’ album by Stan Rogers. End the show with Allison Crowe who is in the midst of some Christmas concerts.”

On Twitter I’ve linked to the Sea and Be Scene website before but time to do a write up as well. Stephanie Beaumont started it last year and she had a YouTube channel for the videos and did start a podcast too. Best source to keep track of music on the East Coast as she has interviewed a lot of them. She’s based in Nova Scotia so a little bit easier than me in Ontario. ūüôā

All my interviews have been phoners so far. Does lead to interesting behind the scenes things. Tim Baker from Hey Rosetta! did an interview on his cell phone while walking around Toronto on a day off during a tour. Air Traffic Control stopped at a gas station pay-phone somewhere in Quebec to give me a call as they were driving back from Ontario to Nova Scotia.

She describes the site : “We are an entertainment based, magazine style website designed to celebrate the 4 Atlantic Provinces. Our goal is to profile all the people, places and things that make Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island so very special.”

Sure readers will reconginze Stephanie from her music or TV work. When I lived in Ottawa Valley I was in a small place that had about 15 channels on cable. When some new stations popped up in mid 90s we somehow got Discovery Channel and a music one called NCN. Both those channels are still around, although anyone under 20 is wondering ‘What the heck was NCN?’. It stood for “New Country Network” which you know today as “CMT Canada”. We had no MuchMusic, MuchMoreMusic or any other music station on this small cable system. So on Saturdays they had something called Rock N Country where they would play a mix of Country Videos, Rock and Pop. Being as it was my only source of music videos I watched pretty much every week. Could have a song from Stephanie, Hootie and the Blowfish and Bob Seger in the same set.

From a site on Cape Breton called ‘What’s Going On’.

Beaumont is an award winning country singer who had a string of hits on the Canadian country music charts from 1995 to 2000. Her two albums, Love And Dreams and Way Over My Heart, delivered nine Top 40 hits for the Nova Scotia singer.

She won the Outstanding New Female Artist Award at the RPM Big Country Awards in 1999 on the strength of her 1998 album Way Over My Heart. She also received nominations for The Rising Star Award and The Top Female Vocalist Award from the Canadian Country Music Association.

Although she hasn‚Äôt released any new music since 2000, she did join Cape Breton musician Aaron Lewis this year in a duet on his new album. Aaron says, ‚ÄúShe has such a pure voice and strong delivery, I knew she was the one for the duet of Separate Lives on my new CD.‚ÄĚ

She does have some new music which is at the end of this post.

Few years later got satellite TV and I had all these channels from across Canada. After years of barely having 15 I would watch a tonne of shows just to see what they were like. Watching an entertainment show in Alberta called ‘Wired’ and who pops up as host? Stephanie. Goes back to what I’ve said before Canadian Media is a smaller group than you would imagine.

She was popular during her time in Edmonton as evidence by a message board I found through Google. A thread was started about the women on TV news in Edmonton, or as they put it the “Hotties”. [Not the most serious topic I know] This was after she had left the station;

“ohhhh yes Stephanie Beaumont has to be the best!”

“Stephanie Beaumont is another young lady that I have met…. very attractive.”

Somewhere in Nova Scotia she is turning red. With Christmas coming up RED is a holiday colour. Did show she left an impression in Alberta. Her bio from http://seaandbescene.com

“I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, so I guess you could say that I‚Äôm biased ‚Äď but I‚Äôve found an awful lot of people who‚Äôll back me up ‚Äď you‚Äôll find them here on Sea and be Scene ‚Äď waving the ‚Äėfun flag‚Äô where the 4 Atlantic Provinces are concerned ‚Äď and I‚Äôm meeting more every day…locals, CFA‚Äôs, tourists, you name it ‚Äď they love living here, moving here, visiting here and they want to share the love – as do I.

I should tell you too ‚Äď that I love what I do ‚Äď creating and producing this site (together with family, friends, and one rockin‚Äô website team) ‚Äď is a dream come true. My career path through corporate marketing in Toronto, to singing on stages around the world, to broadcasting on TV and radio stations across the country has lead me back to the province of my birth and this web-site.

Sea and be Scene has allowed me to reunite with many friends I had met along the way and back in the day…and it will allow me the chance to meet new and wonderful folk in the future.

For a people person like me these are exciting times!”

She has a Christmas song out for the holidays which I’ll play this week on the show and over the next few shows leading up to Christmas. You can get it through iTunes or Amazon.



Here is a post about all the people who helped with the song as well.


Finally the YouTube page with 260 videos and counting.


Tomorrow on the show, might have an interview. ¬†If everything works out. ¬†Last minute changes so it’s up in the air. ¬†Tune it at 7pm EST tomorrow and find out. ¬†The interview would be taped Friday afternoon so it will be down to the wire.

October 14th Episode with Sora

Quick blog post this week, with work I’m on a nine day stretch with 1 night off so in a bit of a rush. A proper post next week when I have more time.

Detroit over Atlanta, Miami over Denver, Tennessee over Houston, Tampa Bay over Chicago, Seattle over Cleveland, San Diego over NY Jets, Washington over Carolina, Pittsburgh over Arizona, Oakland over KC, Dallas over St. Louis, Green Bay over Minnesota, New Orleans over Indy, Baltimore over Jacksonville.

Here was the episode from October 14th which reran on Friday due to work this week.


Music of David Myles, Ian Sherwood with Matt Anderson, Andy Brown, Kim Wempe, Molly Thomason, Catherine Maclellan and Gypsophilia.

Interview with Sora as she’s coming to Toronto in November and some of her music.

2011 ECMA Winners

Here is the full list of winners from the East Coast Music Awards. This year they gave them out during the entire 5 day event as opposed to holding them till the Sunday night gala. Last year’s telecast online ran over 4 hours. ¬†A bit on the long side as you can imagine. ¬†Kudos to them for trying new things. ¬†As a result the results trickled in over the last few days. Think I have them all together now.

David Myles who I’ve interviewed twice in the last year was an early winner for his CD ‘Turn Time Off’. Played here in Kingston with Joel Plaskett earlier in the month. Matt Anderson who has played Kingston twice in the last couple of years won for ‘Piggyback’. Also congratulation to Kimberly Sinclair. She won Industry Professional of the Year. Also Spincount won Independent Company of the year so congrats to Kim and Kevin for that. They’ve helped me out with my show in the last couple of years. Pointed me towards David Myles CD when it came out for example. Worked out well.

Full list of winners, both music and industry. This year I can look at the winners and say the show has played a vast majority of them.

Entertainer of the year: Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew

Recording of the year: Wintersleep, New Inheritors

Male solo recording: Matt Andersen, Piggyback

Female solo recording: Rose Cousins, The Send Off

Group recording: The Once, The Once

Rock recording: Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew, Missed a Page

Gospel recording: Chelsea Nisbett, Anchored Roots

Classical Recording: Measha Brueggergosman, Nights and Dreams

Folk recording: David Myles, Turn Time Off

Roots/traditional group: Ennis, Lessons Learned

Roots/traditional solo: Dave Gunning, A Tribute to John Allan Cameron

Instrumental recording: Gypsophilia, Sa-ba-daOw!

Loud recording: Fed Pennies, Brain Disaster

Rap/hip hop single: Gettosocks, Don’t Turn Around

Rock recording: Chris Colepaugh & The Cosmic Crew, Missed a Page

Alternative recording: Slowcoaster, The Darkest of Discos

Country recording: Meaghan Blanchard, Chasin’ Lonely Again

Jazz recording: Dwayne C√īt√© & Duane Andrews, Dwayne C√īt√© & Duane Andrews

Pop recording: Meaghan Smith, The Crickets Orchestra

Blues recording: Matt Andersen, Piggyback

Francophone recording: Lennie Gallant, Le Coeur Hanté

Stompin’ Tom Award: Elliot Wight

Musicians Achievement Award: Chas Guay

Blues Recording of the Year: Matt Andersen ‚Äď Piggyback

DVD of the Year: The Trews ‚Äď The Trews Acoustic ‚Äď Friends & Total

R&B/Soul Single Track Recording of the Year presented by BMO: Chelsea Nisbett ‚Äď Anchored Roots

World Recording of the Year: The Idlers ‚Äď Keep Out

ECMA 2011 Industry Award Winners

Broadcast of the Year: Atlantic Airwaves

Event of the Year: Halifax Pop Explosion

Independent Company of the Year presented by Nessya’s Gems & Jewels: SpinCount

Industry Professional of the Year presented by Midland: Kimberly Sinclair

Live Sound Technician of the Year: Carl Gosine

Manager of the Year presented by Delta Hotels Atlantic: Shelley Chase

Media Person of the Year presented by Metro Credit Union: Doug Gallant

Producer of the Year presented by Shoppers Drug Mart ‚Äď Dave Gunning

Radio Station of the Year: The Coast 89.7

Record Company/Distributor/ Independent Label of the Year: Sonic Records

Studio Engineer of the Year presented by OIART: Jamie Foulds

Venue of the Year: The Company House

Studio of the Year: The Sonic Temple

Visual Artist of the Year: Chr!s Sm!th

A few weeks from the 4th anniversary of the show as well.  No plan as of yet.  Maybe just cram as many artists into one show as I can.

Next week an interview with Allison Crowe will air. ¬†Just taped it last week. ¬†She’s doing some dates out east in the coming weeks. ¬†Hitting Fredericton, Halifax and St. John’s. ¬†As I spoke to her it was snowing in Corner Brook. ¬†The interview will air this Friday and I will replay it the following week. ¬†Main reason since it’s Good Friday coming up. ¬†So I’m sure some regular listeners will be away from the radios [or computers] and¬†enjoying a long weekend. ¬†Therefore told Allison I would play it twice. ¬†Just made sense.

I will make a podcast episode out of the interview as well. ¬†Can pass along the stats I now can see from the Libsyn website about the podcast downloads. ¬†A big chunk of downloads lately in Texas of all places. ¬†Few transplanted Canadians there? ¬†That’s my guess.


April already? Time flies by.  Back in the chair every Friday night live on the radio show.  All of March was on tape, which was a bit strange.  Hopefully people in Kingston got to see Jenn Grant and the Joel Plaskett/David Myles concerts.

Hockey season is K-Town is over as well.  Voyageurs lost in 7 games in the OJHL Semi-final.  Great job to them on their winning ways.  Wish it had gone further but playoffs are always tough.  Fan support has been great with a bus of fans going down to Oakville for Game 7.

Meanwhile the Frontenacs had their usual 1st round exit. Nuff said.

Been spending more time on Twitter lately since there hasn’t been that many big things going on I felt the need to blog about. ¬†Twitter a fun place to chat with people. ¬†And people you wouldn’t think of talking to.

Had replies on Twitter lately from Robin Meade, Jeri Ryan, Patty Sullivan [TVO Kids], Natalie Thomas, Kim MacDonald and a producer BJ Stewart from the Weather Network, Michael Kinney, Adam Forsythe, Caroline Frolic and old CFRC sports comrad Matt Bisson.  Fun way to spend some time online, especially working midnights.

This month I’ll bring in my Vinyl copy of Hey Rosetta!’s new album ‘Seeds’ to play on air. ¬†They’re in Australia right now and will be doing a few dates in Canada this summer. ¬†A few festival shows I believe.

Time to go for now, remember the East Coast Music Awards are this month in Charlottetown. ¬†I’ll post the winners here when they get announced.

Joel Plaskett and David Myles Concert

David Myles is opening up for Joel Plaskett this Tuesday night in Kingston. Tickets available online.


Interviewed David for last night’s show. ¬†Taped which you can tell why by my voice. ¬†Also work schedule has been all over the place lately. ¬†Next week also taped. ¬†I will upload the latest interview with David on the weekend. ¬†Less than 10 minutes.

I might be able to make the concert, still up in the air. ¬†So hopefully some readers will get out in case I can’t. ¬†Sure it will be a great show.

Backlog of Episodes/NFL picks

I knew there was a back log of episodes to put online, didn’t know it was as far back as July. ¬†Had some time off in August then football season came early before September and it snowballed from there.


Music of Matt Anderson, some Stan Rogers on vinyl and Jill Barber who was playing Kingston that month.


Music of Jill Barber, Ryan’s Fancy, David Myles, Chris Kirby, Hey Rosetta! and Ian Foster.


New music from Great Big Sea. Also tracks from Don Brownrigg and Neil Dobson.


Neil Dobson, Gulliver’s Spree, Stan Rogers, Ross Neilsen

So with that, a quick version of the picks.  Plus I worked on a little NFL related blog post that will be a long one.  Part NFL, part TV and mostly just a funny comparison that worked out well.

Texans over Chargers. ¬†San Diego won again and Houston didn’t show up against the Colts. ¬†Have to stick with the Texans one more week. ¬†They lose this they’re going back to choke artists at 4-4.

Cardinals over Vikings. ¬†Just on principle I’m not picking Brad Childress this week. ¬†What an idiot. ¬†Would’ve been idiot coach of the week but my team is the Redskins. [The topic for the long blog post]

Saints over Panthers.  Saints with a good win against the Steelers.  Could be a trap game but Panthers are 2nd worst in the league.

Patriots over Browns. ¬†New England quietly 6-1. ¬†Some games they haven’t been their best and still win. ¬†Either worrisome for some fans or a good sign. ¬†You win playing badly I’d say that’s a good thing.

Bucs over Falcons. ¬†Tampa Bay, I still can’t figure them out. ¬†5-2 record and QB Freeman with another 4th quarter comeback win last week. ¬†Weird.

Bears over Bills? Nah, I can’t do that. Bills over Bears. ¬†Buffalo with two overtime losses to the Chiefs and Ravens is more impressive. ¬†I know it’s in Toronto. ¬†Neutral site, pretty much.

Ravens over Dolphins. ¬†Baltimore should win this one. ¬†The next game, is on Thursday so that’s a short week.

Jets over Lions.  Detroit beating Washington last week is a whole other blog.

Giants over Seahawks. ¬†Seattle has to go to their back up QB, Charlie Whitehurst. ¬†Two ways to go. ¬†Giants dealing with a QB they’ve never seen or hammering a QB who¬†doesn’t have much experience. ¬†I’m going with NYG.

Colts over Eagles. ¬†Indy handled Houston so Philly should’nt be that hard.

Chiefs over Raiders. ¬†Game of the week, and it’s not a joke. ¬†5-2 KC against 4-4 Oakland. ¬†Raiders ahead of San Diego in the division

Sunday night, Green Bay over Dallas. ¬†Let’s ignore the Cowboys till end of the season or when they fire Wade.

Monday night, Pittsburgh over Cincinnati. ¬†Bengals play their division tough, for whatever reason. ¬†Don’t see Steelers losing two in a row.

July 2nd Episode


Open up with Hey Rosetta! Picked up their new EP “Red Songs” and I play those 3 songs during the first part of the show.

Then some Stan Rogers as the festival in his name was going on that weekend in Nova Scotia. David Myles the guest in the second hour was one of many musicians who were taking part. The album “Between the Breaks … Live!” is a live one that was recorded in Toronto back in April, 1979. I played the first side on tonight’s program.

End the first hour with some of David Myles earlier work before I played his new CD in its entirety.


Second hour an interview with David Myles and his music for the full hour. After the interview I played David’s latest album “Turn Time Off” in its entirety.