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Olympic-esque Blog Day 11

Gold medal in ice dancing for Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. Missed the Canadians skating. Usually don’t work Mondays but here I was at work. Had it on TV but got a phone call and had to go help upstairs for a few minutes. Came back down they had skated and were in first place. Lot of happy people on Twitter. Those who watched Canada-US probably felt a bit better. Nice also in that 2 people who have trained for years together won. Opposite of the “millionaires” tournament where you throw together NHL-ers from different teams and hope they quickly figure out how to play well together.

Ice dance the rare [or only] case where CTV pumped up expectations a bit higher than needed but won Gold. You could say that they did what the Vancouver Canucks never did at the Pacific Coliseum and that’s win the big one. [Low blow but true.]

Still the “own the podium” debate will not end anytime soon. Will start using lower case letters for “own the podium” since it’s become a bit of a joke.

COC finally admitted they will not finish first in the medal count. Fact they were somehow hoping to still finish first says a lot about them. They knew they had raised Canadians expectations too high. Anything less is disappointing. Tried to put off talking about that as long as they could. Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports wrote a column about it. From an American perspective.


‘Canada struggling with high expectations’

Hoping to finally win Gold at home is one thing. But when they said the goal was to finish first in medals you are opening up Pandora’s Box. Most medals won by a Canadian team would be a high enough goal. They didn’t think so and now pay they have to pay the piper.

Strangely you have one of the athletes themselves blaming the increase in funding for their performance. Denny Morrison blamed ‘own the podium’ for his 13th finish. Why? Because he wasn’t allowed to train with his buddy Shani Davis of the US. Well then Denny, it’s amazing at all you even finished. Such a tough obstacle to overcome. Pretty sure the other countries who finished ahead of you didn’t train with Shani either. He tried backtracking on his comments after. Too little, too late as most Canadians would have seen his original comments and not his follow up.

Working on a longer blog entry for tomorrow.