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St. Patrick’s Day/Fall into the Ocean

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone.

Good time to avoid “amateur night” at the bars.  I’ll be staying home with a few beers and watching sports.

If you are going out, be smart enough to call a cab home.  Yes, you’ll be waiting a long time tonight for a cab but it’s much better than the alternative.

Back to the helicopter crash.  All the bodies have been recovered from the cougar helicopter.  Which is rare with any accidents at sea. Toni Marie pointed out this song that a friend of one of the victims wrote since the crash.  I have the full MP3 for Friday’s show but I have a short clip of it from the VOCM website.

“Mark Frost, like many offshore workers is mourning the loss of friends. He is on the SeaRose now, and three nights ago, he wrote and recorded a song in the music room on the vessel for his friend John Pelley, a victim on Cougar flight 491. Mark says he and John spent many an hour jamming in the music room offshore and onshore whenever they got the chance. Mark dedicates it to all the friends he lost on Cougar 491.  It’s called Fall into the Ocean”