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This Week/A year ago

Tomorrow night the interview with Fergus O’Byrne.  Music of Ryan’s Fancy from the CFRC record collection.  Also some tracks from Jim Payne and Fergus O’Byrne.

Today an older episode of the show, from 1 year ago.  Interview with Krissy Holmes from ‘Out of the Fog’ in St. John’s.  I asked her for some bands in the province she liked and played some of that for the hour.


The old Saturday at 10pm timeslot.  The shows were only an hour then.  Krissy is a fellow Algonquin College alumni.  We talked about the ECMA’s in Corner Brook, which was a year away.  So technically this counts as more ECMA coverage.  Kind of.

Feb. 27th Show/ECMA’s

Show for Feb. 27th is up.  I’ll have a new post on Sunday.  Maybe before the ECMA’s or after I watch them online.  Visit the CBC page for the live stream tomorrow at 7pm EST/8pm Atlantic/8:30pm Newfoundland.

Regular CBC has it tape delayed at 11pm in whatever time zone you’re reading this, unless you’re in Newfoundland where it’s 11:30pm.  Yep, even tape delayed for the province where the awards show is taking place.



Weekend of the ECMA’s so I talk about that on this week’s show.

This hour included the music of Don Brownrigg, Jim Payne and Fergus O’Byrne, Matthew Magee and In Flight Safety.






Lead off the second hour with lots of ECMA talk. Have a new name for the segment where I talk about news, music, sports or anything on my mind. It’s called “Carnell Knowledge”. Listener named Cat came up with that, so credit goes to her. 🙂

Two artists for the hour, folkartlullaby in the first half. The Lever Pulled for the end of the show, with their new CD Wooden People.



Friday’s Show/Government Response

Friday’s show will include a lot of new music, and talk about the ECMA’s this weekend.  And where you can watch it.

Since the awards are in Corner Brook I’ll have brand new music from that town. The Lever Pulled just put out their new disc online, Wooden People.  As always it’s a free download.  No catch.


And a new singer to the show I found from Nova Scotia, Matthew Magee.


Got two responses from those emails I sent off to the government about DawgFM.  They were responding to the original email I sent on Nov. 30th.  Better late than never.  Of course the deadline has passed but at least I got something.

Final count is in for the amount of letters of support.  DAWGFM had 1500, and the other two applicants had 60 and 29.   Now that is a bit of a difference.