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Newfoundland Herald

If you happen to be in Newfoundland or Labrador you can find me in the Newfoundland Herald this week.  Toni Marie Wiseman spoke to me about the radio show.  I haven’t seen it yet but I’m getting a scan emailed to me.

Already got some good news from the article.  Two more interviews for the show lined up.  As to who they are?  That will be left for another time.  Have to surprise people.

Herald is really big in Newfoundland.  Even had a song in the 70’s about it by Corey and Trina.  Parody of ‘Cover of the Rolling Stone’.


So Friday should be a hectic show.  Funding drive, new people tuning in from the Herald piece and doing an A to Z list of every artist I’ve played.  Busy 2 hours for sure.