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Irish Descendants Concert Tonight

Reminder The Irish Descendants are playing in Kingston tonight at the Grand Theatre. Some tickets still available, not a tonne but still a chance to get some.  Here is the show from Friday night.  Interview with Con O’Brien along with some Allison Crowe and Hey Rosetta! to end the show.


Interview with Con O’Brien from The Irish Descendants. Music of the band for this entire hour and into Hour 2. Band was playing Kingston that following Tuesday along with a meet and greet at the Tin Nan Og.


Music of The Irish Descendants for 30 minutes after airing the interview with Con O’Brien in Hour 1. Then some live Hey Rosetta! A brand new song from Allison Crowe along with a couple of covers to end the program.

Con O’Brien from The Irish Descendants on tonight

Interview with Con O’Brien from The Irish Descendants on tonight’s program.  Spoke to him a few days ago.  Runs about 15  minutes which I’ll play during the show tonight.  Talk about the 20th anniversary tour, recent stops in Vancouver and Texas and the concert in Kingston on Tuesday.  You will also hear about where you can meet and greet with the band after the show.  Just keep your ticket stub.  It’s in a certain Irish Pub downtown.  Big hint.

Friday is the start of the Paralympics with the Opening Ceremony.  Tape delayed till Saturday afternoon on CTV, but I believe you can watch it live on the web.  As opposed to the Olympics your bet to see things live is on the internet.  TV coverage is the most ever in Canada.  But it’s packaged into a highlights show.  So all those who teased our American friends who got stuck with NBC you will know how they feel.  Some live sports though, the Gold Medal Sledge Hockey game for instance.

I’ll be keeping tabs on it, with working overnight I should see more highlights than the average person.