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NTV on Rogers Facebook Group

It is now up and running.  Facebook Groups don’t really get going till members join up and contribute.  But you have to start with getting it up there in the first place.


I know, not an easy link. Thought it be easier now that you can pick your own name.  Here’s mine in case you were wondering.


I’ll just put the same text here I put up on Facebook description.  Since it’s 1am EST.

Started this group as a response to Rogers getting rid of NTV from the digital cable lineup in Ontario.  Only gave customers a month’s notice too. Letters went out in July and it was dropped in the last week of August.

People in Ottawa dealt with Rogers dropping WPBS by starting a Facebook group. They eventually won and changed Rogers’ mind.

This case might be tougher but it’s good to give it a try.  Thought to start this after getting a lot of search terms coming into my blog the last month or so.  An example from just one day, the last one was my favorite.

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The direct line to Rogers for customer complaints is 1-800-379-7597

General Toll Free Number is 1-888-764-3771

Or by email visit this website, you have to click on the Email tab and fill in a form.


The quote from the letter customers got in the mail is they did it to “provide more choice and variety in the future”.  Couldn’t make that up if I tried.

Emailed a friend from the station and mentioned starting this group up and was told NTV was OK with it.  So pass the word about the group and how to contact Rogers.

Luckily I can still watch NTV since I have satellite but many people are missing out.

Just found quite a few entries on NTV’s Guestbook about Rogers dropping the station.


Here are the websites for other providers. If you can switch to satellite where you live.

Bell TV formerly Bell Express Vu


ShawDirect formerly StarChoice


Blues Music, Football, Search Terms and a Bad Tooth

Show is taped for Friday night, did it on Monday since a few hours ago I had a tooth pulled.  Once they numb the area you don’t feel a thing.  But the needle to the roof of your mouth isn’t enjoyable.  But at least it’s over quickly.

Did have some extractions done years ago.  Before I had braces I had overcrowding to take care of.  4 pulled out then.  One was real stubborn since when he finally got it out it flew across the room.  That’s a strange sight to see.  Your mouth numb and seeing one of your teeth in mid air.  Memorable though. LOL.

Friday’s show is a lot of Blues music since the Limestone City Blues Festival is this weekend in Kingston.  Starts Thursday and runs to Sunday.  Garrett Mason from Nova Scotia is playing every night at the Tir Nan Og downtown.  He’s also part of the Saturday concert at Market Square.  Here are the sites for each.




The last 45 minutes of the show I play Ryan’s Fancy record Sea People.  Station has it on vinyl and I thought the last show of August would be a good time to play it.  Yep, for me summer is over after this weekend.  Our pre-season football broadcast is Monday Night.  Football season = Fall.

Asked Toni Marie about starting a Facebook group about Rogers in Ontario dropping NTV.  Wanted to see if they would have a problem or not with that idea.  Reply was that management would be OK with it.  So I’ll start working on that.

Probably get it ready for a launch early next week.  I’ve seen people looking up NTV and Rogers a lot lately.  When I sign in to WordPress it gives you terms every day that people use on search engines.  This just a few from today.  See a pattern?

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The WPBS/Ottawa page is still up and running so maybe I’ll contact them for advice.  They won and made Rogers change their minds.  In this case it’s trying to get NTV back up across the province.  Without a doubt, a harder challenge.  But it doesn’t hurt to try.

The date given for dropping it was yesterday.  So I bet the amount of people upset is just going to rise as Newfoundlanders find out across the province.


Saw my blog got linked to from the website of The Telegram.  Hello to the new readers, how and why I got the link?  That’s a post for another day.

Today some news about Rogers Digital Cable in Ontario dropping a lot of stations from their lineup.  Including NTV.  Supposedly they’re being eliminated for more premium channels and ethnic stations.  You know anyone who wants more premium ones?  I know friends who would like ESPN or HBO [not the Canadian one] but that won’t be happening.

They’re also dropping Global Saint John, Winnipeg and PBS Watertown among others. Quote from the letter customers got in the mail is they did it to “provide more choice and variety in the future”.  Couldn’t make that up if I tried.

The direct line to Rogers for customer complaints is 1-800-379-7597.


A lot of east coasters like to watch NTV so I’m sure they’ll be getting complaints once all of a sudden it’s gone.

In Ottawa there are a lot of complaints about the PBS channel getting switched from Watertown to Detroit.  Kingston people aren’t happy either since but we live close enough to pick it up over the air.

Notice they decided to pull this stunt in August?  When a lot of people aren’t in front of their sets.  No accident there.

This is where I’ll give links to where you can switch providers.  If you can switch to satellite. Both satellite ones changed their name in the last year or so.  If you might be wondering.

Bell TV formerly Express Vu


ShawDirect formerly StarChoice


Kingston’s cable provider isn’t Rogers.  But I’ll try and avoid them if I ever end up somewhere where they are.  It’s not just the dumping of the stations, but the cowardly way it’s been done.

Notice went out in July about them getting dropped August 17th.  Especially in the case of WPBS in Ottawa, they’ve served them for 40 years and to get a timeframe like that is insulting.  Clearly that’s the Rogers way trying to get out as quickly as possible without protests.  Which hasn’t been the case.  They have Facebook groups trying to get this changed and more.  Right now without any luck.

The most unbelievable part is that WPBS and another station in Erie, PA first heard about this news from their viewers.  That’s right no phone call telling them ahead of time.  Guess their Rogers cell phones weren’t working.

Will complaining change this?  Who knows, it did work with the “negative billing” in the 90’s.  At least they figured out it was a mistake.  Don’t know about the people who run it now.

CBC Cutbacks/St. John’s Example

Knew this was coming down the pike, but still surprised by the scope of the cutbacks.


800 jobs gone, shows on radio and TV canceled.  As for the East Coast, well first Newfoundland.


That is one of the dumber moves.  How many stations are in the province?  Two.  NTV and CBC.  That’s it.  Not wanting to compete in a place where you’re only against 1 local competitor is strange.


Sydney, Moncton and Saint John also facing deep cutbacks.  PEI is losing one position.  At least the stations are still there, heard talk about getting rid of them completly.

To get away from the CBC reports here is one from The Chronicle Herald in Halifax.


Great line describing the cutbacks.

“The source said 17 of the 31 jobs getting the axe are in Nova Scotia. All are in programming and none in management.”

Bravo to the CBC for showing how out of touch you are on that front.

Bet these are the same people who decided to air ‘The Devils Wears Prada’ on a Sunday night and make the East Coast Music Awards air on a tape delay.  Our tax money at work that night.

CBC Radio 3 is still going, so a bright spot for a lot of artists I’ve played on the show.  Lot of them have been on that station.  It will be a single feed now, they had different one for satellite and the website.  That separation never made sense to me.

Sports programming takes a hit too.  Strangely it says CBC.ca avoided any cutbacks.

Not like CBC is alone in this lately, I’ve seen what happened to some A-Channel stations.  Ottawa really got hit hard lately, from the Ottawa Citizen.


Also A-Channel Victoria got rid of it’s morning show and just airs video from an all news-radio station in town.  But they’re keeping the 6pm news.

As for the CBC.  I think their online division and radio have done well over the past few years.  TV side?  Not so much.  They change what they are every few years.

“We’re all Canadian” and get rid of the U.S. shows.  Except for The Simpsons, since that’s Canadian…. I guess.  Then last year they spend a chunk of money buying ‘Jeopardy’ and ‘Wheel of Fortune’.

Maybe one day the TV side will make up their mind who they are.  Probably not.  A decade ago they gutted local news, then put money back in, and today are cutting it again.

I’ll use St. John’s as an example.  NTV had been 2nd to the CBC Here and Now 6pm news for a long time.  But by the late 1990’s they had caught up in the ratings.  Neck and neck for the most part, then the Canada Now debacle.  Where they cut the 6pm shows across the country in half and have the first 30 minutes be national news from Toronto.

Bad idea.  NTV surged in front and never looked back.  Luckily I found a graph.  NTV commercials have said say they’re the number 1 rated newscast in Canada.  They mean out of all markets in Canada they dominate the opposition by the most.  They’re not lying.

CBC vs NTV Ratings

CBC vs NTV Ratings


Damn, that really is an ass kicking.  The CBC 6pm news became a full hour of local news again after a few years but too late.

Full disclosure, Toni Marie is a good friend of mine.  So I’m glad for her they do so well. 🙂  But I watched them on satellite rather than CBC before I knew her.

NTV also has a noon news and they rerun the 6pm news late at night.  So CBC only has that 1 chance to get viewers.  Thought people would like to see the Newfoundland example of what happened to a market where CBC used to do quite well.