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Good Luck Matt/Redskins/CFL Out East

A non-music post for today.  CFRC online archive has been down for a few weeks.  Which is how I would grab the older episodes.  Now I have to go to the station computers and get them that way.  More out of the way then doing it from home as you can imagine.

Good luck to Matthew Bisson who is now working in Edmonton, Alberta.  If you’ve listened to CFRC Sports over the last 4 years you’ll recognize Matt.  Play by play for the football team is what most listeners will remember.  After doing a Vanier Cup victory that is as high as you can go.  He also hosted GlobeTrotting which I worked on for 2 years.  Weekly 30 minute soccer show that has now come to an end.  Too bad since the World Cup was just around the corner in South Africa.

He was at CHUM in town and lately one of the morning guys at 98.9 FM The Drive.  He will be at AM630 CHED in Edmonton.  Home of the radio broadcasts of the Eskimos and Oilers.  There is also another sister station but can’t remember that off the top of my head.  Congratulations to Matt on the move.  He just got to Edmonton on the weekend after driving from Kingston.  Yes, drove about 4000 km.  At least it wasn’t in the middle of winter.

Onto other football talk, since my NFL team is the Redskins.  Which is why I follow the NFL in its entirety.  Hasn’t been a great decade or so for Washington.  This season the word isn’t hopeful as much as ‘interesting’.  I have no clue what the 2010/11 season will be like.  Could be bad, could be good.  No idea.

Donovan McNabb the starting QB.  Woke up at 2am early Monday morning and put on the TV.  I had NFL Network on before I went to sleep.  I see “Redskins acquire McNabb” on screen.  What?  A rare trade in which there was no speculation about Washington trying to grab him.  Talk about Raiders for the most part.  This fall a new GM, a new coach, a new QB and two new running backs.  Might not have heard about the running backs.  Skins grabbed Larry Johnson and Willie Parker in free agency.  As of today they still have Clinton Portis too.  All this adds up to a fun season.  Could go horribly wrong however it will be entertaining.

CFL in Moncton is sold out.  A regular season game is being held in that town this September.  Eskimos against the Argos called ‘Touchdown Atlantic’.  Few tickets are there for kids associations and bus trips.  But other than that the tickets sold out in 32 hours.  Keep in mind the first 24 hours only tickets were available to people who registered online ahead of time.  For all the football fans in Atlantic Canada this isn’t a surprise.  Now there is finally some talk about an expansion team out east.  Although why they’re obsessed with trying Ottawa yet again I don’t know.

Went to high school in Pembroke near the end of the Ottawa RoughRiders.  They were viewed as a joke and fans had jumped on the Senators bandwagon.  Heck, I saw more Ottawa Lynx merchandise the first time I went to an Ottawa mall around 1993.  AAA Baseball was more popular than the CFL in town.  Ended up going to college in Ottawa after the RoughRiders were gone and before the Renegades came to town.  3 years and I don’t remember anyone complain about CFL not being there.  I did 2 years of TV Broadcasting and no one did one thing about CFL in Ottawa.  Was that far off the radar.  You have the Senators, 67’s and even the Gee Gees.  Wasn’t around during the Renegades years.  A team that lasted only 4 seasons isn’t a good omen.  I get to end a post with a quote from Albert Einstein to describe the CFL in Ottawa.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”