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2010 Junos in St. John’s/One Hour this week

This was first reported in the Newfoundland Herald a couple of weeks back in the Jan. 4-10 issue.  Too bad it’s not available in the rest of the country or else I would’ve known earlier.

2010 Junos coming to St. John’s.  Last one from all accounts was an amazing time, this report today from Steve McLean of CHARTattack mentions that.

The most fun I’ve ever had at the Juno Awards was in St. John’s, and you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy some Newfoundland good times yourself when the city hosts the 39th annual celebration of Canadian music next year from April 15 to 18.

“The JUNO Awards have come full circle to arrive back in St. John’s following the great success of our visit here in 2002, and we at CARAS are thrilled to be returning to a city of such enthusiasm and rich musical tradition,” says Melanie Berry, the president of the Canadian Academy Of Recording Arts And Sciences, which oversees the Junos. “2010 will mark the beginning of an exciting new city-to-city cycle for the JUNO Awards.”

The bid from St. John’s to host the festivities included financial commitments of $750,000 from the province, $500,000 from the feds and $250,000 from the municipal government.

Mile One Centre will host CTV’s broadcast of the Junos on the final night of the Juno weekend, and downtown St. John’s is swarming with clubs to accommodate festival showcases and parties. George Street has the most bars per square foot in North America, while venues in the outlying area will also host various events.

Corner Brook hosting the ECMA’s soon and now St. John’s with the Junos next year.  Right now I’d rather go to the Junos next year instead of the Olympics.  Much more of a “grown up” party. 🙂

Tomorrow night a 60 minute show due to Queen’s Hockey.  Big rivalry game between RMC-Queen’s so should be a great game.  But I will play new music tomorrow.

I’ll be playing some tracks from folkartlullaby.  That’s the recording name of Robert Thornhill and his full album is called “in this room”, it’s an independent release that can be picked up from his myspace or his e-mail.  You can listen to some tracks now and tomorrow night.

website: www.myspace.com/folkartlullaby
email: folkartlullaby@gmail.com