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NFL Playoffs Week 2

Cowboys won a playoff game after 13 years and I didn’t have a blog up with my predictions last week.  I’m a Redskins fan but would’ve liked to write about it.  Reason for no blog last week was my midnight shift job, 3 CFRC sports broadcasts in 4 nights, along with my radio show and that the games started on Saturday.  I write the NFL blogs late on Saturday night when it’s quiet so that didn’t happen last week.

On Twitter I did pick Eagles, Patriots, Jets and Cardinals.  2-2 which is better than most did.  Crazy thing was last week I heard the amount of people betting on the Packers kept going up and up as the week went along.  Huh?  Thought they were pretty even but I gave Arizona the edge.  Nothing worth putting money on though.

This is where an American blogger would say “of course sports betting is illegal outside of Nevada” but we have ProLine in Canada.  Go to a local convenience store and fill out a ticket for what team you want and put some money down. Maximum of 100 bucks.  So it’s not crazy.

As for this weekend, I’m going with “4 C’s”.  When I wrote them down I noticed they all start with the letter “C”.

Cardinals over Saints. Never thought I’d call Arizona a “playoff tested” team but here we are after a run to the SuperBowl last year.  And they held off a valiant Packers team who kept fighting back.  Saints looked bad after the loss to Dallas.  No excuse for losing at home to Tampa Bay the following week.  New Orleans have seemed to peak in that Monday Night game against New England.  If the Superdome didn’t help them against the Bucs I think the Cards will win this game.

Colts over Ravens.  Back and forth on this one.  But key for me was Ravens QB Joe Flacco throwing for 34 yards last week in a win.  Really think Colts could lose this one but 34 yards is a number sticking in my head too much.

Cowboys over Vikings. Dallas got their first playoff win since the Clinton administration last Saturday.  They’ve played well over the last month, surprisingly.  Minnesota the opposite.  And I ignore their last game against the New York ‘rolling over and not trying’ Giants.

Chargers over Jets.  Matchup is a good one for the Jets.  San Diego can’t run well this year, NY defense stops the run.  NY is a good running team, SD can’t stop the run.  Comes down to the QB’s and I think Rivers will have enough for the win, but a close game.